The Town Council met at the Eagles on 9th St for a regular Town Meeting on August 16th.

The Council discussed the need to redo the income study that was conducted earlier in the year. A new study needs to be conducted that does not include residents from Fishersburg.

This is time sensitive and needs to be completed by November. The Town Council is asking if anyone receives a new survey in the mail please complete it and return it ASAP.

The results will help the Town apply for grants with an 80/20 match. Meaning the Town puts up 20% and they receive 80% from the grant.

The grant money can be used to upgrade, repair or improve Storm Water, Drinking Water or Sewer systems. Discussed at an earlier meeting.

As of the August 16th Meeting the Town Council hopes to work on the Water Tank, and Ford St if they get the grant.

The grant can be applied for every year, so it could be the start of some long term infrastructure improvements. 

Town Meeting August 16th 2018


Herschel Hinkle from the Lapel Community Association presented to the Town proposals from the LCA to replace the street signs on Main St with new signage. The signs would be more ornate. The total cost of the project is $18,000 and the LCA is applying for a $10,000 grant from the South Madison Community Foundation with the balance to come out of the LCA's funds.

The Town Council approved the plan and offered to piggy back with the LCA grant application for a better chance of winning the grant.

LCA member Margo Sink requested that if the project moves ahead could there be a plaque or sign put up on Main St to indicate the project was completed by the LCA and Town of Lapel. People do not know or understand what the LCA does for the Town of Lapel and what it does with the money it generates from the Lapel Village Fair, so they hope to remedy that.

Dave Taylor (Council Member) requested the poles for the signs be "break away". If they are hit by a vehicle the pole breaks to reduce damage and injury.

Yorktown, Sign Post

Picture of similar signs in Yorktown, Indiana.


The Town Council and Treasurer Dennis Molina queried a bill received from RQAW for the month of July for $13,000 and discussed another bill for $5,000 from RQAW.

The latter bill was for Building Inspection work and Gary Shuck (Planning Board President) announced they were limiting the number of projects they send to RQAW for planning approval to hopefully reduce the cost to the Town.

Shuck also informed the Town Council that with their blessing he was going to investigate getting outside help for the planning approval from either the Madison County Planning Board or another local Town.

He also discussed briefly his goal to establish an Area Planning Council that would link Ingalls, Pendleton, Fortville and Lapel together to help better plan out the I69 corridor and ensure all communities and municipalities knew what was going on.


  • Approved paying Gaylor $2,700 to repair 4 lights and an exhaust fan at the Waste Water Plant.
  • Gary Shuck informed the Town Council that Keller Mortuary was coming back with new plans for a Crematorium at a different location in Lapel.
  • Discussed a request from the Pleasant View apartment developers for the Town to move a 4inch gas line. 
  • Approved crediting James Sunday for waste water usage after an extended water leak.
  • Approved either applying a weight limit to 12th St or prohibiting commercial trucks on 12th St. An ordinance will be drafted for the next Town meeting.
  • Officer Hosier has handed in a resignation from his position as full time officer, he still hopes to stay on in a part time or reserve capacity. Chief Naselroad is looking to bring an additional part time officer on in the mean time.
  • The Town Council voted to retire Dennis Molina's old service weapon and give it to Molina. Molina retired from the Town Police Department several years ago after 29 years of service.