Concrete Plant Plans Delivered to Planning Board and Other News

Tyler Comstock, Project Engineer with American Structurepoint, Inc, presented the Town Planning Board with plans for the Shelby Materials Ready Mix Concrete Plant.

The plant will be built on 10 acres behind the proposed Giving Hope (30 acre) development off CR W 650 S on the far south side of Lapel.

The Plans will be reviewed by the Building Inspector, the project is still in the development phase although the Planning Board did give approval for dirt to be moved and a temporary road built. Further development will require planning approval.

The Planning Board is now responsible for assigning addresses within Lapel, previously this was done by the Post Office.

The board has assigned the Giving Hope development the address of 9400 W 650 S and the Shelby Materials development the address 9302 W 650 S. Although considered in the Town of Lapel the mailing address will be Pendleton.

In other news:

  • The Planning Board asked Amanda Paddock to contact the BZA with regards a variance request.
  • The Board reviewed permits.
  • The Board discussed and approved using $25 as a new permit fee for siding and gutters.
  • Discussed goals for 2018, one of which is to annex the remainder of the Stone Quarry into Lapel for future development.
  • Another goal for 2018 - Access Control Ordinances that would see access roads added to developments on either side of South SR13 to reduce the need for stop and go traffic lights as development grows in that area.


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Special Meeting Roundup December 7th

A special meeting was held at Lapel Town Hall on the 7th December 2017.

Council Members Michael Cates, Lindsay Washmuth, Tony Pearson and Dave Taylor were present. Deb Wainscott was not present.

The Town Council held the second and final reading of the gas rate increase ordinance (4-2017). 

The Town Council voted to approve the reading, with a 3 - 1 yes vote. Tony Pearson the only member voting no.

This ordinance will see gas rates increase in January 2017 by 26%. If you currently pay $100 per month for your gas utility the increase will see it climb to $126 per month for example.


The Town Council discussed approving a contract from RQAW to cover the creation of bid documents and oversight of up to fifteen road repair projects planned for Spring 2018.

The Town Council voted in favor (4 - 0) of approving the contract, at a cost not to exceed $35,000.

At the next Town Meeting on the 21st December the Town Council will prioritize a list of roads, to decide which fifteen will be repaired first using funds received from the state. With additional roads to be worked on as more funds become available.

RQAW representatives stated they were optimistic that if they got the bid documents out in January or February they would get better rates for the work, than if the Town waited till later in the year when the road construction companies would be busier.


The Town Council also approved salary increases and Christmas bonuses for Town employees. These were discussed at an executive meeting prior to the special meeting.


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Town Meeting Roundup November 16th

The Lapel Town Council met at the Eagles building on 9th St in Lapel for a regular meeting on November 16th at 7pm.

All Town Council members were present apart from Deb Wainscott (injured).


The new backhoe has arrived, the Town Council voted in favor of paying MacAllister $77,135.25 for the new piece of equipment.


After the resignation of a new employee the Town will need to advertise for a new employee with CDL experience.

The Town Council discussed improving the base pay for Utility workers and improved pay for workers that have in demand skills such as a CDL license, or Gas certification.

More discussion on this will occur at the next Town Meeting in December.


Resident Jason Kleinbub presented the Town Council with detailed photos about flooding issues on John St. He asked for the Town Council to take down a willow tree whose roots frequently block drains in that area. He also requested the Town look into why water run-off issues have intensified in the area of John St and 3rd/4th St since the alley behind Wright Family Practice was paved.

Council member Dave Taylor and President Michael Cates will have Utility Manager Chris Hobbs contact the home owner on 4th St with regards removing the tree and the Council will investigate the source of the extra run-off.


Amy O`Dair-Speaks of Visualize Your Technology, a resident in Lapel and Doug Watts of internet provider MetroNet informed the Town Council they were trying to gauge interest from BUSINESS OWNERS on whether it would be feasible to bring fiber optic internet to Lapel.

This would be for business customers, not residential users.

If your business is interested in completing a survey about this contact Visualize Your Technology directly @


Performance Services conducted a presentation showcasing Solar Energy and what could be done to use solar power to power town buildings and make the Town of Lapel energy sufficient, and potentially a new revenue stream.


Several Ordinances were read concerning the grant money provided by the State for paving projects.

You can read these Ordinances on the Town of Lapel's Facebook Page or at Town Hall.


Town Council Members performed the first reading of the new ordinance concerning the Gas Rate increase. Gas Rates will be going up by 26%, the first rate increase in many years. If the ordinance is approved after the second reading at the next meeting it could take around 60 - 90 days before the new rates go into effect.


The Town Council approved at the request of Police Chief Ryan Daniels selling the Police Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck to the Town of Lapel Utility Department for $5,000. This truck will likely replace the truck used primarily by Virgil Hobbs for mowing duty.

The Police Chief also informed the Town Council that one of the Police vehicles was broken, and advised selling it at the next Don Smock auction on December 7th. The Town Council Approved this request. The Town of Lapel will be selling two old Police cars at the next auction.

Daniels also asked for funds to purchase a replacement new vehicle for the one that was broken. Paula Lee will investigate fund availability.


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Town of Lapel Leases Memorial Park to Lapel Little League

At the Public Park Board Meeting last night, the Lapel Park Board agreed to lease Memorial Park in particularly the Diamonds to the Lapel Little League for 5 years at a cost of $1.

The Little League will continue to play games at Memorial Park for those 5 years and will be responsible for most of the utilities, trash pickup, maintenance and mowing.


Plans for a work day on Oct 28th at the new Bulldog Park were washed out. Although it did not stop the Sears family, Bill Hutton (Park President), Andy Morgan (Park Board Member) and other volunteers from planting trees at the Park the following days.

Construction of the concession stand was delayed by the rain, but the Park Board is optimistic it will still be completed this year. The building has now been revised to a one-story building to simply the construction process.

The Sears Family has also volunteered to build a Park Shelter, and the Lapel Parks Department is very grateful for the help.

The Park Board at the urging of DNR has filed for a further 1-year extension for completing the Park. Although Bill Hutton thinks the park will be finished enough this year that Softball games will be able to take part in the Spring.

Hutton also announced that he thought when the project was finished that it could be as much as $50,000 over budget. Although he was hoping to reduce this by as much as half by changing the asphalt walking path to a gravel path.

The Park Board will approach the Town for help in covering the overage.

When all is said and done the Park will have been built using $200,000 of grant money, the help and donations of many local businesses and individuals and up to $50,000 of Town money.

Michael Cates (Town President) also attended the Park Meeting and asked for their blessing to look into a grant to build a Dog Park at the southern end of Bulldog Park. The Park Board seemed responsive to that idea. 

If anyone would like to volunteer, time, resources or money to help complete Bulldog Park please contact the Lapel Parks Department.


Katie Hutchison (Softball President), Bill Hutton (Park President), Michael Cates (Town President)


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Town Meeting Roundup from October 19th

The Town Council met in regular session at the Lapel Eagles on 9th St on Thursday, October 19th 2017.

All Council members were present except for Deb Wainscott, Bill Byer (town attorney) was also not present.

The Council approved the Minutes from the last meeting and the paying of claims.

The Town Council approved raising the Non-sufficient funds fee (NSF) from $20 to $50. Whenever the Town is given a bad check for utility payments the Town incurs a fee from the Bank of $35. and resources and employee hours go into correcting the problem. This means the Town will no longer be making a large loss on dealing with a bad check.

The Council discussed the three bids for repair work to 300 South and approved the lowest bid. The E&B Bid was for $62,549 which was lower than bids by Baumgartner ($69,015) and Hasco ($78,629). Work is expected to be complete by November 15th. 300 S west of the Cemetery may be closed briefly during the repair work

An OCRA grant was discussed, this depends on the results of an income survey being sent out to residents in the next few weeks. If the Town of Lapel meets an income threshold there is a good chance that they will be able to apply for a $500,000 OCRA grant. The Town will be required to provide 25% of the grant which amounts to $125,000.

If successful the grant money will be used to work on storm water projects.

The Council tabled until the next meeting a motion to have Leary Construction paint the Water Tower at a cost of $21,900.

Approved giving a South Madison Community Foundation Grant for $990 to the Lapel High School Robotics Club.

Jennifer Brown asked the Town of Lapel to lease the ball diamonds at Memorial Park to the Lapel Youth Baseball League for a period of 5 years. Bill Hutton president of the Park Board (not present at this meeting) has given the green light for the lease. President Cates approved the proposal and the Lapel Youth Baseball League will have to pay a fee of $1 for the lease which will run until 2022.

The Town Council discussed available internet options due to problems with internet providers at several Town buildings. Research will be carried out to see if BridgeMaxx internet is available for install at Town Hall, the Police Department, the Utility Building, the Water Plant and the Waste Water Plant. 

The Council confirmed Trick or Treat hours as 6pm to 8:30pm.


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300 S Paving Project to Begin After Winning Bid Chosen

Acting on behalf of the Town of Lapel, civil engineering firm RQAW sent out requests for bidding to five different companies for work on repairing an almost half mile stretch of 300 South between 950 West and County Road 1000 West on the west side of Lapel.

Bids were to be submitted no later than 5pm on Friday, the 13th October 2017.

Three companies returned bids within this timeframe and the winning bid will be chosen at the next Town Meeting on Thursday, 19th of October at the Lapel Eagles on 9th St.

Work is expected to be done mid to late November and may involve closing 300 South for a short period of time.

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Planning Board Updated by Pax Verum Brewing

The Planning Board held a regular meeting on Thursday, 12th October at Town Hall.

The Board approved the re-plot of two lots in the Brookside Addition (Lot 104 and 114). These lots will then be split between the Robertson and Paddock families giving them both a larger lot size than most in the new addition. 

The Board had a lengthy presentation from Pax Verum Brewing about progress at the new brewery across from Central Park in the heart of Lapel.

Owners Jason Watson and Doug Goff provided many new details:

  • Large outdoor courtyard with smaller covered Area
  • Picnic benches outside, and other seating, along with an outdoor firepit
  • No kitchen at facility, instead a food truck will be used
  • Potential for parking / golf cart parking in the back
  • Grain storage for brewing process will be in an outside shipping container (painted to match surroundings)
  • Owners would like to have wood fired pizza oven and barbecue pit
  • Wine will also be sold

They are hoping to open before March 2018, federal licensing seems to be moving ahead of schedule so it could be earlier.

The Board would like the Town Council to report 210 W 9th St and the Old Church building on 9th St for non-compliance of ordinances and recommend they are repaired or torn down.

Pictured from left to right: Jason Watson (owner), Tony Hewitt, Gary Shuck, Trefin Luker.

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Water Leak Fix to Cost $26,100

At a special meeting held at Town Hall on Wednesday, 11th October the Town Council discussed many topics.

A water leak at the corner of Short St and Pendleton Avenue will need to be repaired. Culy has provided an estimate to complete repairs at a cost of $26,100. The Town Council approved the repairs, work will begin as soon as possible. This repair will involve installing a new water line from the other side of Pendleton Avenue, so there may be some traffic disruption during repairs.

The Town Council approved a new Flow Meter for measuring waste water coming out of Fishersburg. The previous one was installed at least 8 years ago and is now broken. Replacing it will cost $5,194.

Voted to approve the 2017 Budget.

Voted to approve raising Jon Buffington' salary in line with the salary ordinance, after he graduated the police academy.

Discussed raising the NSF fee for handling bad checks from $20 to $50.

Discussed awarding $990 to a charity associated with the Town of Lapel using an annual award from the South Madison Community Foundation. There are specific guidelines on which organizations qualify for this money, so the Town will look into this further.

Thanks to the awesome hard work of the Lapel Stony Creek Township Fire Territory and its volunteers the OSI fire safety rating for the Town of Lapel has improved from a 9 rating to a 4. This may influence lowering your insurance premiums, Town residents may wish to contact their agent or insurance company to find out if the change in fire safety rating will lower their rates.

Town officials will meet with engineers next week to discuss repairs to 300 South. 

The next Town Meeting is October 19th, from 7pm at the Eagles.

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Bulldog Park Work Day Set for October 28th

October 28th should see a flurry of work at Bulldog Park on the west side of Lapel.

Up to 30 volunteers will descend into the park to help erect the central concession stand structure, finish dugouts, plant trees and more.

E&B Paving will be working on the parking lot in the next few weeks, weather permitting.

The Lapel Community Association has donated money for the new Bulldog Park Shelter.

Anyone seeking to donate materials or money to help complete the new park please contact the Parks Department at 



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Town Meeting Roundup from September 21st

September 21st 2017 Town Meeting

Lapel applied for and received a grant in the amount of $351,357.00 as part of INDOT's Community Crossings 2017 Grant program. More information here.

This money will be used to conduct repairs and improvements to Town streets.

It is however estimated that the Town of Lapel needs several million dollars to complete all the repairs that have been identified in the last few years and due to the Green Annexation (2014) that brought in many miles of County roads.

Town Council members will now have to pick and choose which streets will receive repairs using this money this year, and which streets will have to wait until more funds are available.

President Michael Cates suggested a "Privacy Wall" around the new Bulldog Park but none of the other council members thought that should be something the Town should pay for, so the idea was "scratched".

Town Utility Manager Chris Hobbs informed the Town Council that the internet at the Utility Barn on Vine St has been very bad for a long time and it is making it hard for the Town Utility Workers to complete online certification and classes. The Town will consider other internet options such as BridgeMaxx.

The Town Council approved raising Utility Worker Holly Kelly's hourly rate by $0.50 due to the successful completion of Gas classes. The pay raise is in line with the Salary Ordinance.

The Town Council approved allowing Dave Taylor and Lindsay Washmuth (Council Members) to make the final call on hiring two new utility workers based on a short list of three contenders. The starting wage will be $13.50 per hour although there was some disagreement over hiring the new employees at that hourly rate with Deb Wainscott and Tony Pearson voting no, and Dave Taylor, Michael Cates and Lindsay Washmuth voting yes.

The Town Council discussed property clean up.

Mentioned that the 400 South road cut should be asphalted on September 22nd. Town workers were waiting for the fill to settle.

Council members tabled a discussion on using the services of Ron Ragan due to issues with the contract.

The Town Council discussed the raising of utility rates in the Town of Lapel based on a report presented to them at an earlier Town Meeting.

Lindsay Washmuth suggested they "leave water rates alone".

The discussion turned to the gas rates, the Town of Lapel has been losing money on gas since 2015.

The report suggested gas rates go up as much as 26.3% or the Town of Lapel should cut back spending so that they do not spend more than the gas utility earns.

After a lengthy discussion, the Town Council voted yes, with the exception of Tony Pearson who voted no fearing the effects this rate increase would have on the elderly.

EXAMPLE: If you currently spend around $100 per month on gas this rate increase will mean you now spend around $126.3 per month on gas.

This has been the first rate increase on the Gas Utility for many years.

The Lapel Police Department asked that the Town of Lapel implement an ordinance that prevents Basketball or Recreational Equipment within 4ft of a roadway or placed on sidewalks. Repeat offenders may be fined $50 and have additional fees to pay. Town attorney Bill Byer will create the ordinance to be read at a future Town Meeting.

The Town Council discussed raising the NSF Returned Check fee from $20 to $35. The Town is charged $35 by the bank, so this increase will see that they break even when a check is returned, rather than lose money.

Town resident Joel Sandefur asked the Town about the status of repairs to 500 South. He appreciated the hard work that the Town Utility workers have put into keeping the road clean since it was annexed in 2014 but wondered about the timeline that INDOT had announced of having this road fixed in 2019. Dennis Molina (Treasurer) is going to have a new engineer look at the problem to see if the Town can implement a temporary fix to open the road ahead of the INDOT fix in 2019. Any temporary fix would also need the approval of the Madison County Drainage Board.


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Lapel Park Departments Own Field of Dreams

The Lapel Park Department discussed the progress of Bulldog Park at the regular Park Meeting held at Lapel Town Hall on September 11th 2017.

Members of the Lapel Park Board freely admit progress at the new Park has been slower than they would like.

This is the first time the Park Board has developed a project of this magnitude, and it has been an uphill task scheduling contractors, volunteers and donated services around weather and other unforeseen difficulties. 

Delays with drainage approval in 2016 also hindered the project which led it to turn from a one year into a two-year development.

We are now entering the final stretch of the project, over the next few months all of the pieces of the puzzle will finally be moved into position and with a good deal of luck and the support of local business and residents by the end of the year Lapel will have a world class Ball Diamond Complex.

At the meeting last night, the Park Board approved using Marschands Athletic Field Services (Kokomo, IN) to finish the four fields. This company will remove several inches of top soil, grade and lay better top soil and grass seed. At a cost of $7,400 per field. While the Park Board could have saved a little money here by removing the soil themselves they all agreed that in the interests of completing the project it would be better for the contractor to do all the work.

This Saturday volunteers and the donated use of a backhoe and truck will see the center of the four fields cleaned up ready for the future construction of the concession stand. Trenching will also be completed for electrical conduit and the future installation of score boards.

Additional concrete will need to be poured at various locations at the new Park ahead of building construction.

Preliminary scheduling has the framing of the building to begin the first weekend of October. 

The River Church has volunteered to help with the completion of the dug outs.

As always if you wish to donate time, money, services or materials to complete this project please contact Bill Hutton via email at 

In other news, there will be no Movie in the Park in October and no Zombie Run event this year. The Park Board hopes to host the Zombie Run event next year at the new park.




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Heavy Trash Pickup October 11th 2017

WEDNESDAY – October 11TH 2017

• See BELOW for acceptable household heavy/bulk items (list A) 
• All items to be placed at curb in a neat orderly fashion by 6:00 A.M.
(Small loose material must be in trash bags or containers for service). 
• See attached of material/items that cannot be taken at any time (list B)

LIST A: Example of Typical Household HEAVY/BULK Items:
• Lamps, Fans, Blinds
• Lawn Furniture, Gardening Tools
• Children’s toys
• Hot water heaters, microwaves
• Household furniture – No sofa over 80” and no hide-a-bed/sleeper sofas
• Mattresses (MUST BE WRAPPED IN PLASTIC & DUCT TAPED), Queen size or smaller and box springs, bed frames
• Rugs (MUST be rolled and tied – no larger than 8’ x 10’)
• Bikes
• Extra bagged trash
• Other acceptable items that will not require more than one person to lift due to weight or size of the item

“Please contact CGS Services to make arrangements for any item
that requires special handling”
Appliances – Refrigerators/freezers must be tagged by license technician that Freon has been removed. Any item that cannot be lifted by one individual due to weight and/or size of the item

• No construction debris
• No remodeling material 
(such as carpet, roofing material, wood, insulation, plumbing materials, concrete, bricks, drywall, etc.)
• No liquid material
• No hazardous materials
• No tires 
• No hide a beds/sleeper sofas/King Size Matresses
• No tenant household move outs
• No small loose trash that could be bagged for service
• No small business operating out of home with
additional trash from other sources such as 
scrap metal collecting, remodeling services etc.

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August 17th Town Meeting Roundup

In what turned out to be a lengthy Aug 17th Town Meeting, dozens of items were discussed.

All Town Council members were present.

Giving Hope

Top billing at the meeting went to the Giving Hope Foundation with a Public Hearing for a rezoning request.

After a presentation by the foundation the floor was turned over to residents to comment on the rezone.

A few individuals asked questions about the Giving Hope Foundation and the services they would provide although no one questioned the rezone from agricultural to general industrial.

The Town Council members all voted YES to approve the rezone.

Utility Rate Study

Jeremy Callahan presented the Town Council with a Gas and Water Rate study. In a lengthy presentation, he felt that the Town was undercharging the gas utility with a shortfall of up to $123,700, while the Water Utility was deemed to be adequately funded.

The Town Council took the Gas Rate Study under advisement and will decide about raising Gas Rates at another meeting. 

Trash Price Increase

Due to an increase in Tipping Fees this year CGS is now charging the Town of Lapel more money than previously to collect Trash Cans. The Town Council discussed the cost increase and noted it was part of the contract that was signed between the Town of Lapel and CGS.

The Town Council voted to increase Trash Fees paid by residents by 50 cents from $12.25 per month to $12.75.

The Trash Contract is up for renewal in 2018.

Utiilty Department Employee

The Town of Lapel will be looking for a new Utility worker, preferably with a CDL.

Gas Management

The Town Council heard a presentation from Ron Ragan about switching to his companies Gas Management services. He believed his company Utility Gas Management could potentially save the Town money.

Building Permit Fees

The Town Council approved a Building Permit Fee increase that will see above ground pools and spas now have a $50 permit fee. Residential curb cuts will also now cost $25 in permit fees.

Trinity Church Bill Negotiation

Ron Stephenson representing Trinity Church successfully negotiated down an overdue bill for work conducted by Culy on pipes at Trinity Church.

It was also mentioned and agreed to have Culy provide a better itemized bill in future to allow the Town to correctly bill all involved parties.

Drainage Issues at Montgomery Farms / Brookside

A new drain is expected to be installed and run to the retention pond to help with drainage problems. Although other options are also going to be investigated such as cleaning out swales and ditches.

Pay Increases

President Michael Cates noted that he wanted to reward Town employees that have been doing a good job for the Town.

The Town Council then voted YES to approve a $2 per hour pay increase for Paula Lee, a $1 per hour increase for utility worker Holly Kelly and a $1 per hour increase for utility worker Cameron Clawson.


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Bulldog Park Developments

The Park Board primarily discussed Bulldog Park progress at the regular Park Meeting (postponed until August 16th).

Bulldog Park is being built using a matching fund grant from DNR with the "matching" part from the Town of Lapel based on the value of the Land. The grant is worth $200,000. The Town pays for work, and is then re-imbursed from the DNR Grant within 35 days.

The Park Board has done its best to minimize out of pocket expenses for the project and for the most part has received a lot of donated or discounted goods and services from many local businesses and supportive individuals to complete the project.

This weekend members of the Park Board and volunteers will be trenching some electrical and sanitary lines at the park.

The footer for the central concession building may also be getting blocked over the course of the next few days.

Bill Hutton (President) informed the board that he expects to receive a large lumber donation for the construction of the concession building / toilet block.

Hutton also noted that they are in discussions with a company to build the fields, to the correct standard needed.

Original plans called for a total of four softball diamonds, however a recent change will see this revised to three softball diamonds and one baseball diamond.

The Park Department is hoping to have the new building framed out soon, but will likely need the assistance of able bodied carpenters and/or those with construction experience.

Completion of the Park is still expected in 2017.

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August 10th Planning Meeting Roundup

The Planning Commission met at Lapel Town Hall on August 10th for a regular meeting.

Planning President Gary Shuck, members Tony Hewitt and Trefin Luker were present.

 Planning Meeting August 10th 2017

Pleasantview Moving Forward

Adam D`Angelo presented a complete set of plans for his proposed Pleasantview development on the South-East side of Town.

D`Angelo is no longer asking for any variances. His development will feature approximately 30 apartments split between 3-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 1-bedroom layouts.

The 1187sq ft 3-bedroom apartments will feature two bathrooms, as well as an attached garage. All apartments will have a two-hour firewall which adheres to residential building code.

His plan is to power the development using solar panels which will be installed on the roofs of the apartment units and in an area designated non-drainage acreage.

The plans still feature retention ponds to help improve and control the drainage issues that already plague that part of Town.

The plans will be reviewed by the Town Building Inspector.

15 Acres Off 5th and 6th St

Tony Dargo the owner of 15 acres of farmland East of Lapel connected to 5th, 6th and 7th St asked for help and thoughts on his plan to help drainage on his property by installing a pond or wetland to hold much of the water that sits on the property.

He also hopes to split the land up into at least two parcels and build a home on one and sell the other.

Gary Shuck and Michael Cates (Town President) seemed interested in the idea and suggested he contact DNR to see if there were any grants or financial aid available to assist in such a project as DNR is supportive of developing wetlands.

Shuck suggested it may be possible for the Town to help with the construction of the Pond as it would improve drainage for all of the property owners in that area of Central Avenue.

Lapel Carwash

Adam D`Angelo asked the committee whether they had any objections on him turning one of the storage buildings at the Lapel Laundry/Carwash into either an apartment or office space.

The committee favored the idea of office space.

D`Angelo suggested that Police and Municipality vehicles will get a free pass for car washes at the Lapel Carwash.

Building Inspector

Gary Shuck raised his concerns about the current building inspector not being able to or not wanting to do many of the tasks outlined in the new building ordinances. 

The committee discussed options for hiring a part time employee that would be available at least two days a week to handle building inspector duties.

A suggestion was made that new Utility Manager Chris Hobbs could be trained as a building inspector. He has over 10 years of building experience.

Cates suggested he would research the training necessary for Hobbs to become a Building Inspector.

Gary Shuck raised a recent case of someone submitting plans for building something then completing the work but with the building in a totally different place to where they indicated. He suggested this was a prime example as to why they need a part time or full-time inspector that lives locally and can deal with these matters.

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Common Questions Answered

The purpose of this post is to answer some common questions.

  • Do I need a Building Permit?
    • While not every project requires a Building Permit, you should call Town Hall and check 765-534-3157.
  • My Trash did not get picked up on Wednesday?
    • Try to have your trash can(s) on the street Tuesday evening for Wednesday pickup. Call CGS directly and inform them if your trash was not picked up 800-453-5575
  • Can we still leave tree limbs at the Utility building for the Town to chip and destroy?
    • No, you should not take your tree limbs to the Town Utility Building.
  •  Do I need to book a Park Shelter at Woodward Park?
    • People can book a Park Shelter online at the Lapel Parks website at - you should use this site to check whether a Shelter is booked on a certain day/time and to request a booking. Shelter bookings are currently FREE!!!
  • A street light is out, who do I call?
    • Call Duke Energy with the pole inventory number listed on the side of the pole 800.343.3525.
  • Who is responsible for cleaning storm drains?
    • You are advised to do your best to keep storm drains clear of junk and debris.
  • Who do I report potholes to?
    • There are lot of potholes and the Utility Department is doing its best to patch them as and when they can. The Town is also trying to get a matching fund grant to make lasting repairs to town streets.

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Roundup of News from July Town Meeting

This is a short round-up of some of the topics discussed at the July Town Meeting held on July 20th at the Eagles building on 9th St.

All council members were present for this meeting.

The Town Council may want to review the fees for some building permits. This may see increases on some fees and the lowering of others.


The Town of Lapel has hired Chris Hobbs for the new position of Town Utility Manager. He starts in August.

Hobbs will handle the management side of the Utilities department while Utility Superintendent Marlin Johnson and the rest of the utility department will be focused on getting the utility jobs completed.


There was some discussion on whether it is necessary for yards that require mowing to come before the Town council and whether that is a simple enforcement issue.


Some concerned residents spoke up about drainage issues in the new additions. President Michael Cates said "We will do what we can to fix it. But we cannot do it overnight."

Some drainage areas in the new additions have trees and plants growing in them that may be hindering the correct flow of water. They need to be removed and the correct flow of water restored.


There was a brief presentation by the Giving Hope Foundation about their plans for a 40-acre development near Don Smock Auctions.


Cates asked pet owners to clean up behind their pets.


Chief of Police Ryan Daniels asked for the policy on take home Police cars to be amended. The new policy is that you have to live 5 miles or less from Lapel to take your patrol car home. The previous rule was 25 miles. Existing officers have been Grandfathered into the old rule. The new rule will reduce wear and tear on the cars and potentially save thousands of dollars in maintenance and fuel bills for the Town.


There was a lengthy discussion on the Planning Board and whether the board can legally do some of the things that were granted to it in the 2015 Ordinance review. In the new ordinances, several tasks that needed Town Council approval were re-written in such a way that the Planning Board could approve them without the final authority of the Council. Town Attorney Bill Byer will review the ordinance to check whether it is legal.




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Town of Lapel Website to Offer Local News

Starting "SOON" the Town of Lapel website will offer local news.

Former Stony Creek Lifestyle reporter and Lapel resident Daniel Paull will be writing news articles solely for the Town of Lapel via the Official Website at and Facebook page at

Daniel will be attending all of the regular Town, Park and Planning Meetings and posting stories on what happened.


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Heavy Trash Pickup May 10th 2017

Heavy Duty trash pickup will be May 10th.

May 10th, 2017 PICK UP DATE

Heavy/Bulk Trash pickup Spring & Fall
• Town Hall to publicize confirmed heavy pickup dates – see Town Hall Website
• See the attached for acceptable household heavy/bulk items (list A)
• All items to be placed at curb in a neat orderly fashion
(Small loose material must be in trash bags or containers for service).
• See attached of material/items that cannot be taken at any time (list B)

Example of Typical Household HEAVY/BULK Items Include:
• Microwaves
• Fans
• Lamps
• Lawn Furniture
• Gardening Tools
• Children’s toys
• Blinds
• Hot water heaters
• Household furniture – No sofa over 80” and no hide-a-bed/sleeper sofas
• Mattresses and box springs, bed frames
• Rugs (MUST be rolled and tied – no larger than 8’ x 10’)
• Bikes
• Extra bagged trash
• Other acceptable items that will not require more than one person to lift due to weight or size of the item
• No construction debris
• No remodeling material
(such as carpet, roofing material, wood, insulation, plumbing materials, concrete, bricks, drywall, etc.)
• No liquid material
• No hazardous materials
• No tires
• No hide a beds/sleeper sofas
• No tenant household move outs
• No small loose trash that could be bagged for service
• No small business operating out of home with
additional trash from other sources such as a
scrape metal collecting, remodeling services etc.)

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2017 Notice to Taxpayers


The Notice to Taxpayers is available online at or by calling (888) 739-9826.

Complete details of budget estimates by fund and/or department may be seen by visiting the office of this unit of government at TOWN HALL AT 825 MAIN ST. 

Notice is hereby given to taxpayers of Lapel Civil Town, Madison County, Indiana that the proper officers of LAPEL CIVIL TOWN will conduct a public hearing on the year 2017 budget. Following this meeting, any ten or more taxpayers may object to a budget, tax rate, or tax levy by filing an objection petition with the proper officers of LAPEL CIVIL TOWN not more than seven days after the hearing. The objection petition must identify the provisions of the budget, tax rate, or tax levy to which taxpayers object. If a petition is filed, LAPEL CIVIL TOWN shall adopt with the budget a finding concerning the objections in the petition and testimony presented. Following the aforementioned hearing, the proper officers of LAPEL CIVIL TOWN will meet to adopt the following budget:


Date of Public Hearing

Thursday, September 01 2016

Date of Adoption Meeting

Thursday, September 15 2016

Time of Public Hearing

7:00 PM

Time of Adoption Meeting

7:00 PM

Public Hearing Place


Adoption Meeting Place



Estimated Civil Max Levy

$ 285,339

Property Tax Cap Credit Estimate

$ 23,588

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Heavy Trash Pickup May 11th 2016

Heavy Duty trash pickup will be May 11th.

May 11, 2016 PICK UP DATE

Heavy/Bulk Trash pickup Spring & Fall 
• Town Hall to publicize confirmed heavy pickup dates – see Town Hall Website
• See the attached for acceptable household heavy/bulk items (list A) 
• All items to be placed at curb in a neat orderly fashion
(Small loose material must be in trash bags or containers for service). 
• See attached of material/items that cannot be taken at any time (list B)

Example of Typical Household HEAVY/BULK Items Include:
• Microwaves
• Fans
• Lamps
• Lawn Furniture
• Gardening Tools
• Children’s toys
• Blinds
• Hot water heaters
• Household furniture – No sofa over 80” and no hide-a-bed/sleeper sofas
• Mattresses and box springs, bed frames
• Rugs (MUST be rolled and tied – no larger than 8’ x 10’)
• Bikes
• Extra bagged trash
• Other acceptable items that will not require more than one person to lift due to weight or size of the item
• No construction debris
• No remodeling material 
(such as carpet, roofing material, wood, insulation, plumbing materials, concrete, bricks, drywall, etc.)
• No liquid material
• No hazardous materials
• No tires 
• No hide a beds/sleeper sofas
• No tenant household move outs
• No small loose trash that could be bagged for service
• No small business operating out of home with
additional trash from other sources such as a
scrape metal collecting, remodeling services etc.)

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LPD Accepting Applications for Full Time Officer

The Lapel Police Department is accepting applications for a full time police officer. Applicants should be in good physical condition, prepared to work any shift, weekends and holidays.


Be a U.S. Resident
High School Graduate/GED
Certificate of Birth
Valid Drivers License
Good driving record

Applications are available at the Lapel Town Hall located at 825 Main Street.

Applicants must submit applications and resume to the Lapel Town Hall or the Lapel Police Department by

5:00PM March 14th, 2016.

Applications/Resumes must be delivered in person, no electronic submissions will be accepted.




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