CH2 2 .4 - Town Legislative Body and Executive

  1. The Council of the Town deems it to be in the best interest of the Town and the citizens thereof to abolish said legislative district and candidate residency requirements such that all members of the Town Council of the Town be elected at large and
    1. That the legislative body districts heretofore enacted by Lapel Code 36-5-2-4.1 are abolished and repealed and the candidate residency requirements within said legislative body districts are also hereby abolished and repealed.
    2. That all Town Council seats shall be elected at large without the designation of legislative body districts.  

Further Information

Ord. 5-1990, 10/10/90
Indiana Code 3-10-6 3-10-7 36-5-2-5 
Date Passed: 10/10/1990
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