In attendance: Michael Cates, Lindsay Washmuth, Deb Wainscott, Tony Pearson, Dave Taylor, Dennis Molina and Bill Byer.

Meeting called to order, motion made by Cates, 2nd by Washmuth to approve the November 16 meeting minutes, the December 7 Executive Meeting, and the December 7 Special Meeting, all were in favor except Wainscott who did not attend any of those meetings.

Motion to approve the claims made by Cates, 2nd by Washmuth and all were in favor. Pearson asked that the funds be checked to make sure bills were being paid out of the correct appropriations.

An attentance policy was presented by Cates to the Council; policy will be a database hosted by Daniel Paull at a cost of $500 for set up and $50 month maintenance. Motion to table made by Wainscott, 2nd by Pearson and all was in favor.

Motion made by Cates to approve the 2018 Mileage Resolution, 2nd by Wainscott and all were in favor.

The 3rd and final reading of Ordinance #4-2017 (gas rate increase) was held, motion to approve made by Cates, 2nd by Washmuth, all were in favor except Pearson who voted no. Rate increase will go into effect with the February 2018 billing.

A Special meeting will be held Wednesday January 3rd, 2018 at 6pm at the Lapel Town Hall to discuss the roads to be repaired with the Community Crossings Grant, salary ordinance issues and a vehicle for the Lapel Police Department.

Flooding issues were discussed with several residents on 5th Street including Jay Deloughery, Keith Cox and Gerald Lowhorn. Each of these residents voiced their concerns over the flooding that happens to their property when it rains. Cates will meet with Aaron Goslee from RQAW and inspect the areas of concern and see what can be done to rectify the situation.

Planning Commission reported that Vickery and Bourke had been given 30 days (January 14 2018) to comply with property clean up or fines will begin. Byer to be notified if property has not been brought up to ordinance.

New Business: CJ Taylor will have reports for Cates to sign from IDEM

Taylor reported there is a problem with the EQ Sewer Overflow Tank, the check valve has failed. Quote from MIG for installation of a new shut off valve will be $7,989.00. Taylor states this is a "must fix". Motion to approve quote and work by MIG made by Wainscott, 2nd by Taylor and all were in favor.

A quote/proposal for $33,100.00 from USDI was given to Council for the running of gas mains to the new addition. Council asked Hobbs if our crew could handle this job and if so what would a cost comparison be, Hobbs to present at next meeting.

Being no further business to discuss, meeting was adjourned.

Posted at Thursday, December 21, 2017