The Lapel Planning Commission met last night to hold two Public Hearings as well as discuss other items on their agenda.

Members in attendance were, Beth Honarmandian, Trefin Luker, Tony Hewitt, Angie Calloway, Teresa Retherford, Jeff Keith, Dan Paddock, Chris Hobbs and Town Attorney Jeff Graham.

A Public Hearing was opened for the re-zone of Lot 2 in Stony Creek Acres Minor owned by Lapel One LLC, with attorney James Anderson representing.  Request was made to re-zone lot 2 from Agricultural to R1 residential.  After a discussion and comment from the public the Planning Commission voted unanimously to give a favorable recommendation to the Town Council for the re-zone.

A second Public Hearing was opened for the rezone of Lot 3 in Stony Creek Acres Minor owned by Shawn & Shalimar Franklin who represented themselves.  Request was made to rezone lot 3 from Agricultural to R1 residential.  Discussion and public comment were held and the Planning Commission voted unanimously to give a favorable recommendation to the Town Council for the re-zone.

The Planning Commission will be changing the date, time and location of their meetings beginning next month.  The new schedule will have them meeting the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6pm at the Lapel Town Hall.

Jeff Sewell inquired about permits regarding a lot he purchased at 8310 W 700 S, Pendleton, IN.  Mr. Sewell has requested to install a shed and driveway on this property.  Commission member Teresa Retherford cited that the zoning ordinance V2.2.6 states:

  1. The following accessory structures are permitted, subject to all applicable requirements of this Code:
  2. additional agricultural structures,
  3. antennas and satellite dishes (subject to the Satellite Dish Standards in Section V2.2.20),

iii. bath houses, hot tubs and saunas,

  1. attached and detached decks and patios,
  2. detached garages and carports,
  3. gazebos,

vii. recreational greenhouses,

viii. mini barns, sheds and other storage buildings,

  1. privacy fences (subject to the Fence and Wall Standards in Section V2.2.22),
  2. sport courts, and
  3. swimming pools.
  4. In the Ag District, an accessory building may be permitted as a Special Use on a lot prior to construction of the primary structure for a period of up to two (2) years for the purpose only to allow a homeowner / builder a place to store materials for that home. A covenant is required by the BZA that the home will be started within two (2) years and that there will be no business activity from the accessory structure.
  1. Semi-trailers, Personal-On-Demand Storage (PODS), truck box beds, busses and other similar items shall not be considered accessory structures in this District.


A member of the Planning Commission will inform Mr. Sewell of the code and alert the BZA regarding the request.

Debbie Cole and Susan Roberts came before the Commission to request a division of property at W 14th Street.  Mrs. Roberts would like to purchase a 61 foot area of Lot 1 in the Golf Course addition.  This area was previously owned by Daybreak Church and was to be used for overflow parking.  Not having enough information regarding the previous plat requirements the Commission has tabled this matter until their next meeting so more information can be obtained to allow for an informed decision.

Holly Elliott and Heather O’Connor came before the Commission to discuss their hope of opening an event space in the Trevor and Emma Jean Whetsel barn located on State Road 13 & Old 132.  Request was made for an address of the property, water and sewer access and any other permits or requirements the Commission may have.  Commission to investigate the area for the proper address and report back to Ms. Elliott and Ms. O’Connor.  Permits required and utility services needed will be discussed at a later date.

Building Permits Approved:

  • 2398 @ 2438 S 100 W, Electrical Panel
  • 2399 @ 1325 N Main, Fence
  • 2400 @ 503 S Erie, Pole Barn
  • 2401 @ 818 N Main, Roof
  • 2402 @ 335 Central, Fence
  • 2403 @ 818 N Main, Electrical/Plumbing/HVAC
  • 2404 @ 732 S Main, Signage/Remodel
  • 2505 @ 3255 Myrtle Dr, New Home

A new email address for the Planning Commission has been established, this email is to be used for contacting members of the Planning Commission instead of calling them outright.  Due to an overabundance of phone calls that have interrupted Commission member’s jobs and home life it was suggested an email address be put into place that people could use to contact the Commission on any and all building/zoning/variance/planning questions, issues and concerns.  The email is to be checked and maintained on a regular basis by one of the members.

Posted at Thursday, February 20, 2020