JUNE 25, 2020

In attendance in person: Gary Shuck, Teresa Retherford, Dan Paddock, Sam Ellingwood, Chad Blake and Paula Lee

In attendance virtually: Angie Duncan, Tony Hewitt, Neil Stephenson and Jeff Graham, Town Attorney

6PM meeting called to order

Sam Ellingwood was present before the Commission regarding his property at 8448 W 700 S, Pendleton, Indiana.  The BZA met June 18, 2020 and made a decision to vary the frontage requirement from 250ft to 100ft for the 4 acres pursuant to V2.2.4, Section B, Article 6, this complies with the Town’s R1 zoning codes.

Motion was made by Retherford, 2nd by Paddock and all were in favor.  This recommendation will go before the Council July 16 at their regularly scheduled meeting.

While Neil Stephenson was present Shuck wanted to brainstorm about the Red Barn situation.  It is being called an “entertainment venue”.  Research shows that with a Special Use Variance it will fit within AG zoning codes.  Stephenson to research adding event center specifications to our current zoning ordinances.  Motion to classify Red Barn venue as Event Center which requires a Special Use Variance in AG district and C1 district from the BZA made by Hewitt, 2nd by Retherford and all were in favor.

Motion made by Shuck to close the regular meeting and open the Public Hearing for Lapel One, LLC, 2nd by Retherford and all were in favor.  At the request of legal staff Shuck made a motion to continue the Public Hearing until July 9, 2020 at 6pm at the Lapel Town Hall motion 2nd by Retherford and all were in favor. Motion to close Public Hearing and re open regular meeting made by Shuck, 2nd by
Retherford and all were in favor.

Andrea Baldwin submitted a letter to the Planning Commission expressing her interest in serving on the board. 

Being no further business to discuss motion to adjourn made by Shuck, 2nd by Retherford and all were in favor.


Posted at Thursday, June 25, 2020