There was a regularly scheduled Town Meeting held on September 20th at the Eagles on 9th Street from 7pm. Council members present Dave Taylor, Tom Marvel, Tony Pearson, Deb Wainscott (President).


Kenny Bourke Sr (Olevia's Nephew) and Sally Devoe (Madison County Community Foundation) revealed to the Town Council that due to the generosity of Olevia Cascadden who with the assistance of the Madison County Community Foundation established a fund consisting of around $2.5million upon her death in 2015, the Town would be receiving a windfall this year..

Cascadden loved the Town of lapel and made sure that this money would stay in Lapel.

The interest and earnings on the fund are to be paid to the Town of Lapel every other year, with the alternate year interest going to the School. This would be the second payout from the fund, with the first going to the School last year.

This year the Town of Lapel will receive around $315,000, and although there are no guarantees the Town will receive the same amount every other year, this fund will run for 25 years and at the end of that time period whatever is left in the fund will be given to the Town in its entirety.

Bourke Sr stated "He was not going to tell the Town how to spend the money."

Wainscott stated "We appreciate it, she was a very nice lady."

Devoe added "It is not all that common, so this is a great gift to your community".

She also noted that this was the largest fund the Madison County Community Foundation had dealt with in 25 years, and also the largest payout.

"Olevia loved Lapel and Teaching, she wanted the students to benefit from this" - said Devoe.

The money will be wire transferred to the Town of Lapel.


Mike Kleinpeter opened a Public Hearing regarding plans for $500,000 of OCRA grant money, on a 75%/25% match split. The Town would be putting up $160,000 if they get the grant.

RQAW, explained the three projects the Town hopes to complete with the money are:

  1. Rehab the Ford Street Well House which is in bad shape.
  2. Replace an asbestos water main.
  3. Rehab and repair of Water Tower.

The public was then asked for questions:

Gary Shuck asked, "if this would be a partial grant or all or nothing".

Kleinpeter responded "all or nothing"

All documentation for the grant has to be submitted by Nov 30th.


A local resident requested the Town install a speed bump on 3rd St between John and Woodward. She stated she had young children and she was concerned at the speed people drive down the street. 

In particularly people use 3rd Street heavily when there is a ball game and some even drive the wrong way down the Street which is "ONE WAY".

The Town Council discussed the request, and due to issues with plowing they voted to approve a temporary speed bump that could be used during spring, summer and fall and removed for winter.


The Town Council discussed and approved spending $3,600 to clean the Water Tower tank and the on-ground water Tank.


Tony Pearson requested the Town purchase a new Chevrolet Silverado from Stanley Chevrolet at a cost of $24,000 for the utility department.

Pearson stated it was needed as an employee is currently using their own vehicle.

Tom Marvel motioned to table the discussion until after the wire transfer from South Madison Community Foundation goes through.

The board voted 3 to 1 to table the request. Tony Pearson voted no, all others voted yes.


The Lapel Stony Creek Fire Territory has received a grant of $130,000 which will mostly be used to purchase new Air Packs and to replace the system currently in use.

$17,000 of the grant will also go towards the new ambulance.


The Lapel Town Council voted yes to pre-purchasing gas for December 2018, January and February 2019. The cost to not exceed $2.65 per unit.


The Lapel Town Council voted to stay with Anthem health insurance, with a cost increase of $900 per month over current rates.


The Lapel Town Council is pursuing a new round of grant money for road paving.

The Town is looking for $500,000 in grant money with the Town having to put up $125,000.

The Council wants to spend approximately $261,000 to fix 950 West between 300 and 400.

The Town Council also wants to fix 700 South between SR13 and 1000 with most of the remainder of the grant, and with whatever is left to re-pave approximately 1/8th of a mile of 500 South close to SR13.

September 20th Meeting 2018