The Lapel Town Council met in regular session this date, at the Lapel Eagles, at 7pm, with the following members present – Michael Cates; President, Lindsay Washmuth; Vice President, Dave Taylor  and Debra Wainscott; Members, Bill Byer; Attorney and Dennis Molina; Clerk/Treasurer.

Tony Dargo asked the council for permission to access his new land purchase via 5th street and stated that he would not be building on the utility easement but would like to put in a driveway.  Council wanted Mr Dargo to know that if it became necessary and work was needed that his driveway could be torn out in the easement area and the repairs would be up to him as the property owner and Mr Dargo was in agreement.  Wainscott moved, seconded by Cates, motion carried unanimously to allow.

Greg Nunnelly gave an update on the Lions Club CDLS run.  They would like to add a color component and will have the proper insurance in place.  They are updating the fire and police departments as well.  Council stated they had no issue with the addition of color and thanked Mr Nunnelly for the update.  No vote was necessary.

Update on the unloading of the generator to take place on Monday June 6th.

Molina stated that an additional monitoring well would be added at Main & Woodward.

Office – LCA needs help in the following areas for the Village Fair:  Water source for food vendors, LCA paid security for Friday night, street sweeper for Friday and Saturday nights, permission for an entertainment tent on 8th street, 7th street from Woodward to Main for childrens rides and Main Street from 14th to 9th and from railroad tracks to State Road 13 for vendors.  Wainscott moved, seconded by Taylor, motion carried unanimously to allow.  Paula Lee stated that there was a missing module in the billing software that would not allow it to “talk” to the radio read software.  The purchase of the module would not exceed $500.  Taylor moved, seconded by Wainscott, motion carried unanimously to purchase.  Vegetation letters have been sent out.

Utility – 1414 Busby has requested the council consider gas hookup to the home.  The area is all electric and to run gas to the area would be costly and the council believes there are property owners in the area that have outbuildings and such built on easements (grandfathered in) that would have to be moved and yards torn up.  At this time the council does not think it is a possibility and said no to running gas to the area.  Generator update – Toric Engineering provided a letter stating reasons why the current generators should not be rewired.  Taylor wants to call Toric for a better explanation.  Molina suggested contacting SafetyTech for possible rental of a generator in case of emergency.  Taylor had also looked into renting from Sunbelt.

Old Business – 2 benches from Wabash Valley Butler Benches totaling $2064.00 were picked up for Central Park.  Wainscott moved, seconded by Cates, motion carried unanimously to purchase.  A water fountain is needed for Central Park and the fountain at Woodward Park needs replaced.  Nathon Owens presented quotes for $3018.07 for a regular fountain and $4049.40 for a fountain with a jug fill station.  Cates moved, seconded by Wainscott, motion passed unanimously to purchase 1 of each.  The regular fountain will be placed in Woodward Park.  Utility trucks have been ordered.  Farmers are upset with the decision to end water sales.  Council stated that if the water could be properly metered and they made an appointment with Owens they would allow sales to continue.  Cates moved, seconded by Wainscott, motion carried unanimously.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Posted at Thursday, June 2, 2016