In attendance: Tim Munro, Herschel Hinkle, Ron Nunley, Pam Shuck, Gary Shuck and Paula Lee

6:15pm meeting called to order

Motion to nominate Hinkle to be president made by Nunley, 2nd by Pam Shuck and all were in favor.

Motion to nominate Nunley to be vice president made by Hinkle, 2nd by Gary Shuck and all were in favor.

Sam Ellingwood came before the BZA to ask for a variance for property located at 8448 W 700 S, Pendleton, Indiana.  Mr. Ellingwood is asking for a change of frontage distance from 250ft to 60 ft.   Discussion was held on the frontage request.  Gary Shuck suggested that Ellingwood go to 100ft frontage to comply with the Town’s R1 zoning codes which state 100ft frontage is the minimum.  Doing this would save Mr. Ellingwood from having to do a rezone of the property. 

Motion was made by Nunley to vary frontage requirement from 250ft to 100ft for the 4 acres pursuant to V2.2.4, Section B, Article 6, 2nd by Gary Shuck and all were in favor. 

Being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Posted at Thursday, June 18, 2020