The Lapel Town Council met in regular session this date, at the Lapel Eagles, at 7 pm, with the following members in attendance – Michael Cates, President; Tony Pearson and Deb Wainscott, Members; and Paula Lee, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer.  Bill Byer, Lindsay Washmuth and Dave Taylor were not in attendance.

Wainscott moved, seconded by Pearson to approve the bills as presented and the previous meetings minutes.  Motion carried.

Adam D’Angelo requested a rezoning hearing for the Pleasantview property.  Hearing was set for Feb. 2nd at 6:00.

Ron Stephenson asked the council for a reduction of $3100.00 in the bill at Trinity UMC.  The church had experienced multiple water leaks and they have since all been fixed and Culy sent a bill to the town for both the towns portion and the churches portions combined.  Cates moved, seconded by Wainscott to issue the church a $2500.00 sewer credit and the church is to reimburse the town $1395.00 for it’s portion of the repairs.  Motion carried unanimously.

Wainscott moved, seconded by Cates to approve the 2017 salary ordinance as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.

Pearson moved, seconded by Cates to approve the holiday bonus as presented for the town’s employees.  Motion carried unanimously.

Pearson moved, seconded by Cates to pay out any unused vacation by employees the 1st pay in January. Motion carried unanimously.

Police – Porter recovered the holiday decorations.  The new cars are not expected to be in until February.

Planning – No update

Park – Fences are up.  A 1 year extension was given on the park grant.

Old Business – The PD will be given 6 months to use any comp time that they have accrued and will begin receiving 1 ½ times their pay for any overtime worked beginning Jan. 1st, 2017. 

There being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned.

Posted at Thursday, December 22, 2016