Lapel Town Council Meeting
June 15, 2017

In attendance:  Dave Taylor, Deb Wainscott, Tony Pearson, Lindsay Washmuth, Michael Cates, Bill Byer and Paula Lee.

Meeting called to order at 7pm.

Motion made by Cates to approve the May 18 meeting minutes, 2nd by Washmuth in favor were Taylor, Cates, Pearson and Washmuth.  Abstaining was Wainscott.  She was not in attendance May 18.  Motion made by Cates to approve the June 1 meeting minutes, 2nd by Washmuth all were in favor.

Cates made a motion to accept all the claims as presented to Council, 2nd by Taylor and all were in favor.

A discussion was held on the water meter located inside Woody’s bathroom.  Council advised utility department speak with Woody’s about moving it outside for better access to the meter.

Planning Update:  The property at 22 W Pendleton Ave (former Shell Station) has been rented by Nick Norman.  He would like to do oil changes and have a car dealership there.  He has applied for a Special Use Variance and will appear before the BZA.  D’Angelo will need to talk to the Planning Commission regarding his Public Hearing.  Giving Hope is to bring their plans to the Council once they meet with Ball State.

The Council was informed by Wainscott that state statute allows the Planning Commission to hire someone to help with Planning and Zoning issues.  The Planning Commission wants to hire Neil Stephenson for this purpose. Pearson made a motion to hire Stephenson, Wainscott seconded voting yes were Taylor, Wainscott, Pearson and Washmuth, voting no Cates.

Police update: Ryan Daniels thanked the Council for his new position and requested that the Council hire Korey Whistler as a full time officer with a salary $31,500.00. Motion made by Cates to hire Whistler at $31,500.00, seconded by Taylor voting yes, Cates, Taylor, Washmuth, voting no Wainscott and Pearson.

Daniels also informed the Council that one of the Impalas is out of service and asked permission to take the car to auction. Motion made by Cates to take the Impala to auction, seconded by Pearson and all were in favor. Council asked that the car be stripped of all valuable/reusable material before it goes to auction,

Utility Update:  The new backhoe has been purchased and delivery is expected within 2 to 3 weeks.

Several culverts in the annexed area need replaced one of which is owned by the State.  Council requests Byer send a letter to the State for them to repair.  Engineers for the Town have suggested closing the road down until it’s fixed.  Motion to close road made by Pearson, 2nd by Washmuth and all were in favor.

Taylor requested that the meters be read old school for the months of June and July to set a baseline for readings.  Council was in agreement with Taylor.

Trefin Luker of the Ice Cream Plus requested an exception to the dumpster enclosure ordinance be granted to their business as they are only open seasonally.  They currently have a small dumpster and no room on their property to enclose it.  Motion to allow exception this season made by Wainscott, 2nd by Cates and all were in favor.  Council advised Luker to plan better for next year regarding this matter.

Lapel Lions Club is hosting the 5K CDLS Benefit run during the Village Fair July 15th at 8am.  Pearson requested that ST RD 32 and County Road 800 be closed off for the run.  Motion to close the road during the run made by Cates, 2nd by Wainscott and all were in favor.

Being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned.

Posted at Thursday, June 15, 2017