At a special meeting last night at Town Hall the Town Council voted in favor of having two official Town Meetings per month returning to a 1st Thursday and 3rd Thursday of the month schedule for meetings.

At the start of the Meeting President Deb Wainscott announced the purpose of the meeting was to discuss personnel and their actual duties and that no questions and answers would be taken from the public for the evening.

Town Council members discussed the employee handbook and making some changes to the drug policy for employees.

Clay Parkison suggested they look at other communities to see what they have done as the employee handbook was written in 2009. He noted that some jobs have no job description in the handbook.

After a short discussion on drug policy the Town Council noted they would fix the fact there is no job description for the Utility Manager position currently held by Chris Hobbs.


Aaron Goslee from RQAW announced that the Community Crossings road improvements should start the 3rd week of May and take three weeks. The project was made possible by a 75/25% grant and will enable the Town to get a lot of roads repaired or resurfaced although not every problem will be fixed in one go. Further grant rounds will be necessary to do that.

The Town Council voted unanimously to have RQAW perform up to $10,000 worth of inspection work during the road project to ensure things are being done correctly.

Goslee also confirmed the drainage fix at Bulldog Park has been completed and he is "real happy with it".


Finally, the Town Council voted 4 to 1 to reduce the amount of money a Town Council member can spend without approval from $5,000 to $500. The motion passed.

Town Meeting May 3rd 2018