CH15 15 .15 - Supplementary Data Required

  1. A Development Plan shall be presented with the plat. The Development Plan shall be prepared to a scale of 1 inch = 50 Feet or less and preferably on sheets not to exceed 24 inches x 36 inches.  The Development Plan shall include the following information;
    1. Contours at vertical intervals of one foot or less if the general slope of the site is less than 10% and at vertical intervals of two feet if the general slope of the site is 10% or greater.
    2. Tract boundary lines showing dimensions, bearing, angles, and references to section, township and range lines, with a written legal description of the tract.
    3. Location of existing drainage, drainage channels, underground facilities, wooded areas, power transmission poles and lines, legal drains and/or known private drains, and any other significant items shall be shown.
    4. The location and size of all existing utilities. (Storm, sanitary sewers, water main, telephone, electrical, gas, etc.)
    5. Streets and rights-of-way, on and adjoining the site of the proposed subdivision, with names of streets which shall not duplicate names of other streets in the community except in cases of extensions of existing streets, sidewalks and other pertinent data
    6. Parcels of land proposed to be dedicated or reserved for schools, parks, playgrounds or other public, semi-public or community purposes. These shall be shown on the Site Location Map if not a part of this project.
    7. Building setback or front yard lines. 
    8. Easements: Locations, width and purposes.
  2. A "Utilities and Drainage Plan," also conforming to the above shall 
    1. Show all existing and proposed utilities, sanitary and storm sewers, lift or pumping stations (sanitary or storm), proposed drainage ditches, swales, or pipes, culverts, detention or retention ponds. Note: The layout of telephone, electric, gas, and water utilities is required at this time.
    2. In all cases a separate "Drainage Area Map" with calculations shall be presented, as an engineering document to support the planned method of drainage and storm water run-off management.
  3. A Site Location Map showing the location of highways, county roads, rural routes, legal drains, flood plains, private drain tile, open drains, watershed boundaries, and any other physical features that may have a bearing on proposed developments i.e. swamp, steep escarpments, woods, etc.
  4. An Erosion Control and Landscape Plan shall be included and may be in conjunction with the Development Plan.
  5. Plan and profile sheets shall be prepared for all on and off site sewers, storm sewers, streets and roads, drainage ditches, and force mains. These plans shall be prepared on 24 inch x 36 inch drawings to a scale of l inch = 50 feet horizontal and 1 inch - 5 feet vertical.
  6. Detail sheets shall be prepared which clearly define all construction matters, and special conditions. Written specifications shall be prepared as part of the plans or as separate documents. These specifications shall cover construction techniques, materials, and tests.
  7. From time to time additional plans and/or specifications may be required for special or unusual conditions which are not herein mentioned. This information shall be furnished as directed by the Town Engineer.
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