JUNE 18, 2020

In attendance in person: Chad Blake, Teresa Retherford, Kourtney Krabbe, Paula Lee, Brandon Hutchison, Jeremy VanErman and Robert Bellucci

In attendance virtually: Jason Kleinbub, Lindsay Washmuth, Tom Marvel and Ashley Hopper, Town Attorney

7PM meeting called to order and the floor was opened for public comment, being no comment from the public the floor was closed.

Motion to approve the May 21st minutes made by Kleinbub, 2nd by Retherford and all were in favor.

Motion to approve the June 4th minutes made by Retherford, 2nd by Kleinbub and all were in favor, except Marvel who abstained.

Motion to approve the claims as presented made by Kleinbub, 2nd by Retherford and all were in favor.

Jeremy VanErman and Robert Bellucci from Commonwealth spoke to the Council regarding the upcoming OCRA grant.  Commonwealth’s intent is to update the evaluation of our water utility and work with Kleinpeter to get an application into OCRA.  We need an agreed upon plan by June 30, 2020 to comply with the OCRA schedule.  A special meeting will be scheduled Friday June 26th at 9am at the Lapel Town Hall to further discuss the upcoming project.

BZA Report- the BZA met at 6:15 this evening regarding Sam Ellingwood’s property on 700 S.  The BZA voted to approve a 100ft road frontage for the property instead of the 60ft proposed road frontage as the 100ft complies with R1 zoning codes.

Comprehensive Plan-John Lavine and Ralph Holmes from MCCOG presented the Council with a Statement of Qualifications.  Both have just finished the Madison County Comprehensive Plan which can be viewed at  Further discussion will need to be held by the Planning Commission regarding the Comprehensive Plan.

11th & Main Street Drain issue- E & B Paving presented 2 options to the Town and Aaron Crow, Project Manager for RQAW.  There are two casting adjustments required on the 2020 Lapel CCMG Project. 

Option 1 is to just replace the existing castings with new 4’ X 4’ castings with lids, and includes a concrete collar around each casting.  This pricing also includes water jetting each of the existing pipes to remove any obstructions and to add concrete into each of the two existing pipes to remove any obstructions and to add concrete into each of the two existing curb structures to create positive flow. TOTAL PRICE $11985.00

Option 2 includes eliminating two existing 48” structures located in the roadway by using flow able fill.  We will the upsize and replace the pipes going from the two existing curb structures to the storm structure located in the middle of the Main Street and 11th Street intersection.  This includes all necessary saw cutting, removal, new A2000 dual-wall smooth bore pipe, backfill with #8 stone and capped with 8’ of concrete. TOTAL PRICE $23990.00

Marvel commented that neither option would solve the whole problem and that he would like to see RQW come up with Option 3 that would.  Motion to table this decision until someone has spoken to Kim Bowdell at INDOT, Aaron Crow at RQAW and Cam Paddock from E & B Paving made by Blake, 2nd by Marvel and all were in favor. 

Motion to approve 50 cent pay increase for Steve Selby for passing his gas class retro to June 8, 2020 made by Kleinbub, 2nd by Retherford and all were in favor.

Motion to increase Mike Daniels’ pay to $16.22 an hour retro to June 8, 2020 made by Blake, 2nd by Kleinbub and all were in favor.

Clothing Allowance for utility crew-Hopper to have amendment to Salary Ordinance at next regular meeting for Council to review.  Addendum: Kourtney & Paula will write up amendment and send to Ashley.

Police Update-Motion to retain promotion date for Spencer Dulaney of October 25, 2020 made by Blake, 2nd by Marvel and all were in favor.  Dulaney’s graduation date changed due to the COVID crisis. 

Naselroad reported that vests have been ordered for Lapel PD.

Morgan’s Tree Service turned in a bid to remove 3 trees at Woodward Park that are dead, a willow and 2 pine trees at Memorial Park, a maple tree on Woodward Street and a maple in the alley between Woodward and John Streets.  The cost to take down the trees, remove the brush and haul off the wood and grind the stumps will be $2250.00.  Motion to approve bid and work made by Marvel, 2nd by Retherford and all were in favor. 

Michael Martin from USDI submitted a quote for service replacement at 112 W 4th Street, it is an isolated service that has been determined that service transitions form plastic to steel at an unknown location in the yard.  There is a 2nd line that feeds the garage on the back side of the house that also transitions from plastic to steel at an unknown location.  Federal Code part 192 states that any and all isolated steel sections of pipeline must be protected from corrosion.  USDI recommends that instead of adding protection to the steel, the Town of Lapel should have the lines replaced with all plastic.

USDI is willing and capable to complete this work upon approval.  USDI would dig up the main locating on Erie Street and proceed to bore in a single 1” plastic line across the back of the house and to the garage.  The house would receive its service from an in line tee that USDI would cut in once the line has been bored.  Once the new lines have been installed USDI will cut, cap and abandon the old service lines feeding the home and its garage.  USDI is estimating a cost of $3,500.00 to replace the service with plastic and abandon the old steel.  Please note that ultimately this project would be billed based off of our current labor and material rates.  Motion to approve the quote and work to be done by USDI made by Blake, 2nd by Retherford and all were in favor except for Marvel who voted “no”.

Council asked Hobbs to do some research on ordinances regarding the covering of meter pit lids.  A lot of the pit lids in town are currently covered or hidden from view making it hard for the meter readers to get the monthly readings or the crew to access them in case of a leak repair.  Residents are encouraged to keep their meter pit lids clear of grass, dirt, debris, mulch, gravel, flowers, landscaping or any other encumbrance that would prohibit town employees from locating your meter pit. 

Being no further business to discuss Blake made the motion to adjourn, Retherford 2nd and all were in favor.

Posted at Thursday, June 18, 2020