CH14 9 .0 - Improvement Location Permits


The purpose of this section is to describe the process for obtaining improvement location permits and the conditions which have to be met in order to obtain them.  It also deals with occupancy permits.  The issuance of such permits is absolutely critical for the implementation of a zoning ordinance with respect to both temporary and permanent improvements to structures, buildings, and land.

Subsection 9.1 explains the applicability of this permit system:  the circumstances under which they must be obtained.  Subsection 9.2 deals similarly with occupancy permits.  Subsection 9.3 explains what drawings and related information must be submitted as part of the permit process.  Subsection 9.4 deals with the special provisions concerning industrial uses which must obtain a compliance certificate showing that the zoning ordinance performance standards are being met.  Subsection 9.5 deals with the special provisions for mobile homes.  Subsections 9.6 through 9.9 explain what records must be kept, the length of time for reviewing applications, procedures for issuance or denial, how appeals may be made, and when improvement location permits expire.

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