CH14 7 .1 - Membership and Jurisdiction

A). Membership.

The Design Review Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "Review Committee") shall consist of and continue as a five member panel appointed as follows:

One (1) ex-officio member of the Lapel Plan Commission appointed from among its members to serve as liaison between the Review Committee and the Plan Commission as well as serving as a fully participating member of the Review Committee.

Four (4) citizen members appointed by the Town Council who may not be members of the Plan Commission.  These citizen members must, insofar as possible, possess the following professional qualifications:

  1. They must hold a college level academic degree in architecture, landscape architecture, art history, city planning, historic preservation, history, urban design or urban planning or have had an equivalent combination of education and experience in dealing with the historic and/or visual aspects of the natural and built environments.
  2. They must possess a sensitive and keen interest in the protection and enhancement of the natural and built environments.

B). Terms of Office.

The initial five members shall be appointed for terms of four (4), three (3), two (2), one (1) and one (1) year, respectively.  Thereafter each successive member shall be appointed for four (4) years.  The staggering of terms is intended for the purpose of giving the Review Committee continuity in its recommendations to the Commission.

C). Territorial Jurisdiction.

The Review Committee shall have a jurisdiction which is coterminous with that of the other sections of this Ordinance.

D). Subject Matter Jurisdiction.

The Review Committee shall have advisory authority only, and shall under this ordinance make recommendations 1) to the Administrator and the Plan Commission as a checkpoint agency for the review of planned developments, 2) to the Administrator regarding parking and landscaping plans filed with those for single family homes, and  3) to the Administrator regarding all aspects of design for improvement location permits filed for property located within the Historic Preservation District as defined and mapped in the adopted Comprehensive Plan.

E). Purpose. 

The purpose of the Review Committee is to provide professional and technical advice to the Administrator and the Plan Commission in the administration of this Ordinance as specified elsewhere in this Ordinance.

F). Coordination with the Zoning Ordinance/Subdivision Regulations. 

This Review Committee is established both under the Subdivision Ordinance and the Zoning Ordinance to serve the differing needs of these two ordinances.  It shall be made up of the exact same members under both ordinances in order to facilitate coordination of the decision-making with respect to the design review aspects of these ordinances.

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