Present: Mike Cates, Lindsay Washmuth, Tony Pearson, Deb Wainscott, Dave Taylor, Dennis Molina, and Bill Byer.

Morris Hersberger’s Petition for rezoning was discussed and Council advised Mr. Hersberger appear before the Planning Commission.

Pearson asked that a letter for mowing be sent to 313 Conrad.

Byer advised that the transfer of funds from Riverboat/Casino to Police Salary would be feasible but an additional appropriation will be needed.

Taylor stated he has quotes for the generators and will be forwarding them to Cates.  Safety Tech recommends changing all the plugs first so generators are all the same.  Wainscott made a motion to allow the changing of the plugs, Taylor seconded and all were in favor.

Pearson inquired about the water meter replacement, installation has begun and the meters with problems were replaced first.

Wainscott asked that the empty lots that belong to Mustin’s be mowed, Paula Lee is to get in touch with Daphne Holtzleiter and inform her to mow.

Taylor informed the Council that Syntos training for the Utility Crew will be July 18th at a cost of $845.00.

Wainscott stated that maintenance on the water tower needs to be done she suggested a maintenance program be adopted.  Molina suggested checking with Pat Callahan about a rate study and a possible water/sewer increase to help with costs.

One of the new utility trucks ordered from Hare has been picked up; the second truck will be ready within the week.

Byer has a revised fence affidavit that will be presented at the next Council meeting and it will need to be passed as a Resolution in case the Town should need to change the language at a later date.

Cates would like to have the employee handbook revised with updated job descriptions for all employees.  Washmuth will look into beginning the revision.

Mike Roberts is still interested in tapping into the gas service and is willing to spend up to $1500.00 to make that happen.  Council discussed that the cost of running the line would be closer to the $8000.00 range.

Code Enforcement Violations that have not been cleaned up within the given time period will be sent to Byer’s office for court proceedings.  Byer requests pictures are sent along with all documentation.

Cates made a motion to approve the maintenance agreement with M.H. Equipment for the skid steer & backhoe, Wainscott seconded and all were in favor.

Posted at Thursday, July 7, 2016