Town Meeting Roundup June 21st 2018

The Lapel Town Council met at the Lapel Eagles on 9th St on June 21st 2018 for a regularly scheduled Town Meeting,


New Council Member Tom Marvel (3rd from left in photo) was introduced.


Mike Keller from Keller Mortuary presented to the Town on a request for a special use permit to allow the installation of a crematorium in his business on Main St.

He stated that the system is smoke and odor free and sounds like an air conditioning unit when running.

Deb Wainscott (President) wanted to see construction plans on changes to the interior and have the building inspector look things over before granting the request. 

An IDEM permit will be necessary later on in the process.

The system will always be monitored and will require a 2-inch gas line.


The cost to fix the Splash Pad is now believed to be $895.55 in parts. The Council approved using Park funds to pay for the parts and have the Town Utility Workers install them.


The Town Council denied a request to reimburse residents for refilling swimming pools after discoloration in the Town water system.


Amy Speaks and representatives from ATT discussed bringing fiber internet to the Town of Lapel for Businesses only. Next week they will be going to the 92 businesses in Town to ask them if they are interested in high speed internet from ATT and to possibly sign a "Letter of Intent" - while there will be no build out cost to the businesses the end monthly cost of the service is likely to depend on the number of businesses that are interested.


The Town Council voted to give new employee Greg Lucas a pay raise, he will now receive $12 per hour.


The Town Council discussed the expected cost to install a gas main to 650 South to allow the Town to be positioned to provide gas services to new developments along the SR13 corridor.

USDI has given an estimate of $240,000 for materials, equipment and labor to run the gas line from 400 South to 650 South.

Due to the high cost the Town will need to bid the project out and hopes to space construction out over several years.

Town Meeting June 21st 2018

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Planning Board Public Hearing Leads to Plan Change

The regular Planning Meeting held at Town Hall on June 14th was also a public hearing for plans to rezone a 5-acre lot of agricultural land off 700 South to industrial for use as outside storage.

A representative of the land owner started out the meeting by informing the board that the proposal had changed, and he no longer sought to use the land for outside storage but planned to use it for personal storage and to park his three semi-trucks and trailers over the weekend, he no longer wanted to rezone the property either due to concerns from neighbors.

The board insisted that a house must be built before an accessory building such as a pole barn could be built.

Gary Shuck (Planning Board President) stated "the ordinances say house first, accessory structure later."

Shuck said that in the past the board has allowed certain developments to go ahead with stipulations that were never met, and he didn't want the board to do that anymore.

Clay Parkison (resident) stated that he thought when they bought the property with plans to build a house that they should do "what you agreed to. Build a house, then put your pole barn up."

Lindsay Washmuth (Board Member / Council Member) said that "You might agree to build a house today, but circumstances beyond your control might prevent you from doing so later". 

After concluding that the owner would essentially be running a trucking business out of that lot the board asked that they rethink their plans and come back with plans to build a house.


The board approved an in-ground pool for a resident on 7th St if better plans are submitted to Town Hall.

The board agreed to allow Alice Bodenhorn to add an extension to her home with the caveat that the land the home sits on is re-plotted into a larger lot and the re-plot must be started within 30 days.

The board suggested anyone that wishes to complain about the algae on the retention pond off 300 S contact the Madison County Drainage board.

Address16 E 9th St #204, Anderson, IN 46016

The board discussed setting up a schedule to have the new Building Inspector from RQAW come to do building inspections every Wednesday, with the option of the property/home owner paying a rush fee if they wanted the inspection done sooner than that.

Planning Meeting June 14th 2018

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Park Board Meeting Roundup June 2018

The Lapel Park Board met at Town Hall on June 11th.

The Park Board discussed movie choices for Movie in the Park on July 14th during the Lapel Village Fair. Top two choices were Up and Sing. The movie will start around 9pm (depending on sunset).

Bill Hutton (President) confirmed new seats for the swings at the parks in Lapel are on order.


Work is still ongoing on the new park:

  • Work on building the dugout roofs is on hold until enough volunteers can be found to complete the work. If you, your organization or group wants to help with this contact the Lapel Parks Department.
  • The Concrete pad for the Concession stand building has been completed.
  • Construction of the building to be completed by Dennis Miller Construction.
  • Grass at the park is looking better, but Park Board not happy with the number of weeds.

The Park Board has now spent all of the $200,000 grant money they received and will be spending Park Budget money to complete the estimated $30,000 of further work required to complete the project.

Donations, and offers of help by residents and local businesses are welcome.


The Splash Pad has a broken part, which may cost up to $6,000 to fix and needs to be sourced from Canada. No ETA on a long-term fix.

Splash Pad

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Community Crossings Paving Projects

Attention Residents: Beginning the week of May 21, 2018 our paving project is scheduled to begin. The following roads will have paving crews working on them so please be cautious when driving. Thank you.

  • Vine St. from Dead End to 7th St.
  • 4th St. from SR 13 to Woodward St.
  • 5th St. from Central St. to Vine St.
  • 6th St. from Woodward St. to Dead End
  • 5th St. and 6th St. from Brookside Rd. to Brookside Rd.
  • 9th St. from SR 13 to Erie St.
  • 10th St. from Vine St. to Walnut St.
  • CR 500 S from CR 1000 W to SR 13

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Town Meeting Roundup May 17th

The Town Council met for a regular meeting on May 17th at the Eagles on 9th St. Members present Deb Wainscott (President), Tony Pearson (Vice President) and Lindsay Washmuth.

It was revealed that Clay Parkison had resigned from the Town Council.

The Council approved closing parts of Ford St to allow for the Back to School Bash on August 19th from 4pm to 7pm.

There will be a public hearing on June 14th at Lapel Town Hall from 6pm concerning rezoning of the Singh Property.

The Council approved a re-plot of land across from Bulldog Park on Brookside Road.

Limb Pickup will be the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month, no thorn bushes or shrubs allowed.

A light at Woodward Park that shines on the flag has been vandalized, replacing it with a better light will cost around $500.

The Community Crossings project will likely kick into full gear next week with repaving by E&B starting. There may be some restrictions on road travel while this takes place. A full list of roads will be posted on the website in the coming days.

The Town Council voted to try to get more Community Crossings grant money this year. This grant applies a 75/25 split on funds for road improvement with the Town having to find 25% of the money and the state providing 75%.

Heavy Trash pickup is May 23rd. 

Golf Cart permits are in and it will cost $50.

The Town Council voted in favor of using RQAW for all building inspector work, Gary Swaim the current building inspector who works in Lapel on a part time basis and in Noblesville on a full-time basis will be let go. The Town Council agreed that with all the new development coming to Lapel they really needed someone that could be available during the day.

Town Meeting May 17th

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Park Meeting Roundup May 14th

The Lapel Park Board held a regular meeting at Lapel Town Hall on Monday May 14th. Members present Bill Hutton (President), Andy Morgan, Linda Hormell and Steve Tipps.

A member of Boy Scout Troop 361 would like to build a new park shelter on the concrete pad next to the playground equipment at Memorial Park as part of an Eagle Scout project. The Eagle Scout board has accepted the project, and he is currently looking for donations to help complete the project.

The new shelter would possibly be solar powered allowing for a small light in the evenings. 

The monetary donations for the project can be made to the Town of Lapel at Town Hall, any money left over will be kept as a donation to the Parks Department.

Bulldog Park Updates

Grading work on the diamonds has been completed.

Mr Fence will likely complete installation of the fencing around the diamonds within the next month.

Drainage Work has been completed and looks good.

Plumbing at the concession stand has been completed, once concrete is poured construction on the building structure can begin.

Park Swing Seats

The Board approved a proposal from Kinetic Recreation to replace 10 swing seats, this includes both paths.

Splash Pad

The Splash Pad is planned to be open on or after Memorial Day.

 Park Meeting May 14th

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Planning Meeting Roundup May 10th

The Planning Board held a regular meeting at Lapel Town Hall on May 10th. Members present Gary Shuck (Board President), Tony Hewitt, Clay Parkison and Lindsay Washmuth.

The Planning Board viewed plans for one lot of a minor subdivision by the Likens family on land to the west of Bulldog Park. Drainage board approval is still being sought for the plans, but if approved a 6,000sf log home is planned to be built on that lot.

Shuck made a motion to send a non-favorable recommendation to the Town Council for a request to rezone a lot of land to allow development of an outside storage facility at an address on 700 South. Tony Hewitt seconded, and all three members voted unanimously to do so. The planning board wishes to keep that area for residential development.

The Town Council will hold a public hearing June 21st over this project and a final decision on the rezone will likely be made.

The Board approved permits 2145, 2146, 2149, 2151, 2152 and 2153. They voted to approve 2147 if the set backs are correct, and put a stop work order on 2148.

Planning Meeting May 10th 2018


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Town Council to Return to Two Meetings a Month

At a special meeting last night at Town Hall the Town Council voted in favor of having two official Town Meetings per month returning to a 1st Thursday and 3rd Thursday of the month schedule for meetings.

At the start of the Meeting President Deb Wainscott announced the purpose of the meeting was to discuss personnel and their actual duties and that no questions and answers would be taken from the public for the evening.

Town Council members discussed the employee handbook and making some changes to the drug policy for employees.

Clay Parkison suggested they look at other communities to see what they have done as the employee handbook was written in 2009. He noted that some jobs have no job description in the handbook.

After a short discussion on drug policy the Town Council noted they would fix the fact there is no job description for the Utility Manager position currently held by Chris Hobbs.


Aaron Goslee from RQAW announced that the Community Crossings road improvements should start the 3rd week of May and take three weeks. The project was made possible by a 75/25% grant and will enable the Town to get a lot of roads repaired or resurfaced although not every problem will be fixed in one go. Further grant rounds will be necessary to do that.

The Town Council voted unanimously to have RQAW perform up to $10,000 worth of inspection work during the road project to ensure things are being done correctly.

Goslee also confirmed the drainage fix at Bulldog Park has been completed and he is "real happy with it".


Finally, the Town Council voted 4 to 1 to reduce the amount of money a Town Council member can spend without approval from $5,000 to $500. The motion passed.

Town Meeting May 3rd 2018

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WEDNESDAY – May, 23 2018

• See BELOW for acceptable household heavy/bulk items (list A) 
• All items to be placed at curb in a neat orderly fashion by 6:00 A.M.
(Small loose material must be in trash bags or containers for service). 
• See attached of material/items that cannot be taken at any time (list B)

LIST A: Example of Typical Household HEAVY/BULK Items:
• Lamps, Fans, Blinds
• Lawn Furniture, Gardening Tools
• Children’s toys
• Hot water heaters, microwaves
• Household furniture – No sofa over 80” and no hide-a- bed/sleeper sofas
• Mattresses (MUST BE WRAPPED IN PLASTIC & DUCT TAPED), Queen size or smaller and box springs, bed frames
• Rugs (MUST be rolled and tied – no larger than 8’ x 10’)
• Bikes
• Extra bagged trash
• Other acceptable items that will not require more than one person to lift due to weight or size of the item

“Please contact CGS Services to make arrangements for any item
that requires special handling”
Appliances – Refrigerators/freezers must be tagged by license technician that Freon has been removed. Any item that cannot be lifted by one individual due to weight and/or size of the item

• No construction debris
• No remodeling material 
(such as carpet, roofing material, wood, insulation, plumbing materials, concrete, bricks, drywall, etc.)
• No liquid material
• No hazardous materials
• No tires 
• No hide a beds/sleeper sofas/King Size Matresses
• No tenant household move outs
• No small loose trash that could be bagged for service
• No small business operating out of home with
additional trash from other sources such as a
scrap metal collecting,remodeling services etc.

QUESTIONS CALL 800-453-5575

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Town Council Accepts Trash Bids and Meeting Roundup

The Town Council voted unanimously to hire KMP Hydrant to flush the fire hydrants in Town at an expected cost of $4,500.

Lapel Firefighter Tom Marvel explained to the Town Council that the process of flushing a hydrant is a lot more than it sounds and involves testing the hydrant for pressure and flow, clearing the line and will help improve ISO ratings that can lead to lower insurance rates for home owners.

Town employee Trisha Bousman explained to the Town Council that they would like to switch from their current national provider which supplies clean floor mats every month to Town Hall and other Town locations to Plymate a company based out of Shelbyville. The saving will be approximately $50 per month. Both Paula Lee and Bousman explained that the Plymate product appears to be much better. The Town Council approved the change.

The Town Council set September 10th at 6:30pm at Town Hall for a Budget Hearing.

The Town Council opened Trash Contract bids.

  1. Republic - No Bid
  2. Best Way bid for a 3yr contract, with 2 heavy trash pickups - 
    • $13.90 1st year
    • $14.32 2nd year
    • $14.75 3rd year
  3. CGS bid for either a 3yr or 5yr contract, with 2 heavy trash pickups -
    1. 3 yr
      • $12.90 1st year
      • $13.29 2nd year
      • $13.69 3rd year
    2. 5 yr
      • $12.50 1st year
      • $12.88 2nd year
      • $13.27 3rd year
      • $13.67 4th year
      • $14.08 5th year

The current rate in year three of the existing CGS contract is $12.50 per household.

The Town Council voted unanimously to keep CGS and accept the 5yr contract.

New Police Chief Kelly Naselroad introduced himself to the Town Council. The Council approved purchasing a K9 Cage for the new Tahoe.


The Town Council tabled hiring MacAllister's under a service agreement to maintain the water treatment plant generator. 

The Town Council voted to hire Dorsey Excavating to replace 3 manholes on 5th and 6th St before the Community Crossings road paving project can begin. Bids on this project were Watson $6,500 + $7,000, Culy $7,500 + $8,800 and Dorsey Excavating $8,500.

Town Meeting April 19th 2018


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Planning Board Approves Parking Ordinance Changes

The Planning Board met at Lapel Town Hall on April 12th for a regularly scheduled meeting.

The Board approved re-writes to parking ordinances to add the following:

  • Define a commercial vehicle as something 22ft long, 7ft wide, 8ft high.
  • Commercial vehicles will be prohibited from parking within 5ft of the public right of way. 
These changes will go to the Town Council for acceptance.
Planning Meeting April 12th 2018

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Park Board Discusses Drainage Work at Bulldog Park

The Park Board met for a regular meeting on April 9th at Lapel Town Hall. Board President Bill Hutton, and members Tammy Hersberger, Andy Morgan, Steve Tipps and Town Council liaison Clay Parkison present.

A local Scout presented the Park Board with a proposal to build a new shelter at Memorial Park, on the concrete pad next to the playground. This would be at no cost to the Town of Lapel and would be conducted as part of an Eagle Scout project. He also wanted to add a solar panel to the roof to provide battery assisted lighting at night to the playground and the shelter.

The Park Board approved the idea but wanted to check with the Little League who are leasing the park from the Town.

The shelter may also need planning approval from the Planning Board.


The Park Board is now back in charge of overseeing the drainage fix at Bulldog Park. For the last few months it has been dealt with at a Town Council level but now that bids have been received it has fallen back to the Park Board.

Hutton revealed the three bids:

  • Watson Excavating, $25,845
  • Filson Earthworks, $47,746
  • Dorsey Excavating, $13,500

After reviewing the bids, the lowest bid of $13,500 was voted on and accepted unanimously.

This does not include the $10,000 that will be paid to RQAW for engineering work on coming up with the new drainage plan.


The Park Board discussed progress at Bulldog Park, once again the bad weather has delayed construction work on the dugouts and concession stand.

Hutton is confident the park will be finished by December but should be ready for some light use in mid to late May.

 Park Meeting April 9th 2018

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Special Meeting Chooses New Police Chief

The Lapel Town Council held a special meeting on March 26th, 2018 at Lapel Town Hall. The main topic was to select a new Chief of Police.

The Town Council voted 3 - 2 in favor (Clay Parkison and Tony Pearson voting no) of hiring Kelly Naselroad as Chief of Police assuming background checks and final vetting processes come back clear. 

In other news.

The Council voted to pay Stoops $3,885.16 to repair the recently purchased Dump Truck which has a fuel system problem.

The Town Council also discussed a quote from Culy to fix a water meter issue at the old Fire Station. The meter is damaged and was likely damaged when the Town sold it after the Fire Department moved to the new Fire Station. The Culy quote is for $3,950 but does not include the cost of a new meter which may be as high as $4,000. The Council will investigate the Town Utility Department installing a new 3/4 water line and 3/4 meter at that location which could potentially save the Town money versus hiring a contractor to do the work.

Special Meeting March 26th

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Town Meeting Roundup March 15th

The Lapel Town Council met for a regular Town Meeting last night at 7pm.

All members were present.

Clay Parkison was introduced to take over Michael Cates vacated seat on the Council. Cates has moved out of Lapel so can no longer serve on the board. Clay Parkison previously served on the Town Council. Parkison was chosen by the Madison County Republican Party to fill the seat.

Mike Kleinpeter from Kleinpeter Consulting briefly explained OCRA Grants and the Town's goal to apply for a $50,000 grant for Water, Sewer and Storm Water project design. The Town would have to put up $5,560 as part of matching funds for the grant. A second wave of grants potentially up to $550,000 would then be sought later in the year to help offset construction costs.

The Council then approved the local match resolution for the grant and approved a fair housing ordinance.


Aaron Goslee from RQAW announced that the contract for the Community Crossings Grant Road Project has been signed with E&B paving to complete the work.

The Town Council also approved hiring RQAW to act as building inspectors on an on-call basis. Due to the fact Gary Swaim (Town Building Inspector) works full time elsewhere the need for an inspector that can-do inspections during the day or on-call is required, especially with large projects like the Giving Hope Foundation that will need regular inspections. 


Gary Shuck discussed a request from the Lapel Community Association to move in a pre-fabricated 12 x 20 storage building or build one on site at the Utility barn. The LCA currently has a 12 x 20 storage building on the east side of the utility barn but it has suffered from water damage. The Council approved the request so long as it followed all planning requirements.


A representative of CGS was on hand to discuss the Trash Contract. He offered a two-year extension with the price staying the same for year one and going up 3%/38 cents in year two.

While several Council members seemed happy enough with CGS, when it came down to a vote the Town Council voted in favor of bidding out the Trash Contract. Clay Parkison, Lindsay Washmuth and Dave Taylor voting yes, Tony Pearson and Deb Wainscott voting no.


Chief Hosier informed the Town Council that the three police cars purchased used from Hamilton County are now in. The two Crown Victoria's are ready to go. But the Tahoe requires some work to install a dog cage for the Lapel K9 unit. 

Town Council Meeting March 15th 2018



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Planning Meeting Discusses Vehicle Parking

The Lapel Planning Board held its regular meeting on March 7th at Lapel Town Hall.

The Planning Board and Neil Stevenson from the Madison County Council of Governments discussed changing the parking ordinance for school buses. The ordinance is not currently being enforced due to complaints from residents.

The board discussed adding a definition for commercial vehicles to the ordinances, something which is currently missing. As well as outlining how far from the street OR public right of way your commercial vehicles would need to be parked.

No changes to the ordinance were approved, Stevenson will come back with several different variations of the ordinance at the next planning meeting for the Planning Board to approve and then send to the Town Council for final approval.

RQAW gave a lengthy presentation on a pitch to handle building inspection work or overseeing construction projects for the Town. With growth happening along the SR13 corridor there are concerns from members of the Planning Board that Gary Swaim the current building inspector who works full time for Noblesville will not be able to handle the increased work load. No decision was made on hiring RQAW.

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Special Meeting Roundup February 27th 2018

The Town Council held a special meeting at Lapel Town Hall on February 27th at 6pm.

Council members Deb Wainscott, Tony Pearson and Dave Taylor were present along with Dennis Molina, Paula Lee and Bill Byer.

Paula Lee informed the Town Council that the 2017 Budget year has been closed out, and the annual report submitted. There was a $9,000 negative in the General Fund at the end of the year. Lee accredited this to an error in the Keystone program the Town of Lapel uses, which they are working on resolving.

The Town Council approved buying a further 200 radio water meters, at a cost likely to be around $46,000. The Town is in the middle of replacing the water meters in Town to bring them up to newer standards that allow more accurate billing.

The Utility Department has installed 334 Radio water meters so far since the program began a few years ago. They have about 45 meters in stock and are working to replace the remaining meters within several years.

Marlin Johnson (Utility Superintendent) noted they are "almost halfway done".

Lee commented that the new meters are "more accurate, the number of re-reads needed to be done has dropped significantly." and that "it makes billing a lot easier".

The new meters will arrive within 8 weeks and will be installed by the Utility department as and when they can.


The Town Council discussed their wish to send the trash contract out for bidding. The CGS contract ends in June, CGS would like to extend the contract but it appears the Town Council will bid out the contract and decide on the best proposal.


The Council briefly discussed requests from Comcast for utility easement access to install internet along 650 to the Giving Hope Foundation site. As well as possibly extending gas lines from 400 South to 650 to provide gas to future developments in that area. Nothing was decided.


The Council approved spending $4,500 to fix a drainage issue at 11th and Vine St. They also have drainage issues to fix on 5th St in the Cascadden Addition but it sounds like that will be a large project and may need to be bid out.


Council members approved buying three used Police cars from Hamilton County for $9,700. The two Crown Victoria's and single Tahoe will come fully equipped except for a radio and laptop. 


There was also a lengthy discussion on the pay scale for the Town of Lapel, starting wages and whether someone with a CDL should receive higher pay than someone without. The discussion was tabled until more research can be carried out.


Special Meeting Feb 27th 2018

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Town Council Approves Community Crossings Grant Paving Contractor

The Lapel Town Council held a regular Town Meeting at the Eagles building on 9th St at 7pm on February 15th, 2018.

Members present Deb Wainscott (President), Tony Pearson (Vice President), Michael Cates, Dave Taylor and Lindsay Washmuth.

Aaron Goslee from RQAW announced that bids had been received for the Community Crossings Grant Paving Project.

E&B Paving was the lowest bid and came in lower than the engineers estimate on the project and Goslee recommended the Town of Lapel accept the bid which was a little over $540,000.

The Town Council voted to "accept the bid contingent on available funding". The Community Crossings Grant is for $351,000 so not all of the roads in the project will be paved, some may have to wait for a second round of grant funding.


Goslee also reported that Madison County Drainage Board will likely vote on a proposed fix for the drainage problem at Bulldog Park in their next meeting on the 28th February. A contractor will then be sought to implement the drainage fix if it meets Drainage Board approval.


Police Chief Ryan Daniels has resigned, his last day was February 15th. Officer Hosier is currently acting Chief. Applications are available at Lapel Town Hall. Applications must be in by February 23rd.


Resident Tina Johnson asked about gaining access to ordinances that were not online. She was told to stop at Town Hall and talk to Paula to read hard copies of the ordinances not available online.


There is a special meeting February 27th, at Town Hall from 6pm.

 Town Meeting Feb 15th 2018

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Park Meeting Roundup February 12th 2018

The Lapel Park Board met at Lapel Town Hall on February 12th at 7pm.

Members Bill Hutton (President), Tammy Hersberger, Steve Tipps, Linda Hormell were present. 

The Park Board discussed a request to allow a tethered hot air balloon ride at Woodward Park during the Lapel Village Fair (July 13th and 14th). The ride would be provided by RE-MAX Performance. The Park Board voted unanimously to approve the request but will send it to the Town Council for final approval.

The Park Board also approved hosting a Movie in the Park event on Saturday during the Lapel Village Fair.

Park Meeting February 2018

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Planning Board Discusses Parking Ordinances

The Lapel Planning Board met last night at 6pm at the Lapel Town Hall. Members present Gary Shuck, Lindsay Washmuth, Tony Hewitt and Trefin Luker.

The planning board primarily discussed re-writing the parking ordinances after recent complaints from residents concerning enforcement of the ordinances that were adopted in 2015.

The planning board will research the ordinances that other towns have in place with the assistance of Neil Stevenson, MCCOG and come up with a possible solution as early as the next planning meeting.

Any changes to the ordinance that the Planning Board comes up with will need to go to the Town Council for their final approval. 

In the meantime the parking ordinance as it concerns parking on the street is not being actively enforced.

The focus of these ordinances has always been safety and allowing emergency vehicles access to the Town.


Planning Meeting Feb 8th.

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Town Council Addresses Parking Ordinance Concerns

The Town Council held a regular meeting at the Eagles building on 9th St on 1/18/2018 at 7pm.

Members Dave Taylor, Lindsay Washmuth, Deb Wainscott, Tony Pearson were present, neither Michael Cates nor Bill Byer (Town attorney) were in attendance.

Lindsay Washmuth (Vice President) began a lengthy discussion on the parking ordinances by explaining that people had been interpreting the "word of the law and not the spirit of the law".

She read out the residential/recreational and commercial parking ordinances and clarified some concerns and addressed some misconceptions residents had expressed over the wording of these ordinances.

  • Recreation vehicles such as RVs can be parked in your driveway, in a side yard, rear yard or under an enclosure BUT they should not be parked on the street.
  • If you do park such vehicles on the street you are allowed a period of 72hrs per 30 days to load/unload said vehicle.

The Council also clarified that what they consider a commercial vehicle does not include work trucks, it was intended to be for larger vehicles such as box trucks or 18 wheelers.

The Council added that School buses should not be considered commercial vehicles.

The rules are in place for safety reasons and to allow emergency vehicles to travel town streets without impediment.

The Town Council will get with the Planning Board to have the definition of Commercial vehicle added to the ordinances or the ordinance itself clarified, with the Town Council then voting to approve the change.

A brief discussion was held about additional ways to inform residents with the idea of an email mailing list or newsletter touted as a possible method beyond the existing Facebook page and the Website. Nothing was decided.


The Town Council then elected Deb Wainscott as Council President for 2018 and Tony Pearson as Vice President for 2018.

Bill Byer will be retained as Town Attorney.


The Town Council discussed coming up with an ordinance to lower the speed limit on 700 South to 45mph due to deteriorating road conditions, and will ask Bill Byer to write the ordinance. Additional signage may also be added for "rough pavement" signs or similar.


The Town Council discussed and dismissed the idea of switching the control of the Town storm sirens back to Madison County. In the interests of public safety as Hamilton County is usually hit by storms before Madison County.


The Town Council approved paying USDI around $17,000 to install gas lines at the latest Montgomery Farms additions. The Town Utility department could not install these lines themselves due to specialist equipment that was needed.


The Town Council agreed to an on-call contract with RQAW to cover day to day needs for engineering and assistance with infrastructure. 

RQAW will request bids for Community Crossing grant road projects, with the bids expected to be back and opened at the February 15th Town Meeting.


Discussions on an Attendance policy for Town Employees was tabled until February.


Council members agreed that common sense needs to be applied to allowing authorized passengers in Town vehicles. Washmuth reiterated her "word of the law, not the spirit of the law" statement from earlier in the meeting. People doing work for the Town, or assisting on Town projects should be allowed to ride in Town vehicles. As should emergency personnel.


Gary Shuck (Planning Board President) thought the Town may have to consider raising its planning budget in the future, as there are a lot of projects coming along the SR13 corridor and some may need the assistance of consultants. There may also be a future need to hire a full-time building inspector.


The drainage issue at Bulldog Park is expected to cost around $10,000 to fix and RQAW will seek contractors to complete the work at a Town Council approved value not to exceed $12,000.

The fix could involve re-grading, installing some new drain pipe and tying into an existing drain on the north side of the property.


 Town Meeting 1/18/2018



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Park Meeting Roundup January 8th

The Park Board met at Lapel Town Hall on January 8th for a regular park meeting.

Members present:

  • Bill Hutton
  • Tammy Hersberger
  • Steve Tipps
  • Linda Hormell
  • Dave Taylor (Town Council liaison)

The board voted to keep the positions the same this year. This means Bill Hutton will remain on as President and Andy Morgan will remain as Vice President.

The meeting date and time will remain the same "Second Monday of the Month at 7pm at Town Hall for 2018".

Hutton confirmed the Park Board had been granted a further one-year extensions from DNR to complete Bulldog park.

The Park Board thanked the Sears family for completing the new Shelter at Bulldog Park. The cost to complete the shelter was $2,254 and will primarily be paid for using a $2,000 donation from the Lapel Community Association.

Drainage at the new park was briefly discussed but nothing concrete has been decided yet.

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Town Council Special Meeting Road Repairs and More

The Lapel Town Council met in special session at the Lapel Town Hall on January 3rd from 6pm.

All members of the Town Council were present.

Due to the weather recently, Town Council members were unable to review town streets as hoped to form a prioritized list for road repair projects in Spring.

The Town Council therefore discussed the roads with RQAW representatives who had performed a thorough investigation and report of the roads a few months prior.

The Town has up to $351,357.00 of grant money to spend on road repairs this year. Unfortunately, the roads that this money can be spent on must come from a list submitted at the time the grant documents were prepared. This means that some roads that are in a bad shape will not get repaired as part of this first wave, but will hopefully see repairs in a second wave of grant money.

After a lengthy discussion the following roads were singled out (this list may not be complete):

  • 500 South
  • 5th and 5th St (Cascadden Addition)
  • Vine St
  • 9th St
  • 10th St
  • Eerie St

The estimated cost to repair and resurface these streets was put at around $260,000 although this amount may change once bids are submitted.

The Town of Lapel under suggestions from the RQAW representative may use some of the additional funds available to repair sidewalks and curb ramps along these same roadways (which is permissible under the grant) to bring them up to ADA compliance.

In the next few weeks the projects will be advertised, and bids received, to hopefully have work begin early in Spring.


Town Council members also briefly discussed the drainage issues at Bulldog Park.

Chris Hobbs (Utility Manager) is to look at estimates for fixing the drainage.

Deb Wainscott suggested the money for repairs come out of the park budget.

Michael Cates (President) thought the Park does not have enough money to pay for it, and that its a Town problem and the Town should step up and fix it.

After Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Paula Lee revealed the Park fund likely had enough money to cover repairing drainage issues the Town Council thought the Park Department should then cover the cost of drainage improvements.


The Town Council also briefly discussed the salary ordinance, and opted to make no changes to it. Employees are not allowed to carry unused vacation time over from a previous year.


Michael Cates also suggested the Town consider hiring someone Part Time for the Office to learn the things that Paula Lee knows. He believes they needed the extra coverage when Paula is away or if at some point in the future Paula decided to retire. He added "it may take years" to train someone to be able to take over.

He also suggested they look at hiring more utility employees.


Finally, the Town Council approved the purchase of a new Ford Explorer for the Police Department at a cost not to exceed $26,000 for the vehicle. Additional costs may be necessary to add decals, install lights etc...






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Town Council Listens to 5th St Flooding Concerns

During a sometimes long and confrontational meeting held at the Eagles building on Decenber 21st, the Lapel Town Council comprising Michael Cates, Lindsay Washmuth, Dave Taylor, Deb Wainscott and Tony Pearson listened to complaints from 5th St residents over flooding issues relating to Bulldog Park.

Resident Jay Deloughery presented the Town Council with photos and videos of flooding events in his back yard since 2016 that he believes are caused by the new park.

He told council members that they did not put in a swale, the ditch is not deep enough.

Various members of the council confirmed that it is a swale.

Michael Cates (President) stated that the park received drainage board approval, but that he would get with Chris Hobbs (Utility Manager) and contact the drainage board to see if the drainage board will allow them to make further changes to the way drainage works at the new park.

Resident Keith Cox stated, "the retention pond is too small" he believes that it is unable to hold enough water so it overflows and enters the yards of the people that live on 5th St.

Cates commented that the pond was planned to be bigger but due to complaints from residents who were concerned over it being too deep it was made smaller.

Resident Gerald Lowhorn stated he had spoken to a bulldozer operator who told him that it was not a swale but an embankment.

He had spoken with Park Board President Bill Hutton until he was blue in the face and that if it floods again he will be seeking legal action.

Resident Karen Lowhorn added that she was not against the park and had lived in the same house for 47 years and she was too old to be pushing water around in her garage when it floods.

Cates reiterated he would look into dealing with the drainage board to get the flooding issue fixed. 

He also noted that he wished they had come to him directly to voice their concerns instead of talking to the news media.

Cates wished we (Town of Lapel) had the money to fix all the flooding issues and make repairs to the roads today but it just wasn't possible.

Eerie St Resident John Schottmer thanked the town for fixing flooding issues he experienced after park construction started.

He also asked the Town to take care of its responsibility to mow the Southern part of the park property to stop the weeds from getting too big.

Cates added "We should all work together to make Lapel better."

Later on, the council performed the third reading of the 26% Gas Rate Increase.

Several residents present voiced their concerns that people on fixed incomes would not be able to affordthe new rate and that people with $500 gas bills would be unable to pay them.

Cates said, "No one wants to be the guy that raises rates, but we have no other choice."

Cates stated the three solutions to the gas company losing money were to do nothing and go out of business, raise rates or sell to Vectren who might double or triple your rates. He felt raising rates was the lesser of the three evils.

Paula Lee (Clerk/Treasurer) added that there is a phone number she will supply on the Lapel Facebook page (or you could call Town Hall) for Job Source in Anderson and they offer Energy Assistance during Winter and Summer, that may help with paying your gas bill if you need it.

The Council with the exception of Tony Pearson voted YES to approve the rate increase.

Other matters discussed:

  • The council discussed solutions to attendance problems such as a database or time clock and a new attendance policy. - Tabled till next meeting.
  • Approved a 2018 Mileage Resolution to reimburse employees that have to use their own vehicle for town business.
  • Dennis Molina to come up with a priority list of roads to work on first in Lapel.
  • The Police Department is hoping to purchase a new Pickup, this to be discussed at the next meeting.
  • The Town may have to pay around $8,000 to repair a broken valve on a waste storage tank at the sewer plant.
  • The Town has a quote for $33,100 to install gas lines at Montgomery Farms. Council members thought this was something our own utility workers could do and would seek a price from them to do it. 


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Concrete Plant Plans Delivered to Planning Board and Other News

Tyler Comstock, Project Engineer with American Structurepoint, Inc, presented the Town Planning Board with plans for the Shelby Materials Ready Mix Concrete Plant.

The plant will be built on 10 acres behind the proposed Giving Hope (30 acre) development off CR W 650 S on the far south side of Lapel.

The Plans will be reviewed by the Building Inspector, the project is still in the development phase although the Planning Board did give approval for dirt to be moved and a temporary road built. Further development will require planning approval.

The Planning Board is now responsible for assigning addresses within Lapel, previously this was done by the Post Office.

The board has assigned the Giving Hope development the address of 9400 W 650 S and the Shelby Materials development the address 9302 W 650 S. Although considered in the Town of Lapel the mailing address will be Pendleton.

In other news:

  • The Planning Board asked Amanda Paddock to contact the BZA with regards a variance request.
  • The Board reviewed permits.
  • The Board discussed and approved using $25 as a new permit fee for siding and gutters.
  • Discussed goals for 2018, one of which is to annex the remainder of the Stone Quarry into Lapel for future development.
  • Another goal for 2018 - Access Control Ordinances that would see access roads added to developments on either side of South SR13 to reduce the need for stop and go traffic lights as development grows in that area.


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Special Meeting Roundup December 7th

A special meeting was held at Lapel Town Hall on the 7th December 2017.

Council Members Michael Cates, Lindsay Washmuth, Tony Pearson and Dave Taylor were present. Deb Wainscott was not present.

The Town Council held the second and final reading of the gas rate increase ordinance (4-2017). 

The Town Council voted to approve the reading, with a 3 - 1 yes vote. Tony Pearson the only member voting no.

This ordinance will see gas rates increase in January 2017 by 26%. If you currently pay $100 per month for your gas utility the increase will see it climb to $126 per month for example.


The Town Council discussed approving a contract from RQAW to cover the creation of bid documents and oversight of up to fifteen road repair projects planned for Spring 2018.

The Town Council voted in favor (4 - 0) of approving the contract, at a cost not to exceed $35,000.

At the next Town Meeting on the 21st December the Town Council will prioritize a list of roads, to decide which fifteen will be repaired first using funds received from the state. With additional roads to be worked on as more funds become available.

RQAW representatives stated they were optimistic that if they got the bid documents out in January or February they would get better rates for the work, than if the Town waited till later in the year when the road construction companies would be busier.


The Town Council also approved salary increases and Christmas bonuses for Town employees. These were discussed at an executive meeting prior to the special meeting.


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