CH15 15 .11 - Action of Plan Commission

  1. Within a reasonable time after the hearing, the Commission shall study the Application for Certificate of Plat Approval and all supporting documents to determine if it conforms to the Comprehensive Plan, and to the minimum development standards as outlined and required by this chapter. The Commission shall also consider all information presented at the public hearing.  The Commission shall then, based upon these facts presented, approve the Application for Certificate of Plat Approval, continue and hearing, table the matter, or reject the Application for Certificate of Plat Approval and forward their recommendation to the Town Council.
  2. Upon the tabling or rejecting of an application, the Secretary shall notify the applicant in writing  what revisions, changes, or further changes in the application are needed for approval.  Upon the rejection of an application, the Commission will not review the application until it is resubmitted, which cannot be done but once every six months.
  3. Upon the approval of the application and plat, the President and Secretary shall sign and seal the plat at the appropriate locations. The Secretary shall also notify the applicant in writing of the Commissions actions.  It may then be filed  for recording in the Office of the Recorder of Madison County, as required by law.  It is disapproved, the Commission shall set forth the reason for such disapproval in its own records and provide the applicant with a copy.
  4. The approved plat shall have incorporated all changes or modifications required by the Commission, Town Engineer, Development Coordinator or his designee, Health Officer, Madison County Soil and Water Conservation District and County Surveyor, and it may constitute only that portion of the Concept Plan which the subdivider proposed to record and develop at that time, provided that such portion conforms with all requirements of this chapter and meets the approval of the Commission and was stipulated at the time of Concept Plan submittal.
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