A special meeting was held at Lapel Town Hall on the 7th December 2017.

Council Members Michael Cates, Lindsay Washmuth, Tony Pearson and Dave Taylor were present. Deb Wainscott was not present.

The Town Council held the second and final reading of the gas rate increase ordinance (4-2017). 

The Town Council voted to approve the reading, with a 3 - 1 yes vote. Tony Pearson the only member voting no.

This ordinance will see gas rates increase in January 2017 by 26%. If you currently pay $100 per month for your gas utility the increase will see it climb to $126 per month for example.


The Town Council discussed approving a contract from RQAW to cover the creation of bid documents and oversight of up to fifteen road repair projects planned for Spring 2018.

The Town Council voted in favor (4 - 0) of approving the contract, at a cost not to exceed $35,000.

At the next Town Meeting on the 21st December the Town Council will prioritize a list of roads, to decide which fifteen will be repaired first using funds received from the state. With additional roads to be worked on as more funds become available.

RQAW representatives stated they were optimistic that if they got the bid documents out in January or February they would get better rates for the work, than if the Town waited till later in the year when the road construction companies would be busier.


The Town Council also approved salary increases and Christmas bonuses for Town employees. These were discussed at an executive meeting prior to the special meeting.