CH14 12 .0 - Building Rules

The following building rules of the Indiana Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission, of the Indiana Administrative Code, as set out in the following articles, are hereby incorporated and adopted to all Town of Lapel building codes, requirements, and ordinance as of the date of the execution of this ordinance:

Article 13

  • Building Codes
    1. Fire and Building Safety Standards
    2. Indiana Building Codes
    3. Indiana Building Code Standards
    4. Indiana Handicapped Accessibility Code

Article 14

  • One & Two Family Dwelling Code
  • Indiana One and Two Family Dwelling Code

Article 16

  • Plumbing Code
  • Indiana Plumbing Code

Article 17 

  • Electrical Code
    1. Indiana Electrical Code
    2. Safety Code for Health Care Facilities

Article 18

  • Mechanical Code
  • Indiana Mechanical Code

Article 19

  • Energy Conservation Code
    1. Indiana Energy Conservation Code
    2. Modifications to the Model Energy Code

Article 20 

  • Swimming Pool Code
  • Indiana Swimming Pool Code
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