AUGUST 13, 2020

In attendance in person: Gary Shuck, Teresa Retherford, Dan Paddock, Neil Stephenson, Chad Blake In attendance virtually: Angie Callaway, Jeff Keith, Tony Hewitt, Trefin Luker and Micha Buffington, Town Attorney

6pm meeting called to order

President Shuck recessed the regular meeting to call to order the Public Hearing for Lapel One, LLC for lot #2. No one was present to represent Lapel One, LLC. Shuck asked Buffington how long we should keep the Public Hearing open. Buffington stated that if Lapel One, LLC is no longer pursuing the petition that we should close the Public Hearing. Retherford made a motion to close the Public Hearing for Jim Anderson and Lapel Once, LLC, Paddock 2 nd and all were in favor.

Shuck then opened the Public Hearing for the amendment to the zoning ordinance regarding Event Centers. Floor was opened for questions and or comments, being no comment from the public the Public Hearing was closed. Motion to approve the Recommendation to Amend made by Retherford, 2 nd by Paddock and all were in favor.

Richard Fidler came before the Commission to discuss the site plan for Montgomery Farms Phase 4.

Shuck asked if Mr. Fidler had seen the letter from Jeremy VanErman from Commonwealth Engineers. While Mr. Fidler reviewed the letter, the Commission moved onto Brian Robertson.

Brian Robertson came before the Commission to present a site plan for Lot 1 of Lapel One, LLC. Shuck asked for time to review the plans. Robertson requested an address for the property and the opportunity to connect to Town sewer. Shuck will provide an address for the property and go over the site plan and report back to Robertson.

The current owner of 501 S Walnut Street came before the Commission to discuss a potential Petition to Rezone. The property is currently zoned Commercial and the owner would like it zoned Residential in order to sell the property. Duncan who currently owns property stated that the new owner wants to live in the main home and use the small dwelling on the property as a rental. Shuck stated in an R2 you can only have one dwelling per lot unless it is rezoned to R3. Shuck said a Public Hearing would need to be set for rezone at the next Planning Commission meeting September 10, 2020.

Mr. Fidler wanted to clarify that he had no communication with Commonwealth regarding Montgomery Farms Phase 4, however he did get a call today from Rob Bellucci and that Mr. Fidler needed to submit a drainage report. Fidler spoke on the slope of proposed drainage and stated that he has it at 3 to one, Commonwealth suggests 4 to one which would flatten it even more. The flow line will consist of a 24 inch wide, 18 inch deep pea gravel the entire length of the flow line and under drain so that the water will soak in and go out to the adjacent ground and down. Paddock asked if Fidler was planning on making these "dry" and Fidler responded yes due to the safety ledge issue.

Fidler feels the questions that Commonwealth sent are debatable for example: "Verify the capacity of inlets 5 and 6 on the corner of Crimson Circle and Birmingham Blvd and Tide Court respectively. These two inlets appear to be taking storm water from approximately one third of the overall development. Fidler stated there are 8 inlets in this section. The main thing asked of Fidler was to provide the drainage report which gives the hydraulics, percent slopes, and the time of concentration for the water to be there and be gone. Discussion was held on Section 3 drainage and how it does not adequately do its job. Section 3 drain is not constructed properly as it is higher than the ground, Commission agreed that will have to be corrected when Phase 4 drainage is installed. Shuck suggested a meeting between Commonwealth and Fidler and the Commission so point by point the drainage issue could be discussed and a MOU could be drafted. Fidler stated there should be NO landscaping in any of the drainage areas past, present or future.

John Lavine from MCCOG spoke to the Commission regarding the Comprehensive Plan, they have met with Shuck and Retherford regarding the Plan, Levine asked if there were any questions and also had Ryan from MCCOG there to discuss the Thoroughfare Plan. Levine asked if the Commission was looking to do this project soon, Shuck answered sooner than later, the last Plan was done in 2009 by LSI. As a reminder to the Commission MCCOG just completed the County Council Comprehensive Plan. Shuck said the Commission would make a recommendation to the Council that the need for a Comprehensive Plan exists and then a request for bids would then be taken. Buffington stated that since this is a

personal service we only need one bid.

Ryan Phelps from MCCOG explained the Thoroughfare Plan in relation to the Town of Lapel, this will presented as a joint effort with the MCCOG Comprehensive Plan. These plans touch on transportation but don't necessarily do an in depth study of the transportation. Roadways, sidewalks, trail ways, bike lanes, population, what sort of improvements need to made to these systems, as well as access control. Plan works with our current Zoning Ordinances and identifies your higher function roadways. A digital copy of the Comprehensive Plan and Thoroughfare Plan will be sent to the Town email for distribution to the members. After a discussion Shuck made the motion to have a recommendation made to the Council to proceed with starting a Comprehensive Plan as soon as possible, it was 2 nd by Retherford and Shuck asked for an "all in favor" vote all members voted in favor with Hewitt voting "l guess." Callaway asked what the duration of the project would be, MCCOG stated it will be a year or a little more.

Motion to approve permits #2471-2494 made by Luker, 2 nd by Paddock and all were in favor.

Shuck opened the floor for Old Business/New Business:

Hewitt asked about the Drive In and if anyone was at the meeting to represent them. No one was present to represent the Drive In, Hewitt stated he had put something on one of the Lapel sites regarding the proposed Drive In, he said 99% were in favor of a Drive In just not the proposed location. Paddock also asked people around Town and gained the same response.

A lengthy discussion was held on the release of information regarding complaints and proper procedure.

Being no further business to discuss, Retherford made a motion to adjourn, Shuck 2 nd and all were in favor.

Posted at Thursday, August 13, 2020