MARCH 19, 2020

MEETING WAS HELD ELECTRONICALLY, ATTENDING IN PERSON: Chad Blake, Tom Marvel, Paula Lee ATTENDING ELECTRONICALLY Teresa Retherford, Dennis Molina and Ashley Hopper, Town Attorney

7pm meeting called to order and Blake advised we were keeping essential items only on the agenda so the previous posted agenda would be altered for this meeting.

Motion made by Blake to approve the minutes of the March 6 meeting, 2nd by Retherford and all were in favor.

Motion to approve claims as presented made by Marvel, 2nd by Blake and all were in favor.

Bids for the shop generator install were discussed

Lerche & Sons Electric $3483.49

McConnell Plumbing $8150.00

West Electric $6775.00

Motion to choose bid from Lerche & Sons made by Marvel, 2nd by Retherford and all were in favor.

Transfer switch for water plant was discussed, 2 bids presented by McAllister one for work done during the day which would cause a drop in the water tower and water pressure and would require a “boil order” bid presents at $7734.54, bid where work is to be done at night with less effect to residents presented at $9014.54.  Motion made by Blake to accept the bid for work to be done at night, 2nd by Marvel all were in favor.

LRC Report was presented to the Council, report lists officers for 2019 as well as current bank balance of $100.01, motion to adopt LRC report made by Blake, 2nd by Retherford all were in favor.  Marvel asked that when it came time to deposit funds into the TIF LRC account we revisit this matter.

Two members of the board need to be appointed to the LRC since there aren’t any necessary meetings coming up this matter was tabled.

Town Council is responsible for appointing a citizen to the BZA there is an upcoming meeting so this nomination needs to be made tonight.  Motion to appoint Herschel Hinkle made by Retherford 2nd by Blake and all were in favor.  Current board is Hinkle, Pam Shuck, Tim Munro and Ron Nunnelly.  Planning Commission appointed Gary Shuck to the BZA at their last meeting.

Motion was made by Marvel, to approve Resolution #5-2020 a resolution to approve that all checks outstanding and unpaid for a period of two years as of December 31 shall be declared void.  Motion 2nd by Blake all were in favor.

With the current situation around the world and within out state and town, the Lapel Town Council has chosen to enact a DECLARATION OF LOCAL EMERGENCY Resolution #6-2020.  Motion to approve Resolution #6-2020 made by Marvel, 2nd by Blake all were in favor.  Motion to designate Chad Blake to approve claims for payment in advance of Board allowance made by Marvel, 2nd by Blake all were in favor.

The utility department is in need of a new wand for meter reading cost of new wand to be approximately $1500.00.  Motion to approve purchase of new wand made by Marvel, 2nd by Blake all were in favor.  

Being no further business for this meeting, meeting was adjourned.

Posted at Thursday, March 19, 2020