The Lapel Town Council met in regular session this date, at the Lapel Eagles, at 7pm, with the following members in attendance – Michael Cates, President; Tony Pearson and Dave Taylor, Members; Bill Byer, Attorney; and Dennis Molina, Clerk/Treasurer.

October 10th, 2016 the BZA will hold a meeting regarding the Pleasantview development.  Meeting will be held at the Lapel Town Hall at 7:00pm.

Pearson moved, seconded by Cates to raise Officer Porter’s pay in accordance with the salary ordinance effective his graduation day.  Motion carried unanimously.

No questions were asked in regards to the budget hearing so it will be voted on at the next council meeting.

Watson-Williams Electric submitted a quote for the disconnect of service for the old storm siren and installation of the new siren totaling $2750.00.  Pearson moved, second by Taylor to approve.  Motion carried unanimously.

Marlin Johnson would like to purchase a snow blower for the upcoming season.  Cates moved, seconded by Taylor to approve.  Motion carried unanimously.

Paula Lee gave an update on the IACT conference that she attended along with Dennis Molina.

Nathon Owens stated that IDEM had just completed the 3 year sanitary survey and he received an excellent report.

Byer gave an update on the ordinance violations that were given to him in July.  He also stated that vegetation violations also pertain to backyards and Nathon Owens should photograph and forward those properties as well.  Byer also stated that the town could send out letters to downtown businesses stating that it would be appreciated if outside graffiti on buildings, sidewalks and such were cleaned up.

It was brought to the councils attention that there were lots of unplated cars in town.

The council also discussed there was no parking of trailers on the streets, no portable basketball goals and no painting on streets of basketball lines.

Bill Byer suggested posting weight limit signs on Main Street regarding delivery trucks and that no trucks were allowed except for those making downtown deliveries.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Posted at Thursday, October 6, 2016