The purpose of this post is to answer some common questions.

  • Do I need a Building Permit?
    • While not every project requires a Building Permit, you should call Town Hall and check 765-534-3157.
  • My Trash did not get picked up on Wednesday?
    • Try to have your trash can(s) on the street Tuesday evening for Wednesday pickup. Call CGS directly and inform them if your trash was not picked up 800-453-5575
  • Can we still leave tree limbs at the Utility building for the Town to chip and destroy?
    • No, you should not take your tree limbs to the Town Utility Building.
  •  Do I need to book a Park Shelter at Woodward Park?
    • People can book a Park Shelter online at the Lapel Parks website at - you should use this site to check whether a Shelter is booked on a certain day/time and to request a booking. Shelter bookings are currently FREE!!!
  • A street light is out, who do I call?
    • Call Duke Energy with the pole inventory number listed on the side of the pole 800.343.3525.
  • Who is responsible for cleaning storm drains?
    • You are advised to do your best to keep storm drains clear of junk and debris.
  • Who do I report potholes to?
    • There are lot of potholes and the Utility Department is doing its best to patch them as and when they can. The Town is also trying to get a matching fund grant to make lasting repairs to town streets.