CH17 17 .4 - Creation of Farmers Market Fund

The Lapel Town Council approves the creation of the Farmers Market Fund to receive and disburse funds for the Summer Farmers Market. Attached to this ordinance are the bylaws for the Farmers Market.

Lapel Farmers Market Bylaws and Rules


The name is the "Lapel Farmers Market" and may be referred to in these Bylaws.

ARTICLE II - Purpose and Objectives

  1. The Lapel Farmers Market has been formed to provide handmade, homegrown, or received products/produce. Vendor adherence will be strictly enforced.
  2. To achieve its mission, the Lapel Farmers Market shall do the following:
    1. Establish and operate a farmers' market for the purpose of furnishing a location for sales of Indiana fresh foods and horticultural products.
    2. Sell homemade or revived/up-cycled products created specifically for sale at the Lapel Farmers Market.
    3. Organize and/or participate in those activities that, in conjunction with the operation of a farmers' market, will serve to encourage commerce and trade in Downtown Lapel.
    4. Organize and/or participate in those activities that will serve to further the market's mission.
    5. Solicit and receive funds, gifts, endowments, donations, devises and bequests.

ARTICLE III - Membership

  1. The decisions made by the Local Farmers Market operating manager are final.
  2. The Lapel Farmers Market is an approved activity of the Lapel Town Council.

ARTICLE IV - Vendor Requirements

  1. All booth vendors must provide complete name, address and telephone numbers.
  2. All fees for the market must be paid in advance upon registration.
  3. Booth space will be provided upon registration. Vendors must supply and remove signs, equipment, and items needed for sales (such as: tables, chairs, marketing.) Motorized vehicles are not allowed. Vehicles shall not be utilized as a display or dispensing area. Power is not provided.
  4. All signs must remain within the allotted vendor's exhibit space and must not block traffic or pedestrian ingress or egress, or interfere with other vendors' display of views.
  5. Operating Manager has full authority to assign exhibit space. Requests for particular sites will be given consideration but the operating manager reserves the right to assign and locate all vendors.
  6. Set-up starts at 8:00 am and must be completed by 9:00 am. Vendors are responsible for removing all garbage from their stall space area. Stall spaces are to be left in the same condition as when rented. Breakdown starts at 11:00 am and must be completed, and stalls vacated by 11:30pm.
  7. Fresh produce, plant items, flowers, baked goods, jellies, jams, preserves, and other non-commercial food items may be sold. Revived and up-cycled items may also be sold. Handmade goods such as clothing, quilts, and furniture may also be sold. Vendor options are not limited to the above examples, but must fall into the categories of handmade, homegrown and/or revived. The Operating Manager will resolve any doubt as to the suitability of an item. No soliciting or political or religious activities shall be permitted within the Market area. Displays of public interest, such as nutritional, health or consumer information, may be displayed with the permission of the Operating Manager. All products must be sold, displayed and stored from a surface above the ground. All vendors must utilize tables, shelves, cases or other structures for these purposes.
  8. Vendors are responsible for collecting and remitting their own sales tax. Vendors are responsible for all permits required by Indiana or local County to sell their products. The sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages on the market site is prohibited.
  9. The Operating Manager is responsible for enforcing the Market rules. Possible violations will be discussed and resolution attempted. Vendors selling prohibited items will be asked to remove those items from sale or leave the Market. Continued violations will result in being banned from the Market with no reimbursement of fees paid. Any vendor challenging another vendor's products legitimacy or conduct must file a written complaint with the Operating Manager, giving the name of the vendor and the product or situation they feel may not be in compliance with Market policies. The complainant must date and sign their name to the complaint and the Operating Manager will rule upon the complaint.
  10. Vendors are encouraged to consider obtaining individual liability insurance for products sold.

ARTICLE V - Administration

  1. The Lapel Farmers Market operating manager is appointed by the Lapel Town Council
  2. Decisions made by the operating manager are final

ARTICLE VI - Finances

  1. Incomes from booth fees/donations are to be deposited at the Lapel Town Hall.
  2. A petty cash fund will be established and all accounting properly given to the Lapel Town Hall for replenishment.

Market Registration:

Market Dates for 2008

  • June 7, 14, 21, 28
  • July 19, 26
  • August 2, 9, 16, 23

Time: From 9 - 11 am

Location: School Street, Lapel, Indiana

Your booth number will be provided at the start of the season.

Fee: $30/for 10 Saturday Summer Season 


$25 if items sold are certified organic or created without pesticides.


I, the vendor, do hereby agree to the bylaws provided for the Lapel Farmers Market.










Further Information

Date Passed: 4/17/2008
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