CH15 15 .6 - Filing of Application for Certificate of Plat Approval

  1. The owner or developer shall, upon the application form furnished by the town, make application to the Commission for the Certificate of Plat Approvals. In addition to the application form, various plans, exhibits, approvals, and documents shall be included as part of the application and submittal.  The information outlined in this chapter is intended to represent the minimum information required, and the owner or developer may submit whatever additional information he deems necessary or helpful in presenting his application.  Further, the Commission may require  additional documentation beyond that listed and described, where it believes such information to be helpful in considering the application.
  2. The application shall be filed not later than 12 months after the date of approval of the Concept Plan, otherwise it will be considered void unless an extension is requested by the owner or developer and granted by the Commission in writing.
  3. After receipt of a completed application, the application shall be placed on the agenda of the next Commission meeting for notification of receipt of the plat and application, and to start the 31 working day review period as provided in the Town of Lapel, Indiana, Code of Ordinances.
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