There was a regular Town Meeting held at the Eagles on 9th St on July 18th 2019. All Town Board members were present.

The Town Board approved the Minutes from the July 2nd meeting and approved the claims.


The Town Board reviewed and approved a resolution concerning adding the Pleasant View development to the TIF district established by the Lapel Redevelopment Committee. Final approval will be made by the Lapel Redevelopment Committee at a later date.


The Town Council discussed various ongoing projects with a representative from RQAW.

A resident has donated culvert to be used in a 700 South road repair. E & B paving provided a quote to cut out, install the new culvert, add stone and asphalt at a cost of $6,650 with the work to be completed this Saturday.

The Town Council approved the quote.

A better plan concerning repairs to the bridge(s) on 200 S and 300 S was formulated during the meeting with the Town Council wanting to make the culvert at the bridge at 200 S bigger, and fix the bridge on 300 S so that it can last another 50 years.

The Town Council will also seek to improve Main St from SR13 to 9th St, repair sidewalks and curbs and improve the road as part of the Indiana State Community Crossings program.


Plans to add two new members to the Lapel Planning Board bringing the total up to 7 are on hold due to the fact new guidelines require members from multiple political parties and right now the Planning Board is stacked with Republicans.

The Town of Lapel will seek to find Democrats willing to serve on this board and help the Town of Lapel.


The Town of Lapel will now have a 15-minute window at the start of each meeting to allow members of the public to speak about issues. Also, it is recommended that anyone wishing to address the board contacts Town Hall 72 hours before a meeting to be added to the agenda.


Yards that were tore up during gas line expansions south of Town are yet to be fixed by USDI.


Chief Naselroad announced that unfortunately the Police Department would have to let the K9 go. They were looking at selling the dog to the IMPD Drug Task Force for around $5,000.

The K9 has gone through several handlers in its brief but productive time at the Town of Lapel as employees have moved on to other departments.

Sadly, Captain Buffington could not take on the K9 as planned due to the long list of other responsibilities he already has.

Obviously this is a huge disappointment to the Town of Lapel, the Police Department and likely the residents and businesses of the Town of Lapel that helped purchase the dog but the silver lining is that the dog will still be in active use in Central Indiana and helping to stop criminals.

Town Meeting July 18th 2019