In attendance were Chad Blake, Jason Kleinbub, Lindsay Washmuth, Teresa Retherford, Paula Lee, and Town Attorney Jeff Graham.

The meeting was called to order, and opened up for public comment. There were a few comments about the zoning issues that were discussed during the Planning meeting. A request to add all board minutes to the website was made. Dan Paddock asked who was in charge of making sure the tall grass/weeds at Montgomery Farms was taken care of. David Givens wanted to inform the Council that Lapel High School needs to look into a retention pond.

The meeting minutes for January 16th, February 10th, and February 11th, and February claims were all approved.

E&B Paving was announced as the winning bid of the upcoming Community Crossings Project.

The amendment of the salary ordinance regarding the Police Department changes was tabled until next meeting due to needing clarification on wording.

President Chad Blake is going to investigate which two Lapel Redevelopment Committee members he would like to appoint.

The Town Council acting as the Safety Board for Lapel appointed Chris Hobbs as the Town’s Building Inspector/Code Enforcement. The job description for Building Inspector/Code Enforcement was adopted.

Jeremy Van Erman from Common Wealth Engineers presented his company to the Town Council, and expressed his interest in helping the Town of Lapel.

The Utility Crew has asked for grinder pumps to be installed at the Main Street lift station due to vandalism. The lift station has repeatedly been clogged with rag like materials costing the Town $35,000 in repairs. It has been difficult to catch who is causing the vandalism due to the various locations the rags can be dumped into the sewer line system. The Council, and Police Department are asking if you see something, please say something.

The Town is going to reach out to Pat Callahan for a quote on getting a rate study done to potentially raise water/sewer/trash rates.

Travis Forrest of the Park Board is working with the trucking company that caused the damage out at Brookside Park. The Park is now looking at getting a gate at the entrance of the parking lot to prevent semi’s from turning around in it, and causing more damage.

Planning update: Two petitions will be coming to the Council with favorable recommendations to rezone from agricultural to residential. The Planning Commission now has an email;

Resolution #4-2020 to Establish Mileage Reimbursement. 57.5 cents per mile effective January 1, 2020 per IRS Standard Mileage Rates. A motion to adopt Resolution #4-2020 was made by Blake, 2nd by Washmuth; all were in favor.

Chad Blake introduced Mary Armacost as the Town’s new Utility Director.

Posted at Thursday, February 20, 2020