The Lapel Town Council met in regular session this date, at the Lapel Eagles, at 7 pm, with the following members in attendance – Michael Cates, President; Lindsay Washmuth, Vice President; Tony Pearson and Deb Wainscott, Members; Dennis Molina, Clerk/Treasurer and Bill Byer, Attorney.

Cates moved, seconded by Washmuth to appoint council members to the following departments.  Motion carried unanimously.

Michael Cates, President and liaison over the Police and Utility Departments

Lindsay Washmuth, Vice President and liaison over the Office

Dave Taylor, Member and liaison over the Parks Department

Deb Wainscott, Member and liaison over the Planning Commission and on the Fire Board

Tony Pearson, Member and liaison on the Fire Board

Pearson moved, seconded by Cates to go to 1 Town Council meeting a month to be held on the 3rd Thursday of each month and a 2nd meeting could be scheduled as necessary.  Motion carried unanimously.

Police Officers are now receiving OT pay for hours worked effective January 1st and Paula Lee is sending out a letter to all officers that any accrued comp hours must be used in 6 months or will be lost.

Utility – An estimate is needed for the backhoe.  Insurance will cover if it was not due to abuse.

Office – Busy with year end.  Lee received a $10,000 grant for paving.

Old Business – There will be a special meeting held on Feb 2nd regarding the rezoning of the G. Anderson property and Johnson will put a sign up at the property.

Cates would like to have the time clock that was purchased for the utility department returned.  Wainscott moved, seconded by Cates to return and the motion carried unanimously.  Wainscott noted that Johnson could document any issues.

New Business – The BZA should be a 5 member board and we currently have only 2 – Herschel Hinkle and Shelly Troutman.  Wainscott noted that Pam Shuck and Tim Munroe would be joining and she was waiting to hear from one other resident.  Wainscott moved, seconded by Washmuth to approve.  Motion carried unanimously.

Posted at Thursday, January 5, 2017