Special Planning Meeting August 15th 2019

The Planning Board held a special meeting on August 15th 2019.

Members present: Lindsay Washmuth, Jeff Keith, Dan Paddock, Tony Hewitt, Trefin Luker, Beth Honarmandian.

The Board approved the July meeting minutes.


Chad Renbarger asked if it would be possible to rezone agricultural lots 1 and 2 along Brookside Road into light industrial/commercial. A potential buyer wants to buy them and put in a business park and asphalting business but will not do so unless they know they can be rezoned.

Trefin Luker was concerned that an existing lot already sold for residential use might not appreciate the change.

Jeff Graham (Town Attorney) stated that there is no protection from rezoning when you buy land.

The Planning Board stated they would be open to the rezone but that it would need a buffer. They recommended the current landowner petitions for the rezone so that it would be granted (or denied) before the lot is sold so that whoever buys it would know what they were getting.

210 W 9TH ST

The Planning Board will send a letter to the property owners to have the property tied up and weeds taken care of.


Resident David Baugh and family issued a complaint with the Town over the fact they have two motorhomes parked behind a 6ft privacy fence and have received letters warning of violations and possible fines due to the fact the current ordinance restricts you to parking one motorhome on your property.

Baugh stated "he believes the Town doesn't have the right to tell us what we can or can't park on our property"

He also feels that other people in Town are not getting letters asking them to move motorhomes/RV's that may be in violation of the ordinances.

The Planning Board stated they would get with Neil from the Madison County Council of Governments who helped write the current codes to see if there was anything that could be done and that for the time being no fines would be issued.


Investigations into who is putting mop heads and other items into the sewer line(s) at the Brookside/Montgomery Farms additions which are causing damage to Town infrastructure is still ongoing. The current working theory is that it might be getting added to the lines during new home construction.


A homeowner on Main St asked the Planning Board what could be done to address a home behind his that was converted from a single-family home into multi-family use without any permits or approval from the Town.

He stated that the home has now been converted into three residences with the garage now a single bedroom studio.

People are using the alleyway, there are speeding motorists and loud noises.

The Town Council and attorney are already dealing with the issue.


The MCCOG presented the planning board with its goals for the County Comprehensive Plan and asked Lapel/Madison County residents to fill in a survey available at http://www.forwardmadisoncounty.com/goals_objectives


The new officers are as follows:

  • Beth Honarmandian (President)
  • Tony Hewitt (Vice President)
  • Trefin Luker (Secretary)

Planning Meeting August 15th 2019

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Town Meeting August 14th 2019

The Lapel Town Council held a rescheduled regular meeting at the Eagles on August 14th from 7pm.

Members present Deb Wainscott, Tony Pearson, Tom Marvel, Lindsay Washmuth and Jason Kleinbub.


The Meeting was opened to the public.

Timothy Barker a resident on 500 South asked what the $3.05 bill was for that he now receives from the Town of Lapel.

Tom Marvel stated that it is a small amount that the Town needs to use to build up funds to help pay for future drainage/storm water improvements and that all residents of the Town of Lapel are now paying the same fee.


The Town Council voted to allow the $750 Gas Tap Fee to be split over 12 monthly payments for a resident that wanted to receive gas service from the Town of Lapel.

The Town Council was open to extending that offer to other residents that wanted to receive gas from the Town of Lapel.


The Town Council approved a resolution (#10-19) to allow the "Exchange of Property between the Town of Lapel and the City of Indianapolis" concerning the planned sale of the K9 to IMPD.


The Town Council voted 3 to 2 in favor of splitting $1,062 from the SMCF between the Band and High School Football Team.


The Town Council approved purchasing 70% of the average gas usage for December 2019, January 2020 and February 2020 at a rate of no higher than $2.63 per unit. 


The Town Council discussed the Handbook and some more changes, no vote on the handbook was held.


The Town Council discussed two new members to join the planning board. Jeff Keith and Angie Callaway were approved. Deb Wainscott also appointed Dan Paddock to take Gary Shucks vacated position after he resigned.

The first Planning Board meeting is August 15th 2019 at 7pm at Town Hall.


The Town Council was presented with a proposal to provide internet to Town Hall, the Police Department, Utility Building and Water Treatment Plant from OnRamp Indiana. The proposal was for $300 a month with a $300 installation fee. The proposal was approved.

Speeds proposed:

  • Town Hall:  100/100 mbps dedicated internet connection with 1 static IP   
  • Police Department:  50/50 mbps dedicated internet with 1 static IP
  • Water Treatment plant: 15-25 mbps 
  • Utility building by water tower: 10-25 mbps 

Town Meeting August 14th 2019

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Park Board Meeting August 12th 2019

The Lapel Parks Department held a regular meeting at Town Hall on August 12th from 7pm.

Members present Bill Hutton (President), Linda Hormell, Steve Tipps (Vice President), Travis Forrest.


Kelly De La Bastide asked the Park Board to connect the walking trail at Woodward Park to Conrad Drive.

The Board is going to investigate getting it done this year, and also look into connecting the trail to Kerr Drive and Busby Road in the future.


Forrest has been spraying RoundUP at Brookside Park to help try to keep the weeds under control.

He thinks they need to "stay on top of the weeds" this year so it isn't an overgrown mess next year.

The trail at Brookside Park is now finished.

The Park Board is hoping to buy a Gator or other piece of equipment to make dragging the fields easier.


The Lapel Park Department would like to thank Girl Scout Troop 03600 for their community service at Brookside Park.

Recently the girl scouts painted the dugouts, water sealed benches in the dugouts and built two park benches at the playground.

The paint was donated by Ben Rowland, and about 4 girl scouts and 6 family members helped a total of 17 hours to complete the work.

August 12th 2019


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Town Meeting August 1st 2019

The Lapel Town Council held a regularly scheduled Town Meeting at the Eagles on 9th St on August 1st, starting at 7pm.

All members of the Town Council were present.

The Town Council opened the floor up to public comment, no member of the public present wished to speak.


The Lapel Town Council approved vacating an alley at 125 W 9th St.


Guidelines for the Lapel Town Council Meetings were read out and accepted by the Town Council.

Some highlights:

  • Public to be allowed 15 minutes to speak at the start of the meeting.
  • People must approach Town Hall to be put on the agenda no later than 72 hours before the meeting for all other matters.

These will be published in full later on the Town Website.


The Town Council approved a resolution to adopt ADA Title VI to allow continued compliance with Community Crossing grants for road improvements.


The Town Council discussed a yearly $1,000 grant the Town receives from the SMCF. A vote was tabled until next meeting to decide what to do with the money.


RQAW confirmed the next round of Community Crossing grants closed tomorrow and that the Town is seeking $420,000 to repave Main Street from SR13 to 9th Street and 9th Street to 14th Street with repairs to sidewalks and curbs included.

This grant will also allow the repaving of Ford Street from SR13 to 3rd Street and on 9th Street from Main Street to Ford Street.

This is a 25/75% split grant so the Town has to come up with $105,000 and the grant will provide the rest.

The Town will then seek to get a larger grant next year to repave 300 S and widen the bridge.


An ongoing problem with string mop heads getting into the sewer system at Montgomery Farms / Brookside Additions is continuing to cause damage to grinder pumps at the lift station on 300 S. 

After replacing pumps several times this year at a cost of $6,000 per pump the Town is now looking to install metal nets around the pumps to prevent the mop heads from damaging them.

The cost of the nets is expected to be $1,200 per pump (there are two pumps).

These nets will need to be cleaned periodically by Town employees.

Please stick to flushing regular human waste, and toilet paper through the sewer system and nothing else. Thank you!


A single-family home on Woodward St has been converted or is in the process of being converted to a duplex without planning approval.

The Town will send a notice of violation to the owners.


The next Town Meeting will be held on August 14th at the Eagles on 9th St from 7pm due to a scheduling conflict.


Jason Kleinbub explained his recommendations to change the employee handbook.

  • Employees will no longer get time and a half for coming in for up to two hours on Saturday/Sunday to do required maintenance unless they have already reached or exceeded their straight time 40 hours.
  • On Call Employees will be expected to be able to get to Lapel within 20 minutes.
  • Employees will now be able to carry 80 hours of time over each year (up from 3 days).
  • Employees cannot carry over personal days. "Use them or lose them"


The Back to School Bash on Ford St has been confirmed for August 18th 4pm - 7pm. Some street closings expected.


Jason Kleinbub informed the Town Council that Brookside Park is not being maintained as well as he would like, and he has asked Travis Forrest (Park Board member) to look at taking care of some park maintenance.


The sale of the K9 to IMPD is currently on hold due to the fact IMPD has an approved list of K9 vendors and will not buy from anyone else. Ashley Hopper (Legal) and Chief Naselroad will try to find a solution to allow the sale of the K9 for $5,000.

The hail damage to one of the Police vehicles exceeds $3,000 and over 300 dents were reported. Insurance should pay for the damage.

Town Meeting August 1st 2019

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Town Meeting July 18th 2019

There was a regular Town Meeting held at the Eagles on 9th St on July 18th 2019. All Town Board members were present.

The Town Board approved the Minutes from the July 2nd meeting and approved the claims.


The Town Board reviewed and approved a resolution concerning adding the Pleasant View development to the TIF district established by the Lapel Redevelopment Committee. Final approval will be made by the Lapel Redevelopment Committee at a later date.


The Town Council discussed various ongoing projects with a representative from RQAW.

A resident has donated culvert to be used in a 700 South road repair. E & B paving provided a quote to cut out, install the new culvert, add stone and asphalt at a cost of $6,650 with the work to be completed this Saturday.

The Town Council approved the quote.

A better plan concerning repairs to the bridge(s) on 200 S and 300 S was formulated during the meeting with the Town Council wanting to make the culvert at the bridge at 200 S bigger, and fix the bridge on 300 S so that it can last another 50 years.

The Town Council will also seek to improve Main St from SR13 to 9th St, repair sidewalks and curbs and improve the road as part of the Indiana State Community Crossings program.


Plans to add two new members to the Lapel Planning Board bringing the total up to 7 are on hold due to the fact new guidelines require members from multiple political parties and right now the Planning Board is stacked with Republicans.

The Town of Lapel will seek to find Democrats willing to serve on this board and help the Town of Lapel.


The Town of Lapel will now have a 15-minute window at the start of each meeting to allow members of the public to speak about issues. Also, it is recommended that anyone wishing to address the board contacts Town Hall 72 hours before a meeting to be added to the agenda.


Yards that were tore up during gas line expansions south of Town are yet to be fixed by USDI.


Chief Naselroad announced that unfortunately the Police Department would have to let the K9 go. They were looking at selling the dog to the IMPD Drug Task Force for around $5,000.

The K9 has gone through several handlers in its brief but productive time at the Town of Lapel as employees have moved on to other departments.

Sadly, Captain Buffington could not take on the K9 as planned due to the long list of other responsibilities he already has.

Obviously this is a huge disappointment to the Town of Lapel, the Police Department and likely the residents and businesses of the Town of Lapel that helped purchase the dog but the silver lining is that the dog will still be in active use in Central Indiana and helping to stop criminals.

Town Meeting July 18th 2019

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Town Meeting July 2nd 2019

The Town Council held a Town Meeting at the Eagles on 9th St. The meeting was rescheduled from July 4th.

All members of the Town Council were present.


The Utility Department has hired a new full time employee and promoted Steve Selby from part time to full time. Both employees will receive a starting salary of $12.50.


John Reeder representing the Lapel Stony Creek Township Fire Territory asked the Town Council for approval to seek a loan of up to $300,000 for a new ambulance for the Fire Department.

The current two ambulances are 2001/2007 models and have suffered mechanical breakdowns.

Except for Tom Marvel who abstained the Town Council voted in favor of the Fire Territory seeking a loan.

There is a public meeting on July 10th at the Fire Station from 6pm to discuss this further.


The Town sought quotes from additional companies regarding widening and paving a short section of 3rd St to connect to Brookside Park.

After seeking quotes from 4 companies the Town received two quotes and voted YES to accept E&B's quote for approximately $15,600.


The Town of Lapel approved a proposal by Regal Computer Services to offer "air gapped" backups of their important data in case of ransomware attacks. The total cost was $200 for hardware and $100 a month for two on-site manual backups of the server and a workstation.


Brookside Park hosted a Babe Ruth State Softball Tournament this past week and it was very well executed by all people involved and visitors were extremely impressed with the handling of the event and the venue.

Jason Kleinbub expressed his thanks for everyone involved in making the event and the park happen especially the Park Board, Softball League, the local community and the Town of Lapel utility crew.

Plans are already in motion to host the competition again in 2020.


For clarity and legal reasons Deb Wainscott (President) announced that in May Jill Zeller who interviewed for the vacant full-time office position declined the offer, that led to an offer being made to Kourtney Krabbe who accepted and started on 5/6/19 at $16.22 per hour.

At the same time Paula Lee was promoted to Office Manager with no salary increase.


It was announced that there could be some funds available to the Town of Lapel from INDOT to repair damage made to the Town roads due to SR38 being closed and people deviating off the official detour.

The Town of Lapel needs to provide INDOT an assessment of road damage to further that discussion.


There was a complaint and discussion started by a resident concerning a possible business being run out of a home on Birmingham Boulevard. The Town Council said they were going to monitor the situation and review the ordinances.


Local resident Travis Forrest asked the Town to look at repairing 300 South from Brookside Rd to SR13.

Deb Wainscott said they are still looking at repairing the bridge on 300 S and any road paving would have to wait on that.

Town Meeting July 2nd

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Town Meeting June 20th

The Lapel Town Council held a regular Town Meeting at the Eagles on 9th St, starting at 7pm on June 20th.

Members present Deb Wainscott (President), Tony Pearson (Vice President), Jason Kleinbub and Lindsay Washmuth.

The Town Council voted YES to approve the new employee handbook.

The Town Council voted YES to approve splitting two parcels of land into 8 lots to complete two sub-divisions north of Brookside Road. Neil Stevenson from the Madison County Council of Governments stated the split met all the guidelines in the zoning ordinance.

The Town Council approved allowing resident Amanda Paddock to close Hawthorne Drive for a July 4th party.

The Town Council discussed renewing the Swayzee Cable Contract but held back on approving it for another 15 years to look at a shorter term. This issue will be addressed again once a new contract is provided.

The Town of Lapel needs more members to serve on the Lapel Planning Commission. To increase the members from five to seven due to a change in state rules.

The next Town Meeting was scheduled for July 4th and has been moved to July 2nd at 7pm at the Eagles (if available).


Ashley Hopper who represents the Town on legal matters discussed the legality of the storm water fee and stated after reviewing all of the documents that legally the fee was allowed and applied to "any owner of a lot or parcel in the Town of Lapel" which included the annexed area from 2014/2015.

The same rules and ordinances do not lay out a timeline for getting services to those locations, merely that they will be provided eventually as future budgets allow for it.

Some concerned residents thought they were being double dipped because they pay the County for ditch maintenance and now the Town of Lapel for storm water fees and felt it was unfair.

Chad Blake (resident) thought after reviewing the state laws that perhaps the Town of Lapel should ask Madison County to give it all or a portion of the money people in the annexed area pay for drainage and ditch maintenance. Although it was noted that then the Town of Lapel would have to provide ditch maintenance to the area 

Town Council members Tony Pearson, Deb Wainscott and Jason Kleinbub all spoke of the need to start charging this $3.05 fee to help raise money to get grants and pay for future improvements.

Kleinbub added that he pays school taxes but has no children going to Lapel schools. You don't want to pay the tax, but it will help the Town. It may not be tomorrow or even five years from now but we are trying.



  • A resident thought the Town of Lapel needed to fix culverts in the area before road paving projects begin.
  • A resident of John St complained about drainage problems in the area since the Town of Lapel put stone in an alley and would like the drainage issue resolved.
  • Jon Hollingsworth and Michelle Hollingsworth complained about warning letters they had received from the Town of Lapel regarding possible ordinance violations. They felt that the code enforcement officer Chris Hobbs is unfairly targeting them. 

Town Meeting June 20th.

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Town Meeting June 6th 2019

The Lapel Town Council held a regular Town Meeting at the Eagles on 9th St on June 6th from 7pm.

Council members present Deb Wainscott (President), Tony Pearson (Vice President) and Jason Kleinbub.

Excessive Dog Barking Complaint

Caitlin McGuire a resident on Gwinn Lane complained about an ordinance violation letter she received regarding excessive dog barking by her two dogs.

McGuire stated that she feels like she is being singled out and harassed by the Town of Lapel code enforcement officer.

Jason Kleinbub would like to see a list of dates and the people reporting the incidents of barking before choosing a course of action.

Deb Wainscott said they would get with Chris Hobbs (Code Enforcement Officer) and get more details.

Employee Handbook

The Employee Handbook was not approved, Tony Pearson would like more information on what he feels are details in the handbook that might overrule the existing salary ordinance.

RQAW Updates

RQAW gave several status updates.

  • The Town has a quote from E&B paving to widen 3rd St at the new park to allow two lanes of traffic. Ashley Hopper, Town lawyer stated as this was a public works project, they need to seek two more quotes before choosing which company to go with.
  • After a review of the bridge over the creek on 200 S near the High School and the bridge over the ditch on 300 S near the cemetery RQAW believes it will cost approximately $31,000 to repair both bridges to get a further 20 years of use out of them. If no repairs are completed the bridges could fail within 5 to 10 years. Quotes will be sought from companies to complete the work.
  • Community Crossing Road Repaving - E&B is expected to start work on repaving after the Village Fair completes and it will take two to three weeks to complete all of the road repaving projects.
  • 500 S will not be repaved until SR38 re-opens as it is currently being used by many motorists as an unofficial detour.
  • The Council approved paying RQAW $2,500 to renew the road survey, a task that needs to be redone every three years to apply for more funds from the state Community Crossings program.
  • A new round of Community Crossing funding opens in July.

Trash Rate Increase

The CGS contract states the trash rate will be going up from $12.50 to $12.88 starting in July although the rate increase will not be evident until the bills received in August.

Utilities - Ford St Well and Lift Station on 300 S

The Ford St Well is currently down, a 10-month-old pump has failed at the well house. Wiring may also need to be replaced. It is estimated the well house will be up and running Saturday at the earliest.

The Town is to talk to its insurance company to have them get the repairs covered under warranty.

The lift station on 300 S has recently had several issues with pumps getting clogged up and failing. Recent inspections have found the pumps to be clogged with string mop heads. 

The Town is working to get the issues at the lift station resolved but can do nothing to stop residents flushing unusual objects down their toilets.

Storm Water Complaints

Several residents of Lapel that live in the SR13 corridor annexed area were in attendance to complain about the $3.05 storm water fee that all residents of the Town of Lapel are currently being billed for.

The Town of Lapel passed a new ordinance at the end of 2018 that made the storm water fee apply to all residents of the Town of Lapel at the start of 2019.

Complaints regarding this matter include:

  • It is unfair for the Town of Lapel to be charging everyone for a service that not everyone is getting.
  • The Town should have sent a letter to all residents informing them of the change.
  • No one knew about the Public Hearing concerning the rate increase held last year. It was published in the newspaper and advertised online which is all the Town of Lapel has to do under state rules.

Several concerned citizens stated they would gladly pay the $3.05 or more if they had storm water handled by the Town of Lapel that resolved standing water issues many of them face.

The Town Council took their complaints under advisement and will re-address the situation at the next town meeting on June 20th.

In the meantime people are advised to pay their bill.

Basketball Goals

A resident received a letter to move their basketball goal and felt like they were being singled out.

She complied with the letter which stated it had to be moved by May 26th but she still sees other basketball goals out near the street.

Town Meeting June 6th 2019

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Town Meeting May 16th 2019

The Town Meeting was preceded by a Public Hearing concerning the OCRA grant the Town is attempting to get to help conduct major water infrastructure repairs and improvements.

This is the second go around for the Town of Lapel with this type of grant and the Town failed to secure the grant last time around simply because the money was already used up on other projects that scored higher than the Town of Lapel under the OCRA grants scoring system.

The Town of Lapel will be using $160,000 of local funds ($54,000 from Water Operating Fund, $53,000 from Water Improvement Fund and $53,000 from Water Improvement Savings Fund).

If successful, the Town will receive hundreds of thousands of dollars from the OCRA grant to help in the following projects:

  • Rehabilitation of Storage Tank, clean and remove any rust, spot weld holes.
  • Rehabilitation of Ford St Well with some structural repairs to building.
  • Replace asbestos/cement mains.

This is a competitive grant so the Town of Lapel will be competing with other towns and cities across the state who may or may not score higher on the OCRA scoring system and as such there is no guarantee the town will secure this grant the second time around.

Final submission for the grant is June 28th.

If anyone wishes to make a comment about the quality of the Town water and the brown water issues please email info@lapelindiana.org with your name, address and comments on the water together with any pictures you may have concerning your comments.

Public comments will help improve the score.

Members present for the Town Meeting:

  • Deb Wainscott (President)
  • Toby Pearson (Vice President)
  • Tom Marvel
  • Lindsay Washmuth

The Town Council approved resolution #6-2019 "Resolution Authorizing Application Submission and Local Match Commitment" relating to the OCRA grant.

Employee Handbook

The Town Council reviewed and briefly discussed the new Employee Handbook and Town Employee Policies.

The Council voted to approve the new sexual harassment policy in the handbook and will review the handbook and vote on approving it at the next meeting.

Storm Water Repair Ford St

The Town Council and Aaron Crow (RQAW) discussed quotes and details concerning repairing a storm water drain and line replacement on Ford St.

Two quotes were received to conduct work, but a vote was tabled until RQAW can do further investigation.

The Council also asked RQAW to look into drains at 11th and Main that are no longer working correctly.

Sidewalk Replacement

The Town was asked to replace a section of sidewalk damaged during water line replacement at the Corner of 7th and John St.

Tom Marvel made the motion to fix the section damaged by the Town and at the same time make the corner of 7th and John St ADA compliant.

The Town Council approved the motion.

Work Order / Maintenance Tracking System

The Town Council was presented with a proposal to develop a system to digitally generate work orders and keep track of work conducted in Town and maintenance on equipment by Regal Computer Services.

The Town Council approved the $4,500 proposal.

Town Meeting May 16th 2019

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Park Board Meeting May 13th 2019

The Lapel Elementary 4th Grade submitted suggestions for the name of the new Ball Park. After careful consideration "Brookside Park" was chosen as the winner. Congratulations Sophie Gabbard on your great suggestion!

Picnic Tables

After receiving quotes of $1,666 from Recreation Unlimited, $3,175 from Kinetic Recreation and $1,262 from AAA for picnic tables the Park Board elected to table a vote and ask Pen Products to see what kind of price they can come up with.

Basketball Goals 

The Park Board received quotes of $1,580 from Recreation Unlimited, $1,790 from Kinetic Recreation and $1,510 from AAA.

After taking into consideration the cost of shipping the Board voted to accept the Recreation Unlimited quote of $1,580 for two basketball goals. The goals can be installed by the Town of Lapel utility workers.

Dug Out Roofs

The Board approved paying Dennis Miller Construction $4,185.97 to construct the four remaining roofs at the new park dugouts.

Movie in the Park

Movie in the Park during the Lapel Village Fair will likely be held at the new park on Saturday 13th July, with both free popcorn and concession stand items available for purchase. 

The movie choice is still undecided.

Park Board Meeting May 13th 2019

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Town Meeting May 2nd 2019

The Town of Lapel held a regular Town Meeting at the Eagles on 9th St on May 2nd 2019.

Members present Jason Kleinbub, Lindsay Washmuth, Tom Marvel, Tony Pearson (Vice President) and Deb Wainscott (President).

Road Ordinance

The Lapel Town Council approved the new Road Weight Limit Ordinance although it cannot come into effect for at least two more weeks. 

The Town Council approved continuing the emergency declaration for two weeks until the new ordinance goes into effect.

Both measures are designed to protect Town roads to prevent them being damaged by vehicles that should ideally be using the main SR13/32 corridor.

With SR38 closed for bridge repair for several months there has been an increase in vehicles straying from the official detour route and potentially damaging local roads.

Cash Ordinance

The Town Council approved a new Cash Ordinance.

RQAW On Call Agreement

The Town Council approved renewing the RQAW on call agreement.

Park Update

Jason Kleinbub informed the Town Council that two fields are playable at the new ball diamond park. One further field is almost ready.

E&B Paving has begun moving equipment on site to complete work on paths.

Police Department Update

Officer Jon Hosier has resigned from the Lapel Police Department.

The Police Department has stepped up patrols on rural roads to try to deter people speeding and driving dangerously due to the detour.


Town Meeting May 2nd 2019




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Town Meeting April 18th 2019

The Town of Lapel held a regular Town Council Meeting on April 18th 2019, members present Jason Kleinbub, Lindsay Washmuth, Tony Pearson, Deb Wainscott (President).

Mike Kleinpeter of Kleinpeter Consulting opened a public hearing concerning the $600,000 in OCRA grants the Town is trying to secure. 

The Town of Lapel has to provide a local match of $160,000 (which is 20% of the total amount, with OCRA providing 80%) but if successful would mean Lapel has $760,000 to spend on the tasks outlined in the grant.

Lapel tried to get the grant last year but based on a point scoring system where each project that applies is assigned points the Town of Lapel missed out because the total grant money was used up on higher scoring projects.

Water Grant Tasks

  • Ford St Well House Renovation
  • Rehab Elevated Storage Tank - Silt build up, rusting issues.
  • Replace Asbestos Cement Mains

If anyone wishes to write a letter to the Town of Lapel concerning water quality issues please hand them in to Town Hall or email them to info@lapelindiana.org and include your Name/Address and what issues you have experienced.

The second public hearing will be held on May 16th.

Water Meter - Tamper Fee - David Montgomery

A property owner in the Town of Lapel petitioned the Town to get the $125.00 tamper fee waived after he had to turn his water meter off to do some repair work.

The Town Council members decided not to waive the fee for fear of starting a precedent.

Residents are advised to call the Town Utility Department to ask them to shut the meter off.

Detour Emergency Declaration

The Town Council voted to extend the Emergency Declaration concerning heavy vehicles using roads around Lapel to bypass the official SR38 detour by 30 days.

A discussion was also held to lower the weight limit from 7 tons to 5 tons and to change the speed limit signs to 30mph which is already consistent with existing ordinances.

Concerned resident Clay Parkison spoke about how dangerous it is for him to just go check his mail now with people speeding on these side roads and in some cases ignoring stop signs.

Ashley Hopper (Town Attorney) will work on an ordinance for the next Town meeting in the meantime the emergency declaration still stands.

New Hires

The Town Council voted to approve hiring new office/utility clerks:

  • Full Time - Jill Zeller
  • Part Time - Jacque Stratman


  • Town will pay RQAW $8,000 to investigate flooding issue at Fire House.
  • Duke Energy to be paid $61.54 a month to install new lights on existing poles outside Fire House.
  • Town Council approved paying $9,500 for a used pickup truck for Chris Hobbs to use as Code Enforcement officer.
  • Ball Diamonds at new park are almost done.
  • Orestes Police Department has donated a used radar gun and other equipment for the Lapel Police Department. 
  • Town Council approved spending $4,479 to replace the incubator at the waste water plant which is broken.

Town Meeting April 18th 2019

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Planning Meeting April 11th

The Planning Board held a regularly scheduled meeting on April 11th at Lapel Town Hall.

Due to the increase in traffic on Town roads south of SR32 and west of SR13 by motorists attempting to get around the closure of SR38 by INDOT for bridge work the Planning board is seeking to enact an emergency resolution to prevent vehicles over 7 tons from straying off the detour route.

Some of the former county roads in that area of Lapel need repaving and this increase in heavy traffic is causing them to deteriorate quicker than planned.

The Planning Board is also seeking financial assistance from INDOT to help cover the cost of repairing some of these roads that are getting damaged.

Planning Meeting April 11th 2019

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Park Board Meeting April 8th 2019

The Lapel Park Board held a regular meeting at Lapel Town Hall on April 8th 2019 from 7pm.

Members present: Bill Hutton (President), Linda Hormell, Travis Forrest, Steve Tipps, Tammy Hersberger, Jason Kleinbub (Council Liaison).

The main item on the agenda was the new park.

The concession stand is almost done, there are still some things to complete but the bulk of the work is now done. 

The fields are coming along, the Park Board hopes to have three of the four fields ready to play on within a few weeks.

The dugouts are not yet finished, but roofing will be going up on them soon and stone is likely to be installed as a floor in the next week.

The Park board is still hopeful that E & B paving will be able to complete work on paving parts of the new park before the season opens.

Saturday 13th April is a scheduled work day so anyone that wishes to come out and help work on completing the new park is welcome to do so.


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Town Meeting April 4th 2019

The Town Council held a regular meeting on April 4th at the Eagles on 9th St.

Members present Tom Marvel, Tony Pearson (Vice President) and Deb Wainscott (President).

The Town Council read and approved Ordinance #3-2019 to establish no parking zones on several local roads and #4-2019 to establish road weight limits with local deliveries and school buses exempt on Brookside Road and Bulldog Boulevard. A copy of these ordinances will be made available in the Ordinance system as soon as possible.

The Town Council voted and approved waiving the 2nd and 3rd reading of ordinance #3 and #4.

The Town Council discussed purchasing a new light utility truck or small car to be used by the Town Ordinance Enforcement Officer.

At a previous meeting the Council discussed using one of the Police department vehicles that was no longer in service, but it was discovered one of the two Crown Victoria's the PD had was sent to auction and the remaining Crown Vic is actively used by the Police Department.

The Council authorized Dennis Molina to look at a used vehicle under $20,000 and present a list to the Council.

Tom Marvel gave an update on the new Park for Jason Kleinbub (Park Council liaison who was not present).

  • Aeration at the new fields is done.
  • Tractor Supply donated the use of a trailer to move equipment around.
  • Sunbelt donated the use of several pieces of equipment to work on the park.
  • The fields have been fertilized and weeds have been removed.
  • The concession stand is coming along.

He added a lot of people have stepped up since the Town Council and Park Board had a meeting and some of the things have now been completed at little to no cost to the Town or the Park Board through donations and offers of help.

Approximately 150 people have applied for the Full Time Clerk position, and 3 people have applied for the Part Time Clerk position. 

There are still a few more days left for people to apply.

Interviews of the top candidates will be scheduled before the next Town Council meeting on April 19th. 

Town Meeting April 5th


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Special Meeting March 26th 2019

The Lapel Town Council held a special meeting on March 26th at 7pm.

Members present Jason Kleinbub, Lindsay Washmuth, Tom Marvel, Tony Pearson (Vice President), Deb Wainscott (President).

Park Board

A large contingent of Park Board members were present to discuss the progress at the new park with the Town Council.

Deb Wainscott asked Bill Hutton (Park Board President) the status of the new park.

Hutton stated that "they still have the restrooms, basketball goals, trail, concession stand interior, dug outs and some final top soil work to complete".

While the concession stand is almost done, all the equipment needs to be moved in and cabinets and counter tops need to be purchased and installed.

The Town Council asked for an approximate dollar amount to complete all the remaining work necessary to get the park done. The initial amount discussed was in the $25,000 to $30,000 range.

The Town Council asked how they (Park Board) is going to make money from the park.

Hutton stated that "they are allowed to charge a nominal fee of $1 per player per league to use the park and that they hope to take a percentage of concession stand revenue and also to be able to charge a fee for someone to pre-book the use of a field".

Wainscott asked what they planned to do with the rest of the land at the new park.

Tammy Hershberger (Park Board) said they wanted to put a dog park in eventually. 

Wainscott said that "she thought that would be a big problem and asked if they could put more ball fields in".

Hutton stated they "would have to level off the land and that somewhere on that side there is an archaeological site that would need to be excavated and dealt with correctly before construction could start on any new development".

Wainscott asked "if they were going to level off the mounds of dirt because they have had complaints about it".

Hutton said "It is possible".

Jason Kleinbub asked if the Park Board was sure they could charge people to reserve a field.

Ashley Hopper (Town Attorney) stated "that legally they could charge fees to cover costs". 

Wainscott asked who would be responsible for running the concession stand and paying utilities.

Hutton stated that he wanted the softball league to run the concession stand, but the Park Board would have to pay utilities.

The Softball League is willing to give a percentage of concession stand sales back to the Park Board to hopefully allow them to hire a part time employee to take care of the park.

It was noted that the Youth Baseball League does not give a percentage of concession stand sales back to the Park Department and they are using Memorial Park.

Tom Marvel stated, "you should either charge a percentage fee for the boys too or not charge one for either which would be morally correct." 

Nathan Wainscott added "the town is asking how much money it is going to cost to finish the park. They are giving the park board a lifeline. It needs to get done".

He also stated that "nobody is faulting the park board. As it stands, we are losing girls from the softball league to travel teams".

Kleinbub thought that "the dugouts should not be a priority, they can be finished later, the focus should be on getting the playing surface done" and he thought that would cost at least $3,000 per field.

Both the Town Council and Park Board agreed that it was time to hire people to get the work done because waiting on volunteers was not always helpful.

Hutton added that it has also been too wet to get a lot of these projects finished and that the companies or people he had spoken with about some of these things were backed up with work due to the weather.

Kleinbub offered to help with getting the fields dressed.

Wainscott said she has "seen parks at other small towns that are way better than what we have and thought that $200,000 is a lot of money (referring to the grant money the Park Board received from DNR to do this project) and that you need to get it finished".

Hutton stated "You know how much money you spent on this park. (pointing to Central Park across from Town Hall). The new park is twenty times that size and should have really cost us $800,000 or more.

After a lengthy discussion about what can be done the Town Council voted to and approved spending $50,000 of the Cascadden gift money on finishing the new park contingent on following state law.

Part Time Secretary

The Town Council agreed to a starting salary of $14-17 for the position of part time secretary.

Special Town Meeting March 26th 2019

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Town Meeting March 21st 2019

Public Hearing

The Lapel Town Council opened the meeting with a Public Hearing to discuss the Lapel Stony Creek Township Fire Territory hoping to increase its tax rate from 0.0291 to 0.0333.

The Fire Department is planning to get a new Ambulance which is expected to cost $280,000 and this tax rate increase will yield an extra $6,000 per year to go towards the Equipment Replacement Fund. The current Ambulance is now over 10 years old.

Regular Meeting

The Lapel Town Council held a regular Town Meeting at the Eagles on 9th St.

Members present Lindsay Washmuth, Tony Pearson, Deb Wainscott.

The Town Council voted to approve the Lapel Stony Creek Township Fire Territory rate increase and waived the second and third readings of the ordinance.

The Town Council voted to approve the March 7th Meeting Minutes, Claims and voted to approve hiring New Focus to create employee handbooks and work with the Town on HR matters. 

RQAW presented the Town with contracts to sign for the Community Crossings / E&B Paving Projects.

The Town Council briefly discussed hiring RQAW to inspect two road bridges. The one on 200 outside the High School and the one on 300 next to the Cemetery. RQAW will charge $1,700 per bridge for the inspection. The Town Council approved the expense.

RQAW advised the Town of Lapel that the next round of Community Crossing funding from INDOT opens in July.

The Town will need to have its road report updated to apply for this round as it has been two years since the report was completed. 

The Town is also working on an ADA transition plan that needs to be completed to apply this time.

Planning Updates

Gary Shuck (Planning President) informed the Town that there is a lot of interest in building houses South West of Town and that the Town needs to have a plan in place to roll out utilities to the area.

Shuck met with RQAW to discuss getting a plan in place.

Lindsay Washmuth asked if it would be possible to re-write ordinances that require Town utilities on site to allow for a Well / Septic in certain locations.

Shuck suggested that would be one way to do it.

Shuck also added that he wants to see the Atlantic Road area on the west boundary of Lapel to be for Industrial or Commercial development.

Other News

The Storm Siren was not broken, Hamilton County shuts them off during Winter. They did work during the testing held on Tuesday.

There is a Special Meeting on Tuesday 26th of March at Lapel Town Hall from 7pm.

Town Meeting March 21st

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Planning Meeting March 14th 2019

The Planning Committee met at Lapel Town Hall for a regular meeting on March 14th 2019.

The committee discussed and approved planning permits 2207 thru 2210.

The committee also discussed several properties in Town they would like to see cleaned up including the Wyant property on SR13.

Planning Meeting March 14th 2019


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Work Days Set at New Park for Softball Season Start

A regular Park Meeting at Lapel Town Hall was dominated by news of the Lapel Baseball and Softball Leagues.

Nathan Wainscott informed the Park Board that Softball will be holding four planned workdays at the new yet unnamed park (commonly referred to as Bulldog Park) on March 16th, 30th and April 13th and 20th. People wishing to help get the park ready for Softball are encouraged to attend during the hours of 9am to 5pm.

Baseball Updates

John Mendenhall and Justin Ridings asked the Park Board for permission to remove a window in the T-Ball building at Memorial Park to install a rolling metal door to enable them to convert the building to storage.

The Park Board approved that idea, other ideas discussed included getting a bigger storage building or a shed. 

Softball Updates

Wainscott and Bill Hutton (Park President) discussed several that would need to be done at the new park to get it ready for the start of the Softball season in early May. 

Current plans are to get two of the four fields ready for play now and hope to bring the other two online later in the year or next year.

  • Finish dugout(s), including roofing and laying a stone floor.
    • Lumber supplies should still be on site, but shingles and tar paper may need to be purchased.
  • Paint dugout(s)
  • Treat fields for weeds
  • Condition and Top dress fields
  • Concession building
    • Restrooms need to be completed

Park Board Meeting March 11th 2019

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New Officers Sworn in at Lapel Town Meeting March 7th 2019

The Lapel Town Council held a regular meeting at the Lapel Eagles on 9th St. The meeting started at 7pm. All Town Council members were present as were Ashley Hopper (Town Attorney) and Dennis Molina (Clerk/Treasurer) and Paula Lee (Deputy Clerk/Treasurer).

Council Members March 7th Meeting 2019

Officers Swinford, Garner and Petty were introduced to the Town Council.

New Officers

These three new officers are replacing officers that have left the Department in the last few months.

Officer Garner will take over responsibility for the Lapel K9. Assuming training goes well.

Long time member of the Lapel Police Department Jon Buffington was promoted to Captain retroactively applied from February 17th. 

Jon Buffington Promoted to Captain

Wastewater Drinking Water OCRA Grant

The Town of Lapel did not receive funding for the OCRA Grant, the Town did score a 481 out of 700 points under the grant scoring system.

Funding was handed out on a project basis based on this score, with a higher score meaning the project had a higher priority.

Unfortunately, OCRA's funding for this round of grants meant that the Town of Lapel did not score high enough to get the $600,000 in grant money the Town was seeking.

The funds were going to be used for a number of projects to improve and repair Town infrastructure.

The Town of Lapel will re-apply for the next round of grants when they open on March 24th.

Paving Community Crossings

The Town of Lapel did succeed in receiving Community Crossings money to help with paving projects in the Town of Lapel.

E and B Paving came in with the lowest bid and it was approved by the Town Council.

This project will see $430,000 worth of road paving work conducted in the Town of Lapel.

HR Company

The Town Council discussed hiring New Focus to work on human resource tasks for the Town of Lapel, which would include employee handbooks, job descriptions and employee training.

Town attorney Ashley Hopper wants to review the contract and a decision will be made at the next Town Meeting.

Radio Read Water Meters

The Town Council approved purchasing a further 200 radio read water meters, there are 298 meters that need to be replaced as part of ongoing work to update all of the meters to radio reads. 

Further meters may be bought later in the year to complete the project this year assuming there is enough money available to do so.

Employee Changes

The Town Council agreed to offer part time employee Virgil Hobbs a pay increase to $16 per hour.

The Town Council agreed to move Mike Daniels from a part time employee to a full-time employee.

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Park Board Meeting Roundup February 11th

The Park Board held a regular meeting on February 11th at Lapel Town Hall from 7pm.

Members present Bill Hutton (President), Linda Hormell and Steve Tipps.

Hutton introduced and welcomed new member Travis Forrest to the Board.


Justin Ridings approached the board about laying stone to improve parking at Memorial Park for Baseball games, there was a discussion about who owned the area where the stone needed to be placed and further research will be conducted.


Work is continuing at the new park, INDOT is holding an inspection this Friday.


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Town Meeting Roundup February 7th 2019

The Lapel Town Council held a regular Town Meeting at the Eagles on 9th St from 7pm on February 7th.

Members present Tony Pearson (Vice President), Deb Wainscott (President), Jason Kleinbub and Lindsay Washmuth.


The Town Council approved a $1,326 quote for a new Water Softener from Water Works. This was the lowest quote, with other quote prices ranging from $1,400 to $1,600.


Kenny Bourke asked the Town Council about a parking problem he has at Olevia's Gingersnaps Day Care. 

The Town was going to look into the issue and get back with him.


The Town of Lapel Alert System is now live. Anyone unable to complete online registration or who does not have an Email address but does have a Cellphone can visit Town Hall and fill out a form to have you added to the new system.


The Town Council discussed requests for a trash pickup credit for their being no trash service last week due to the record-breaking cold weather.

The requested credit would be $3.14.

Deb Wainscott stated that the event was "nothing we could control" and thought most residents would understand.

The Town Council voted NO to issue a credit.


Chief Naselroad has now hired two new fulltime officers:

  • Michael Garner
  • Timothy Petty

These hires are to replace vacancies left open by officers that have recently left.

Naselroad plans on hiring a third officer, to replace Michael Porter who is also leaving shortly.

The K9 will hopefully be kept with one of the new recruits who will become its handler after some additional training.

Naselroad discussed having some form of official ceremony to welcome the new officers and their families to the Town of Lapel but nothing was officially decided.


The Town Council briefly discussed Traffic Ordinances and Zoning Ordinances and who is responsible for enforcing them for clarification purposes.


A resident who lives on West 7th St expressed his concerns about flooding problems and issues with parking since Fort Lapelton Automotive opened. He stated that he was not out to get anyone, but he had concerns that it would be hard for emergency vehicles to get to his house if the need arose.

The Town Council offered to investigate the flooding and have someone talk to Fort Lapelton about the parking situation.


The Town Council authorized two town employees to go on Gas Training overnight in Effingham.

Town Meeting February 7th

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Town Launches Public Alerts Text and Email System

Starting February, the Town of Lapel will be offering a new Text or Email based Alerts and Notices system that aims to inform local residents on problems such as:

  • Water or Gas Main Breaks
  • Boil Water Advisories
  • Emergencies
  • Traffic Flow Changes
  • etc...

Residents can OPT IN to this new service at https://alerts.lapelindiana.org . Opt-in means that you must subscribe to this service yourself, it is free to do so.

You can specify how you wish to receive these alerts, either via Text Message or Email and you are free to disable specific types of alerts so that you only receive exactly what you want to receive.

The system is active right now, so feel free to sign up at the link above and be ready to receive notices starting in February.

Alert Image

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