Present: Deb Wainscott, Tony Pearson, Lindsay Washmuth, Michael Cates, Dave Taylor, Paula Lee, Dennis Molina, and Bill Byer.

Meeting opened at 7pm, claims were reviewed, Wainscott motioned to accept the claims, Washmuth seconded and all were in favor.

Cates asked that we prepare a bicycle ordinance stating the 3 foot passing law; Cates will be attending a meeting in Anderson this week and will return with more information.

The control box has been ordered for the Splash Pad and will be installed tomorrow.  The repairs will be covered by insurance and Nathon Owens will be handing the winterizing of the Splash Pad in the future.

Issuance of building permits was discussed.  Roof permits and non-structure changing/repair/replace permits may be issued by the office staff.  All other permits must be presented to the Planning Commission at their regular monthly meetings.

Adam D’Angelo brought in the engineering site plan for the extension of Meadowview Apartments, after review and Council discussion Wainscott made a motion to approve the site plan, Cates seconded and all were in favor.

A report from the Park department was given, grading on the new park is to be finished within the next two weeks.  The Park Board will need to submit construction drawings to Gary Swaim for approval and obtain a building permit.  Wainscott made the motion to waive the fee for the building permit, Taylor seconded and all were in favor.  It was brought up that the dead trees at the Main Street Park (next to the Lions Club) need to be removed as well as the dead trees in Woodward Park.  Pearson suggested that someone contact Jane Gwinn for a map of the trees as some have been “dedicated” to lost loved ones. 

Wainscott stated the Planning Commission is in continued discussion of building on easements.  The vote to not allow residents to build on easements will need to be reviewed.  The Planning Commission suggests that an affidavit be signed by the residents stating that if they knowingly build a fence or portable structure on an easement and the Town employees need to remove that structure for repairs or emergencies the homeowner will be responsible for replacing/repairing the fence or structure. 

Wainscott made the motion to amend the previous motion of no building in easements to allowing building in easements with signed affidavit.  Cates seconded and all were in favor.  Approval to send a mowing/vegetation letter to 634 Central was granted by Council.

Cates brought to the attention of the Council that JTB Contractor (Heating & Cooling) have not been standing behind their work.  Citizens are being advised to contact the State Attorney General.  Complaints have been made regarding the breakdown of air and heating units one to five years after installation and JTB not standing behind their warranty on these units.  JTB is currently used by Davis Builders and Hallmark Homes.  Discussion was held on banning them from working in the Town of Lapel.

Police Department business discussed included the injury of Officer Mike Porter and the hiring of the 5th police officer.  Wainscott made a motion to hire the 5th officer and pay him from the Riverboat/Slot Machine funds based on approval from the DLGF.  Washmuth seconded the motion and all were in favor.

The Internal Control Ordinance was read and motion to accept was made by Wainscott, seconded by Washmuth.  Voting yes were Wainscott, Washmuth, Taylor, and Cates voting no was Pearson.  Motion carried.

Taylor informed the Council that a company would be coming to look at the auger & sewer plant and will be presenting a quote for work/repairs that need to be done.  Having no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned.  

Posted at Thursday, June 16, 2016