CH15 15 .21 - Site Grading

In order to provide more suitable sites for building and other uses, improve surface drainage, and erosion control, the following considerations shall be made:

  1. All lots, tracts, or parcels shall be graded to provide proper drainage away from the buildings and dispose of it without pondinq, and all land within a development shall be graded to drain and dispose of surface water without ponding, except where approved by the Development Coordinator or his designee and/or the Town Engineer.
  2. All drainage provisions shall be of such design to handle the surface run-off and carry it to the nearest suitable outlet such as a curbed street, storm drain, or natural watercourse. Where drainage swales are used to divert surface waters away from buildings, they shall be sodded or planted as required and shall be of such slope, shape and size as to conform with the requirements.
  3. Concentration of surface water run-off shall only be permitted in swales or watercourses.
  4. Excavations and fills:
    1. Cut and fill slopes shall not be steeper than 3:1 unless stabilized by a retaining wall or cribbing except as approved by the Director of Development or his designee and/or the Town Engineer.
    2. Provisions shall be made to prevent surface water from damaging the cut face of excavations or the sloping surfaces of fills, by installation of temporary or permanent drainage across or above these areas.
    3. Cut and fills shall not endanger adjoining property.
    4. Fill shall be placed and compacted so as to minimize sliding or erosion of the soil.
    5. Fills shall not encroach on natural watercourses or constructed channels.
    6. Fills placed adjacent to natural watercourses of constructed channels shall have suitable protection against erosion during periods of flooding.
    7. Grading will not be done in such a way so as to divert water onto the property of another land owner without the expressed written consent of that owner.
    8. During grading operations, necessary measures for dust control will be exercised, such as water sprinkling application.
    9. Grading equipment will not be allowed to cross live streams. Provision will be made for the installation of temporary crossings or permanent culverts or bridges.
    10. All adjacent roads, streets and drives shall be kept free and clear of all dust, mud, dirt or other debris carried from the site by trucks and earth equipment.
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