Lapel Town Council Meeting
August 17, 2017

In attendance:  Mike Cates, Lindsay Washmuth, Tony Pearson, Dave Taylor, Deb Wainscott, Bill Byer and Dennis Molina.

7pm, meeting called to order, motion to approve the prior month’s meeting minutes made by Cates, 2nd by Wainscott and all were in favor.  In reviewing the monthly claims the rental bill for the backhoe was discussed.  Taylor states not to pay the rental bill, fees are being removed and the new backhoe is 4 weeks away from being delivered.  Motion to approve the claims made by Wainstocc, 2nd by Taylor and all were in favor.

The floor was opened for the Giving Hope Public Hearing regarding zoning.  Joe Shetterley, Darren Green, Jim Brandon and Andy Anderson were in attendance for the Giving Hope Foundation.  Shetterley presented the Giving Hope Foundation concept and asked the Board to approve a General Industrial Rezone for the property.  Motion made by Wainscott to approve, 2nd by Washmuth and all were in favor.

Jeremy Callahan presented a rate study to the Board for review.  Mr. Callahan suggests a rate increase in the gas utility and no current increase in the water utility.  The board will review the proposal and discuss at the next meeting.

The CGS contract was reviewed and it was noted that the trash price of $12.25 per month needs to be raised per contract.  Motion to make monthly trash fee $12.75 made by Cates, 2nd by Taylor and all were in favor.  May 2018 we will advertise for new trash services as our contract expires in June 2018.

Pearson made a motion to advertise and hire new employees, 2nd by Cates and all were in favor.  Taylor prefers applicants currently have a valid CDL license.

Ron Ragan made a proposal to the Council regarding Lapel’s gas pricing.  Ragan is a Natural Gas Manager not a marketer and feels as though he can save Lapel money over our current gas purchasing agent.  Ragan left his proposal for Council and Byer to review and discuss at the next meeting.

The 3rd and final reading of the Building Permit Fee Ordinance was held.  This Ordinance amends the old fee of $0 for above ground pool/spa to $50 and $0 for Residential Driveway/Curb Cut Permit to $25.  Motion to accept made by Cates, 2nd by Wainscott and all were in favor.

The Culy bill for work done at the Trinity Church was still unpaid.  Ronnie Stephenson from Trinity was at the meeting to ask that the bill be reduced yet again.  A prior reduction to the bill had been given December 22, 2016 when Stephenson asked the Culy bill of $3100 (Town and church portion) be reduced to $1395.00 as well as giving the Church a $2500 sewer credit on their utility bill.  During the December 22 meeting Cates moved, 2nd by Wainscott to reduce the Culy bill to $1395.00 and issue the church a $2500 sewer credit.  Since that date the Town had not received payment from Trinity.  Stephenson stated the insurance provider for the church had denied the claim they presented which was why he was again asking for a reduction.  Molina stated that the grease buildup/backup from Trinity was the reason the lines were clogged and had to be jetted/cleaned; after a heated discussion Cates made a motion to reduce the bill to $697.50, 2nd by Taylor.  Voting yes, Taylor Pearson Cates and Washmuth, voting NO, Wainscott.

The stop sign installment at 10th and Ford Street was discussed. Neil Stephenson of MMCOG states we have the right to remove trees that are planted in the right of way. Homeowner whose trees are currently in the right of way will be given a time limit to remove them before the sign installation. At this point Wainscott left the meeting due to illness.

A storm water line from the cul de sac to the pond in Brookside subdivision was found to be underwater in the pond. Watson's Excavating presented an estimate of $3,500.00 to make the repair to improve the outflow of the pipe that runs into the pond.  Motion to approve Watson’s doing the work made by Cates, 2nd by Washmuth.  Voting yes Cates, Washmuth and Taylor.  Voting no Pearson.

Stan Kilburn was present regarding storm drains on Main Street.  Kilburn has been working with Marlin Johnson to discover the problem areas and alleviate the issues.

Planning Update:  a letter was sent to a property owner on Main Street regarding the tearing down of his garage which Is currently falling in.  Permits were issued for roofing, pools and demolition.

Police Update:  Chief Daniels asked the Council to review the parking standards ordinance and propose fines to go with violations of the ordinance.

Utility Update:  Hobbs is working out well but we are in need of new hires.

Health Insurance renewal, Jackie Keller has presented the Town with a renewal for our health insurance.  We currently have United Health Care at a price of $7951.92 per month.  Keller asks that the Town switch to Anthem at a price of $7355.16 per month with similar benefits, new coverage to begin October 1, 2017.  Washmuth made a motion to accept Anthem as our insurance carrier, 2nd by Cates and all were in favor.

Cates asked the Council to give pay increases to Lee, Clawson and Kelly.  Cates made the motion to give Paula Lee a $2.00 an hour raise, Cameron Clawson and Holly Kelly a $1.00 an hour raise effective next pay, 2nd by Washmuth.  Voting yes, Cates, Washmuth and Taylor.  Voting no, Pearson.

Being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned.

Posted at Thursday, August 17, 2017