CH15 15 .31 - Development Consideration and Policy

Due to the nature of this type subdivision, the following general considerations and policies shall prevail. The owner developer shall plan his subdivision and improvements accordingly.

  1. Dedicated streets
    1. Only those streets which are a functioning part of the overall traffic requirements of the town, or which clearly provide required access, adjacent areas or points of access, shall be considered for dedication as public street, and hence maintained by the town.
    2. All streets accepted for dedication shall be in accordance with this chapter and shall have the rights-of-way and building setback lines as herein established.
    3. Parking areas, blisters, bubbles or lots shall not be located within the dedicated street right-of-way, but may be connected to the street with approved drives, ingress and egress controls.
    4. All other "on-site" streets, drives and traffic areas shall be and remain a part of the subdivision and hence be maintained by the owners or occupants of said subdivision.
  2. Dedicated utilities.
    1. The water utility--- the arrangement for the dedication or private maintenance of the water service shall constitute an agreement between the owner/developer and the water company, the only exception to that being that those fire hydrants located within the dedicated street rights-of-way shall be included in the fire hydrant rental agreement. All other hydrants shall be considered private and the rental shall be managed.
    2. The above policy and service conditions shall apply to street lighting. The electric utility and street lighting is provided by a franchise between the town and Public Service Indiana.
    3. The town does provide for the collection and treatment of sanitary sewage discharges. Therefore, the sanitary sewer construction, and the allowable infiltration quantities shall be strictly controlled by the town. Only those sewers which meet the approval of the town shall be connected to the town's collection system. All sanitary sewers shall be totally completed, inspected and tested prior to any connection with the existing system. Only those sanitary sewers located in dedicated street right-of-way shall be accepted by the town as part of its system, and for maintenance by the town. It shall not be the policy of the town to accept sanitary sewers which lie within the subdivision, even though easements are offered. Further, from time to time, the town shall test the sewers for infiltration, and may, upon the results of said test, cause the owner to repair the sewers, pay additional treatment cost, or take other appropriate actions, including discontinuation of service.
    4. The same policy shall prevail for storm sewers and drainage facilities, to the extent that only those storm drainage facilities which are located in street rights-of-way shall be accepted by the town. Detention, retention, and/or lakes and ponds shall remain the property of the subdivision, and shall not become a part of the town's system or obligation for maintenance.
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