Lapel Town Council Meeting
September 21, 2017

In attendance:  Michael Cates, Lindsay Washmuth, Deb Wainscott, Dave Taylor, Tony Pearson, Bill Byer and Dennis Molina.

7pm meeting was called to order.

Motion made by Cates to approve the minutes, 2nd by Washmuth and all were in favor.

Motion made by Wainscott to approve the claims, 2nd by Taylor and all were in favor.

Cates made a motion to send the homeowners at 229 E Pendleton Ave and 231 W 7th St to Byers office to receive letters on the cleanup of their properties.

Taylor informed the Council that he received an email from USDI stating Holly Kelly has passed her gas classes and is due her 50 cent raise per the salary ordinance.  Wainscott made the motion to approve, 2nd by Pearson and all were in favor.

Taylor made a motion to start the new employees at $13.50 an hour, 2nd by Cates.  Voting yes, Cates, Washmuth and Taylor.  Voting No Pearson and Wainscott.

Motion was made by Wainscott to approve the gas rate increase proposed by Jeremy Callahan, Taylor 2nd.  Voting yes were Wainscott, Taylor, Washmuth and Cates.  Voting no Pearson.

The Park Board gave an update on Bulldog Park.  The conduit for the electrical is in and excess dirt has been removed from the area.

The Planning Commission met in regular session and had no new business to report to the Council.

Chief Daniels asked if an ordinance could be prepared for removal of basketball goals and recreational equipment from the sidewalks and streets.  Chief Daniels to send specifics to Byer’s office.

Taylor informed the Council that the ditch behind Montgomery Farms has been cleaned out and Watson’s has installed the new pipe.  Also, 400 S culvert and asphalt are due to be replaced tomorrow September 22.  The backhoe has yet to arrive.  Taylor asked to attend the auction at Don Smock tomorrow in the hopes of purchasing a new dump truck for the Town.  Taylor asked permission to bid on a single axel dump truck with plow, bid not to exceed $35,000.  Wainscott made the motion to approve, 2nd by Taylor.  Voting yes, Cates, Washmuth, Wainscott and Taylor.  Voting no Pearson.

Washmuth made a motion to raise the current returned check fee of $20.00 to $35.00.  Taylor 2nd and all were in favor.  Byer’s office to prepare new resolution.

Joel Sandefur spoke on the closure of 500 S and ST RD 13.  Sandefur has been told that Mike Whiting of the State of Indiana says construction/repairs won’t begin until 2019.  Taylor suggests that after the paving on 400 S tomorrow the Town try doing some work on 500 S to help alleviate the situation.

Being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.

Posted at Thursday, September 21, 2017