Planning Meeting March 14th 2019

The Planning Committee met at Lapel Town Hall for a regular meeting on March 14th 2019.

The committee discussed and approved planning permits 2207 thru 2210.

The committee also discussed several properties in Town they would like to see cleaned up including the Wyant property on SR13.

Planning Meeting March 14th 2019


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Work Days Set at New Park for Softball Season Start

A regular Park Meeting at Lapel Town Hall was dominated by news of the Lapel Baseball and Softball Leagues.

Nathan Wainscott informed the Park Board that Softball will be holding four planned workdays at the new yet unnamed park (commonly referred to as Bulldog Park) on March 16th, 30th and April 13th and 20th. People wishing to help get the park ready for Softball are encouraged to attend during the hours of 9am to 5pm.

Baseball Updates

John Mendenhall and Justin Ridings asked the Park Board for permission to remove a window in the T-Ball building at Memorial Park to install a rolling metal door to enable them to convert the building to storage.

The Park Board approved that idea, other ideas discussed included getting a bigger storage building or a shed. 

Softball Updates

Wainscott and Bill Hutton (Park President) discussed several that would need to be done at the new park to get it ready for the start of the Softball season in early May. 

Current plans are to get two of the four fields ready for play now and hope to bring the other two online later in the year or next year.

  • Finish dugout(s), including roofing and laying a stone floor.
    • Lumber supplies should still be on site, but shingles and tar paper may need to be purchased.
  • Paint dugout(s)
  • Treat fields for weeds
  • Condition and Top dress fields
  • Concession building
    • Restrooms need to be completed

Park Board Meeting March 11th 2019

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New Officers Sworn in at Lapel Town Meeting March 7th 2019

The Lapel Town Council held a regular meeting at the Lapel Eagles on 9th St. The meeting started at 7pm. All Town Council members were present as were Ashley Hopper (Town Attorney) and Dennis Molina (Clerk/Treasurer) and Paula Lee (Deputy Clerk/Treasurer).

Council Members March 7th Meeting 2019

Officers Swinford, Garner and Petty were introduced to the Town Council.

New Officers

These three new officers are replacing officers that have left the Department in the last few months.

Officer Garner will take over responsibility for the Lapel K9. Assuming training goes well.

Long time member of the Lapel Police Department Jon Buffington was promoted to Captain retroactively applied from February 17th. 

Jon Buffington Promoted to Captain

Wastewater Drinking Water OCRA Grant

The Town of Lapel did not receive funding for the OCRA Grant, the Town did score a 481 out of 700 points under the grant scoring system.

Funding was handed out on a project basis based on this score, with a higher score meaning the project had a higher priority.

Unfortunately, OCRA's funding for this round of grants meant that the Town of Lapel did not score high enough to get the $600,000 in grant money the Town was seeking.

The funds were going to be used for a number of projects to improve and repair Town infrastructure.

The Town of Lapel will re-apply for the next round of grants when they open on March 24th.

Paving Community Crossings

The Town of Lapel did succeed in receiving Community Crossings money to help with paving projects in the Town of Lapel.

E and B Paving came in with the lowest bid and it was approved by the Town Council.

This project will see $430,000 worth of road paving work conducted in the Town of Lapel.

HR Company

The Town Council discussed hiring New Focus to work on human resource tasks for the Town of Lapel, which would include employee handbooks, job descriptions and employee training.

Town attorney Ashley Hopper wants to review the contract and a decision will be made at the next Town Meeting.

Radio Read Water Meters

The Town Council approved purchasing a further 200 radio read water meters, there are 298 meters that need to be replaced as part of ongoing work to update all of the meters to radio reads. 

Further meters may be bought later in the year to complete the project this year assuming there is enough money available to do so.

Employee Changes

The Town Council agreed to offer part time employee Virgil Hobbs a pay increase to $16 per hour.

The Town Council agreed to move Mike Daniels from a part time employee to a full-time employee.

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Park Board Meeting Roundup February 11th

The Park Board held a regular meeting on February 11th at Lapel Town Hall from 7pm.

Members present Bill Hutton (President), Linda Hormell and Steve Tipps.

Hutton introduced and welcomed new member Travis Forrest to the Board.


Justin Ridings approached the board about laying stone to improve parking at Memorial Park for Baseball games, there was a discussion about who owned the area where the stone needed to be placed and further research will be conducted.


Work is continuing at the new park, INDOT is holding an inspection this Friday.


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Town Meeting Roundup February 7th 2019

The Lapel Town Council held a regular Town Meeting at the Eagles on 9th St from 7pm on February 7th.

Members present Tony Pearson (Vice President), Deb Wainscott (President), Jason Kleinbub and Lindsay Washmuth.


The Town Council approved a $1,326 quote for a new Water Softener from Water Works. This was the lowest quote, with other quote prices ranging from $1,400 to $1,600.


Kenny Bourke asked the Town Council about a parking problem he has at Olevia's Gingersnaps Day Care. 

The Town was going to look into the issue and get back with him.


The Town of Lapel Alert System is now live. Anyone unable to complete online registration or who does not have an Email address but does have a Cellphone can visit Town Hall and fill out a form to have you added to the new system.


The Town Council discussed requests for a trash pickup credit for their being no trash service last week due to the record-breaking cold weather.

The requested credit would be $3.14.

Deb Wainscott stated that the event was "nothing we could control" and thought most residents would understand.

The Town Council voted NO to issue a credit.


Chief Naselroad has now hired two new fulltime officers:

  • Michael Garner
  • Timothy Petty

These hires are to replace vacancies left open by officers that have recently left.

Naselroad plans on hiring a third officer, to replace Michael Porter who is also leaving shortly.

The K9 will hopefully be kept with one of the new recruits who will become its handler after some additional training.

Naselroad discussed having some form of official ceremony to welcome the new officers and their families to the Town of Lapel but nothing was officially decided.


The Town Council briefly discussed Traffic Ordinances and Zoning Ordinances and who is responsible for enforcing them for clarification purposes.


A resident who lives on West 7th St expressed his concerns about flooding problems and issues with parking since Fort Lapelton Automotive opened. He stated that he was not out to get anyone, but he had concerns that it would be hard for emergency vehicles to get to his house if the need arose.

The Town Council offered to investigate the flooding and have someone talk to Fort Lapelton about the parking situation.


The Town Council authorized two town employees to go on Gas Training overnight in Effingham.

Town Meeting February 7th

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Town Launches Public Alerts Text and Email System

Starting February, the Town of Lapel will be offering a new Text or Email based Alerts and Notices system that aims to inform local residents on problems such as:

  • Water or Gas Main Breaks
  • Boil Water Advisories
  • Emergencies
  • Traffic Flow Changes
  • etc...

Residents can OPT IN to this new service at . Opt-in means that you must subscribe to this service yourself, it is free to do so.

You can specify how you wish to receive these alerts, either via Text Message or Email and you are free to disable specific types of alerts so that you only receive exactly what you want to receive.

The system is active right now, so feel free to sign up at the link above and be ready to receive notices starting in February.

Alert Image

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Town Meeting Roundup January 17th

The Lapel Town Council held a regular meeting at the Eagles at 7pm on January 17th.

Members present Jason Kleinbub, Lindsay Washmuth, Tom Marvel, Tony Pearson (Vice President), Deb Wainscott (President).

Deb Wainscott welcomed Jason Kleinbub to the board as the new member finishing Michael Cates term for the next year.


There is a meeting on February 5th, 2019 from 2pm at the Lapel Library with INDOT.

INDOT Is looking to redevelop the entire SR13 corridor from the three way stop to SR32.

Plans include resurfacing the road, rebuilding the sidewalks and ADA changes.


Representatives from the Town, Planning Department and Forza CRE met to discuss PLEASANT VIEW apartments.

All sides reached an agreement on the amount of money in impact fees that would need to be paid to the Town of Lapel.

The amount was agreed at $90,000 although the Town of Lapel will be crediting Forza CRE $45,000 as some work that was completed at the expense of Forza CRE would have normally been completed at the Town's expense.

A payment of $9,000 will be made this year, with the remainder due over five years. 

The Town Council voted to approve this with a 4 yes to 1 no vote.


Gary Shuck (Planning President) informed the Town Council that the Planning Department recommended the following changes:

  • Make it no parking on Brookside Road from 8th St to Bulldog Boulevard.
  • Ask Owens-Illinois to discontinue diagonal parking in front of the plant as larger vehicles can impede traffic flow on Brookside Road.
  • Add new signage outside Owens-Illinois to improve traffic flow and avoid confusion from delivery drivers.
  • Put weight limits on the bridge on 200 S next to the High School and on Bulldog Boulevard near Montgomery Farms - not to exceed 5 tons.
  • Also, no trucks over two axles except for school buses on those two bridges.

Shuck informed the Town Council that the bridges in question in the last item are in a bad way and the Town will need to come up with some money to replace them eventually.


Chief Naselroad informed the Town Council the cost of the new Police vehicle would now be $31,500 for the vehicle and $7,031 for the upfit and cage.

Naselroad also noted after conducting interviews he had two people lined up to hire for the two vacancies and a third in mind if needed.

One of the new hires has 6 years of law enforcement experience and is an academy graduate, while the other has no experience but comes from a small town and wants to stay in a small town.


The Town Council discussed hiring a part time office worker to provide support and cover during busy periods and cover for Paula Lee and Trisha Bousman when they have vacation time to use up.

Town Meeting January 17th


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Redevelopment Commission Meeting January 17th

The Redevelopment Commission held a meeting at 6:30pm at the Eagles.

Members present Lindsay Washmuth, Deb Wainscott, Tony Pearson and Tom Marvel. Dave Taylor was not present.

The commission is still working on getting members from the Town of Lapel and Deb Wainscott is going to talk to three potential members.

Of the current make up only Lindsay Washmuth and Deb Wainscott are likely to remain on the Redevelopment Commission with the addition of 4 new members ... 3 from the public and one non-voting member appointed by the School board.

The position offers no pay, and there is no term limit or term restrictions.

The Redevelopment Commission will meet 6:30pm the same day as the second Town meeting of the month at the Eagles, when there is business to discuss.

 Redevelopment Commission Meeting January 17th

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Park Meeting January 14th 2019

The Park Board held a regular meeting on January 14th at 7pm at Lapel Town Hall.

The Park Board would like to thank Andy Morgan for serving on the board, his term has now ended and there is currently a vacancy on the board.

The Board voted to keep Bill Hutton as President, Tammy Hersberger as Vice President and Steve Tipps as Secretary.

Meetings will continue to be held on the second Monday at 7pm.


  • Concession Stand
    • Plumbing is complete
    • Insulation is done
    • Drywall later this week
    • Siding to start in a couple of weeks
  • Work on paving/trail construction has been delayed due to the weather.
  • Basketball Goals to be moved from Woodward Memorial Park


Scott and Tammy Hersberger would like to donate a tree in memory of Jane Gwinn at Woodward Park. Gwinn was a longtime friend to the parks, and she loved trees, sadly she passed away earlier this month.

 Park Meeting January 14th



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Town Meeting Roundup January 3rd 2019

The Lapel Town Council held a regular Town Meeting at the Eagles on 9th St on January 3rd.

Members present Deb Wainscott (President), Tony Pearson (VP), Lindsay Washmuth, Tom Marvel.


There will be a vacant seat until the 8th of January when a new member will be selected to finish out Michael Cates' final year.

The Town Council elected to keep the meeting dates the same for 2019 with the first and third Thursday of the month.

Wainscott and Pearson will keep their positions as President and Vice President.

There will be a change to the assignments as follows:

  • Tony Pearson - Utilities and Fire
  • Tom Marvel - Police
  • Lindsay Washmuth - Planning and Office
  • Deb Wainscott - Fire
  • NEW MEMBER - Parks


The Council discussed water meters for the Pleasant View apartments and gave approval to order three new 2-inch water meters.


The Town Council approved replacing both a Utility Department and Waste Water Department computer at an all-in cost of $900 per computer from Regal Computer Services. This is to be conducted as part of the Town's policy to replace computers every 5 years.

The Town Council also approved a Town wide Text/Email alert and notice system to be developed by Regal Computer Services at a cost of $150 per month for up to 12,000 messages per month.


Chief Naselroad informed the Council it would cost $6,536.45 to upfit the new Police vehicle, this includes a little over $2,000 for a cage and window bar system. 

It would also cost $5,631 to install cages in three Ford Police vehicles.

The damaged Ford Police vehicle requires a new wiring harness that should be in stock and installed so that the vehicle can be back in service within two weeks.

Town Meeting January 3rd

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Final Town Meeting of 2018

The Lapel Town Council held its last scheduled meeting of 2018 at the Eagles on 9th St on December 20th at 7pm. Members present Dave Taylor, Lindsay Washmuth, Tony Pearson (Vice President), Deb Wainscott (President).


The Town Council discussed a water bill in excess of $1,000 a resident had received at 1220 N Main St. Resolution of the excessive bill included replacing the water meter, additional meter reading and adjusting the high bill to the average for that address over the last three months. Town employees were sure there were no water leaks.


A motion to remove the "new hire rate" for employees in the salary ordinance was discussed but ultimately not voted on.

Dave Taylor believed you "can't have the pay scale wide open" and thought it would be unfair to the existing employees. He mentioned that the Town Council had been trying to raise existing employee wages.

The Town Council also discussed and then approved allowing Town Employees to carry up to 3 personal / vacation days over into the following year, but they would need to be used first ahead of any days accumulated in the new year.

Lindsay Washmuth commented that employees "need a vacation from work". 

The 2019 Salary Ordinance was approved and may be amended during later meetings.


The Town Discussed hiring a legal firm Taft Stettinius and Hollister, LLP to handle the mediation between the Town of Lapel and Vectren over a dispute on the south side of Town. 

The Council approved hiring the new firm under recommendation of the Town Attorney at a rate of $395 per hour and to be reviewed should the case move from mediation to litigation.


The Council approved re-plotting 20 acres of agricultural land to be split into a 3 acre and 17-acre parcel after a favorable recommendation from the Planning Department.


David Bodenhorn requested the Town review culverts before they start road improvement projects to ensure older culverts are replaced to keep water flowing.


Gary Shuck (Planning President) announced after looking into a company to do a Road Impact Fee study he was told it could cost as much as $80,000 to have the study completed.

Initially Town Council and Planning Board members had hoped it would cost around $10,000.

Road Impact Fees would allow the Town to generate extra money on new developments to go towards road improvements. Impact Fees would only be charged on new builds. 

Nothing was decided during the meeting.


The Town Council is now seeking 5 local residents to serve on the Redevelopment Commission.


Town Council voted to approve the addition of Christmas Eve as a holiday this year giving Town employees a four-day holiday.

Town Hall will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (December 24th, 25th) and New Year's Day.


Town Meeting December 20th


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Seeking Residents to Serve on Redevelopment Commission

The Lapel Town Council president Deb Wainscott has asked residents interested in serving on the Redevelopment Commission to reach out and contact Town Hall.

The Redevelopment Commission is a new board, which is currently made up of Town Council members.

The board consists of five members of the public and a sixth non-voting member appointed by the school board.

Please contact Town Hall and leave your name, number or email address and a note on why you think you would like to serve on the board.

Members will be chosen at a later Town Meeting.

A Redevelopment Commission is responsible for the rehabilitation and development of land and property using Tax Increment Financing (TIF).


You can call email Town Hall via the Contact Us page or stop by Town Hall on Main Street during its regular hours 8am to 4pm. Closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Day and Saturday and Sunday.

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Planning Meeting Roundup December 13th

The Planning Commission held a regular meeting on December 13th from 6pm at Lapel Town Hall.

Keith VanWienen from Precise Land Surveying presented plans to replat 20 acres on CR 800 West with 3 acres remaining with the current land owner and the remaining land to be sold to David Bodenhorn.

Rod Forrest a local realtor, talked to the board about plans for a 14-acre parcel of land off Central Avenue. He stated there is interest from a metal fabrication business to build a facility on that land. The commission members thought with it being a residential zone and with limited access for delivery vehicles to enter the property it would not be a good fit. Forrest asked what other developments the commission would like to see in that spot and most people thought a 100 or so home development would be a good fit.

Forrest also asked what kind of housing needs were in demand in the area in general and Gary Shuck (Planning President) thought that affordable housing in the $180,000 to $280,000 range would be a good fit or a senior living development

The commission then reviewed and approved permits and the meeting ended.

December 13th Meeting

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Town Meeting Roundup December 10th

The Town Council held a re-scheduled Town Meeting at Town Hall last night from 7pm.

Deb Wainscott (President), Tony Pearson (Vice President), Dave Taylor and Tom Marvel were present.

Weight Limit

The Town Council read a "missing" ordinance from 2016 that has now been updated concerning road weight limits.

The ordinance declares Main St a "no truck" zone excluding vehicles with a weight of 26,000lbs or more.


  • Farm and Grain Vehicles
  • Local deliveries to business on Main St
  • Public Safety Vehicles

There are fines for violating this ordinance.

All members present voted yes except for Tom Marvel who voted no. The council accepted the ordinance. 


The Town of Lapel and Vectren are engaged in talks to discuss serving the Shelby Materials Concrete plant that was put in along 650 S, which is inside Town limits on the far south side.

Vectren has installed hardware to facilitate providing gas to that location, but the Town of Lapel was not offered first refusal to do so.

The Town has just discovered that Shelby is expecting gas service by December 14th which would be impossible for the Town of Lapel to do given they still have several miles of gas line to run.

Gas line was ordered months ago to expand the gas line all the way to near 700 S but work was put on hold when the legal dispute was discovered. Residents may have noticed the spools of yellow line sitting outside the utility building for the last few months.

Deb Wainscott was not happy that USDI stopped work on installing the line and wants them to resume.

Dave Taylor commented "USDI should do the work and Shelby Materials can wait until it is done".

Most council members agreed that Shelby Materials should have known the property was in Lapel and asked us for service.

Tom Marvel suggested "someone needs to talk to Shelby Materials".

Furthermore, messages have been received by some residents in Lapel that are building in the additions that Vectren is the only gas service provider for the Town.

The Town Attorney is in talks with Vectren to clear up these and some other disputes.

The Town Council asked the utility department to get pricing and then we can order the final section of pipe that would run from the 4-inch gas line onto the property as well as the 2-inch meter and regulator.

In the meantime it sounds like USDI will be asked to resume installing the gas line from 400 S so that Lapel can start supplying potential customers including Shelby Materials.

1782 Notice

The Town of Lapel's budget has gained approval via a 1782 Notice. Everything the Town asked for has been approved. Except the Town will not know exactly what they are getting because the "circuit breaker" will be applied to this amount.

New Park Updates

Work on the concession stand is expected to be finished this week, DNR is to do a final inspection.

Police Updates

  • Officer Whisler has resigned and the 15th will be his last day. He has been asked to repay the cost of his training as he did not stay with the Town two years after graduating, which is in Town policy for Police Officers.
  • Reserve Officer Biddle has resigned.
  • Part Time Officers Owens and Ricketts have resigned as they are moving to work for IMPD.
  • New Part Time Officer Jason Thomas will be joining the department.
  • Chief Naselroad is still reviewing 12 candidates for Full Time hires.
  • The Council approved buying a Dodge Durango 2019 Pursuit rated Police Vehicle for $31,528.
  • The Council want Chief Naselroad to come back with quotes to install a half-cage in this vehicle and all the other used Police vehicles to provide safety to officers when transporting prisoners.
  • One of the Police vehicles being driven by Officer Whisler was involved in a crash with a semi, the insurance of the semi is expected to pay the $13,000 repair bill.

 Town Meeting Dec 10th


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Three Meetings Held To Discuss and Approve Economic Area and TIF

In a busy night the Town of Lapel held three meetings consecutively to discuss and vote on both a Lapel Economic Development Area and the creation of a TIF District.

Meeting 1 - Redevelopment Commission

The Redevelopment Commission which is currently comprised of the Town Council but will later be made up by members of the Public, voted to accept resolution 1-2018 creating a designated development area.

The Commission also voted to accept resolution 2-2018 which establishes a legal TIF area and details the parcels that are within the TIF area.

Redevelopment Commission Members present - Deb Wainscott, Lindsay Washmuth, Tom Marvel, Dave Taylor.

Deb Wainscott was approved as President of this board, Lindsay Washmuth as vice president and Tony Pearson (absent from meeting) as Secretary.

The first meeting of the Commission in 2019 will be January 17th at 6:30pm at the Eagles.

The Commission also approved using Wabash Scientific, Inc to develop a plan, strategies and act as advisors regarding the development area at a cost expected to be less than $10,000.

Reedy Financial Group was also approved to act as financial advisor to the Redevelopment Commission after receiving high praise from Jeff Graham (Town Attorney) who stated he had dealt with them in the past with other towns and they were "absolutely fabulous" and would treat Lapel as if it were their only client.

Mike Shaver from Wabash Scientific, Inc presented the Town with a draft Economic Development Plan and discussed possible uses for TIF funds such as matching money for OCRA and Community Crossing grants.

The initial TIF resolution details the 40-acre agricultural parcel that was turned into a Shelby Materials concrete plant earlier this year. 

Town Council / Redevelopment Commission

Using TIF allows the Town to capture for itself additional tax money, for example if a piece of land is valued at $50,000 and is within the TIF area and is redeveloped with a $1,000,000 development the Town of Lapel alone will receive the additional tax revenue from that $1,000,000 development for 25 years while all other taxing entities will still receive their original tax draw at the $50,000 amount prior to development. At a 3% tax rate a $1,000,000 development would give the Town an additional $30,000 per year in tax revenue.

Meeting 2 - Planning Commission

Planning members Gary Shuck, Tony Hewitt and Lindsay Washmuth then voted on resolution 1-2018 and 2-2018 which approved the Development Area and TIF district declaration.

Planning Commission

Meeting 3 - Town Council 

The Town Council then voted on resolution 5-2018 and 6-2018 to approve the Development Area and TIF district declaration.


A draft copy of the Economic Development Plan will be made available on the Town website in the coming days.


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Water Grant - Public Hearing Roundup November 19th

A Public Meeting was held at Lapel Town Hall on November 19th concerning the OCRA Water grant project with the meeting led by Mike Kleinpeter of Kleinpeter Consulting Group.

This was the third public hearing concerning this round of OCRA grants and started with news that Lapel can now claim as much as $600,000 in matching funds from OCRA.

The Town of Lapel has to provide a local match of $160,000 (which is 20% of the total amount, with OCRA providing 80%) but if successful would mean Lapel has $760,000 to spend on the tasks outlined in the grant.

Water Grant Tasks

  • Ford St Well House Renovation
  • Rehab Elevated Storage Tank - Silt build up, rusting issues.
  • Replace Asbestos Cement Mains

Kleinpeter stated that "We have done all we can do" and "this is a good project".

The application will need to be submitted by November 30th and if awarded the Town of Lapel would not be allowed to apply for another water grant for 5 years but could still apply for a Sewer and Storm Water grant.

Typically, 12 - 13 projects are funded through this OCRA grant so there is no guarantee Lapel will be approved as many other communities will also be applying for funds.

If approved, you are only allowed to use the grant money for the tasks outlined in the application.

The Town should find out early 2019 if it is successful, and work could begin July/August 2019.

Public Hearing November 19th 2018

Updated: November 24th 2018

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Town Meeting Roundup November 15th 2018

The Town Council met for a regular meeting on November 15th at 7pm at the Eagles. Members present Dave Taylor, Tony Pearson (Vice President), Deb Wainscott (President) and Lindsay Washmuth.

Mike Kleinpeter from Kleinpeter Consulting Group held a Public Hearing for the Town's Master Plan for improving the Storm, Waste and Drinking Water systems.

A grant from OCRA is being used to fund the cost of the $50,000 plan. With the town having to pay $5,660.

OCRA has approved the plan.

RQAW revealed the list of projects under consideration:

Waste Water System

  • V Notches, Clarifier Cleaning System - Replace the iron teeth that are not securely fastened and install a cleaning system.
  • Prevent Algae Growth in Clarifiers - Add covers to reduce light.
  • Life Station Safety Improvements and General Electrical Improvements
  • Sewer Relocation at School and 12th St - Sanitary sewer running thru a storm sewer at this location.

Drinking Water System

  • Ford St Well House Renovation
  • Upgrade Water Treatment Plant Equipment - Dehumidifier needed.
  • Repair Elevated Storage Tank - Silt build up, rusting issues.
  • Replace Asbestos Cement Mains - need to locate them first.
  • Loop Water System - Loop system where it currently dead ends.
  • Water Main to Fishersburg - 12-inch water main with 8 inch branches.
  • New Well Construction

Storm Water System

  • Work on problem areas such as 3rd and John St, Central and 5th/6th St, 13th and Eerie and a few others. - Likely solution is to add bigger pipe.

Now that the Town has a plan, they can apply for an OCRA grant to help fix some of these issues. The grants are usually a 80%/20% split with the Town paying 20%.


Redevelopment Department

The Town Council voted in favor of creating a Redevelopment Department/Committee.

The committee will initially be composed of the Town Council but will later be formed from residents of Lapel.

The purpose of this department initially is to look at establishing Tax increment financing (TIF) districts to bring additional property tax revenue to the Town of Lapel.

By using TIF districts the Town can highlight areas that they expect to see growth, such as the SR13 corridor and capture future property tax growth from these developments.

TIF cannot be established on houses, it only applies to businesses and does not raise anyone's taxes.

The first meeting of the Redevelopment Committee will be Tuesday 20th at 6pm at Town Hall. 


Pleasant View Apartments

Gary Shuck (Planning) informed the Town Council of a change in plans for the Pleasant View Apartments project currently under construction. There will now likely be 4 2-inch water meters on the Pleasant View property and not a single meter in the easement as originally planned. 

There was some discussion about this and whether the Town should be responsible for restoring any damage on the property if they must dig up the meters. For example asphalt driveway/parking lot.

It is likely they will ask Pleasant View Apartments for a legal document laying out who is responsible for what in regards the location of the meters.


Other Stuff

  • Approved paying USDI $3,000 to loop a gas line near 300 South and at 11th and Vine St.
  • Approved buying a new gas locator tool at a cost of $4,000 the current one is broken and needs repairing, once repaired the Town will then have two.
  • Discussed replacing the Dump Truck purchased a few years ago at auction which has cost the Town a lot of money in repairs and is not as versatile as originally believed. - Pearson asked the Utility department to get prices.

 Town Meeting November 15th


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Town Meeting Roundup November 1st 2018

The Town Council held a regular Town Meeting at the Eagles on November 1st 2018 from 7pm.

Members present Dave Taylor, Tom Marvel, Lindsay Washmuth, Tony Pearson (Vice President), Deb Wainscott (President).

The Town Council approved the October 4th and 18th minutes.

The Town Council signed a new agreement with RQAW for Inspection On Call. The old agreement was for a year and had expired.

The Town Council discussed a Road Weight Limit ordinance that was written up in 2016 and read twice but was not read the third and final time. New Town Lawyer Ashley Hopper will go through a box of papers given to her from Bill Byer to look for the ordinance.

Kelly Naselroad (Police Chief) discussed updating the Tagged Vehicle ordinance which seems to be based off an old 1980's or older state statue and needs to be repealed and replaced. Hopper to investigate and write new ordinance.

The Town Council discussed Basketball Goals and will come up with a new ordinance to prevent them being placed on streets and impeding the right of way.

Town Hall will be closed Friday November 9th for Training.

Chief Naselroad informed the Council that the Police Department is actively seeking a new full-time officer to replace the departing Jon Hosier, the PD may also be losing one further officer and several part time officers who are looking at moving to IMPD.

Officer Porter the current K9 officer may leave and in the event, he does the Town will likely try to sell the dog to another department that needs a K9 unit.

Town Meeting November 1st 2018

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Cascadden Gift Special Meeting

The Lapel Town Council held a special meeting at the Eagles on November 1st 2018 at 6pm.

The topic of the meeting was to discuss how to spend the $315,000 (approximately) money that will be dispersed this year from a generous fund setup by Olevia Cascadden.

Members present, Dave Taylor, Tom Marvel, Tony Pearson (Vice President), Deb Wainscott (President).

The Council briefly discussed the progress of the new Bulldog Park but stopped short of offering to use some of the new money to complete work on the park.

Teresa Rutherford suggested the Town use the money on projects to improve the Town such as sidewalk replacement, or anything that makes it look better.

Gary Shuck and Deb Wainscott commented that they were looking at adding Park and Road Impact Fees and they might need some of the money to help pay for studies.

Gary Shuck then had the following comments and suggestions.

  • We need to look at doing things people can see.
  • Sidewalk Replacement
    • Fix Main St Sidewalk and near Myers/Post Office
  • Use it for matching grant money and maybe turn $315,000 into millions.
  • Fix an issue with rain water penetrating into the sewer system that has existed for years, perform an infiltration study.
  • Use some of the money to fix the shelters at Woodward Park and improve the parks.
  • Projects that enhance the quality of life
  • Use it for amenities and to attract people and businesses here.
  • Also let people know where we are spending the money, so they know it is not being wasted.
  • Projects that improve and appreciate the value of what we have.
  • Save some of it back for a rainy day.

Daniel Paull informed the Town Council that people on Facebook had asked for the following:

  • Save it in the Rainy Day Fund.
  • Build a Grocery Store
  • Install an Active Shooter Defense System at the school.

Paull also offered a suggestion that in the future (the Town is expected to get similar gifts from the Cascadden Fund every other year) the Town could use the money to entice a better internet company to Lapel to bring Fiber optic speeds. Which could help the Town grow and attract residents and businesses instead of the largely inferior internet we have now.

Deb Wainscott commented that Bulldog Park needs to be finished and she thought that there were going to be more than four fields at the Park. She would like to see both Baseball and Softball play at the same Park and thinks there is room enough for them to build more ball fields at that location.

Dave Taylor added "They need to finish the first one first."

Deb Wainscott added "We need someone more responsible to get it done."

Wainscott also commented that they could move the lights, fence and sod from the old baseball park to the new one which would reduce costs.

Teresa Rutherford suggested saving it and using it for grants.

Dennis Molina agreed with her and commented "don't piss it away".

Getting water and gas down SR13 to the new annexation area was also discussed.

Gary Shuck suggested buying 4 acres of land south of 38 to put in a new Well, it would be on the same well field as the well on 13 but he thought it would be able to handle it.

Dave Taylor suggested installing filtration so that they didn't need to pump the water from SR13 well to Town to filter and send back to utility customers on SR13.

Gary Shuck commented that you would have to spend around $3.5million to build a new Water Plant for that.

The Council then discussed Police Cars and the immediate need for a new car.

Deb Wainscott suggested "we stop buying other people's junk" and that the last two deals we had gotten on used vehicles had all been junk.

Tony Pearson noted that not enough Tax Dollars were coming in for the Police Department which made it hard to buy new vehicles.

At the end of the hour long discussion nothing was decided and for now the money will not be used for anything specific.

 Cascadden Gift Meeting

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Town Meeting Roundup October 18th 2018

The Town of Lapel held a regular meeting on October 18th from 7pm at the Eagles on 9th St.

Members present Dave Taylor, Lindsay Washmuth, Deb Wainscott (President).

The start of the meeting consisted of a public hearing for the OCRA Matching Grant (75%/25%) for Water/Storm Water improvement.

The Town is looking to get $500,000 total but has to provide around $160,000 in matching funds.

The three projects the Town would like to complete with this money are:

  1. Replacing Asbestos/Cement Pipe
  2. Replace Ford Street Well House
  3. Repair the elevated Water Tank on Vine St

The meeting was then turned over to the public for comment.

Gary Shuck stated that "work on the water and sewer system has been going on since the 1980's and 1990's and that they have tried to get grants in the past."

Previous attempts to get grants in 2001, 2002, 2011 and 2012 which were supposed to replace the asbestos lines had to be scaled back and the line replacement removed.

Shuck is "all in favor of the OCRA grant".

The public hearing was closed, and a resolution to apply for the OCRA grant was passed.

The Town still needs to receive about 20 surveys from people to help with the grant process, so if you receive a survey from the Town or Kleinpeter please complete it and return it.

Storm Water Fee Ordinance

The Town Council approved the new Storm Water Fee which will go up from $2.50 per month to $3.05 and take effect January 1st 2019.

Training for Todd Bryant and Brandon Hutchison

Town utility employees Todd Bryant and Brandon Hutchison are to be certified to perform some repairs to the Town's Gas Detection Meters.

The cost to get certified will be $200 which will pay for itself quite quickly as it currently costs $200 to send the meter away to be repaired whenever it breaks.

Trick or Treat 2018

Trick or Treat hours for the Town of Lapel will be 6pm to 8pm on October 31st

Street Signs

Hershel Hinkle (LCA) and Chad Blake (W.C. Signs) presented the Town a plan for replacing approximately 22 sign poles with new poles on Main Street at a cost of a little over $10,000 to be paid for using a $5,000 matching grant and money from the Lapel Community Association.

The Town is to review the plan and get back with the LCA.

Vectren Dispute

The Town Lawyer Ashley Hopper has sent a letter to Vectren over its failure to give the Town of Lapel first right of refusal to put gas lines into the newly annexed area along SR13 towards I69. 

Town Meeting October 18th 2018

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Planning Meeting Roundup October 11th 2018

The Planning Board held a regular meeting at Lapel Town Hall on October 11th from 6pm.

Norris Teeters asked for advice about turning a residential and commercial property at 635 Main Street into either one large residential lot or two residential lots. Gary Shuck says more research is needed.

Stephanie and Derek Evelo asked the planning board about rezoning the old Church building at 210 W 9th St. The Evelo's bought the building at auction and although it is currently zoned residential they wondered if it would be possible to rezone as commercial.

They want to either fix the structural issues and keep some elements of the existing building such as the bell as a focal point, or tear it down and rebuild if the structural issues are too much.

Stephanie stated that there are a lot of ideas for what to do with that property, including:

  • Coffee Shop
  • Something like "Bonge's".
  • Consignment Shop
  • Antique Shop
  • Apartments

If they can keep the integrity of the building and the old Bell involved in the project they plan on calling it the "Bell of Lapel" or the "Lapel Bell".

The Planning Board asked the Evelo's to figure out what exactly they want to do with the property and come back with a specific plan. 

Planning Meeting October 11th 2018


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Park Meeting Roundup October 9th 2018

The Lapel Park Board held a regular meeting at Lapel Town Hall on October 9th 2018.

With under 3 months left to finish Bulldog Park the main topic tonight was the completion of the new park.

Bill Hutton (Park Board President) had received concrete bids to concrete the main area around the concession building, the parking lot, the shelter and the basketball court.

After one of the bids came in at over $70,000 it was decided to try a different approach.

The Park Board will now table the original bids and ask for bids to concrete around the concession stand only and look at asphalting the other areas.

Park Updates

  • The fencing will be done this year, but the fence contractor does not know when.
  • Dennis Miller Construction will likely be siding the concession stand before it gets much cooler.
  • Toilets, Sinks and other misc. plumbing supplies for the concession building have been generously donated and will be installed as soon as possible. 
  • Neal Whisman has installed the meter base and panel, Duke is putting in the meter on Friday.

theRiver Work Day

The River Church is holding a work day to help complete some projects at Bulldog Park this Saturday the 13th.

The Park Board is hoping to get the roofs on the dugouts, grade part of the fields, paint some block, clean up some trash, electrical work and anything else they can get done.

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Town Meeting Roundup October 4th 2018

Members present Dave Taylor, Tom Marvel, Lindsay Washmuth, Tony Pearson (Vice President).

There will be a public hearing on October 18th at 7pm during the regular Town meeting at the Eagles concerning the CDBG Block Grant - Water Program.

There will be a Council Member only Executive session on November 1st at 6pm also at the Eagles to discuss the Cascadden money.

The Town Council discussed radio read replacements for residents that repeatedly break them. The Town Council decided that where possible they will attempt to lower, or relocate the meter to prevent repeat damage to radio reads where the problem could be fixed by the Town.

Chief Naselroad discussed an issue with one of the Police cars that may need to get fixed or the car sent to auction. The Town Council suggested waiting a little longer with the implication that a new car might be bought using the Cascadden money.

Chad Blake from W.C. Signs discussed proposals from the Lapel Community Association to replace the sign posts and signs on Main Street using $5,000 of grant money and $5,000 matching funds from the LCA.

He thought W.C. Signs could get the job done for less than $10,000 but was still finalizing the price.

He also stated that while most of the road safety signs such as "STOP" signs were up to code in appearance, many of them were not up to code in terms of the location of the sign, either being too close to a junction or too far away. He added that many of the street signs were not correct and were the wrong size and not located correctly across Town and not just limited to Main Street.

According to Federal Guidelines the Town had until January 22nd this year to bring the signs up to code, and he does not know what penalties the Town may face.

Town Meeting October 4th 2018

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