CH22 22 .1 - Establishment of Department of Parks and Recreation

An Ordinance Establishing a Department of Parks and Recreation and Repeal of All Ordinances in Conflict Therewith.


Section 1

Under the provisions of Indiana Code 36-10-3 there is hereby created a municipal Department of Parks and Recreation.

Section 2

The Parks and Recreation Board shall be composed of.

  • Four members appointed by the common council on the basis of their interest in and knowledge of parks and recreation. 
  • No more than two members shall be of the same political party.
  • An additional member shall include one exe officio member who is appointed by the Board of the Frankton-Lapel Community Schools. The Board of the Frankton-Lapel Community Schools shall fill any vacancies of their ex officio member. Ex officio board members have all the rights of regular members, including, but not limited to, the right to vote.

Section 3

Upon establishment of the board, the terms initially appointed shall be:

  1. One member for a term of one year.
  2. One member for a term of two years.
  3. One member for a term of three years.
  4. One member for a term of four years.

As a term expires, each new appointment shall be made by the executive for a term of four years. All terms expire on the first Monday in January, but a member shall continue in office until his successor is appointed. If an appointment for a new term is not made by the executive by the first Monday in April, the incumbent shall serve another term. If a vacancy occurs, the executive shall appoint a new member for the remainder of the unexpired term.

Section 4

At its first regular meeting in each year, the Board shall elect a president and vice-president. The vice-president shall have authority to act as the president of the Board during the absence or disability of the president. The Board may select a secretary from within or without its own membership.

Section 5

The Board shall have the power to perform all acts necessary to acquire and develop sites and facilities and to conduct such programs as are generally understood to be park and recreation functions. In addition, the Board shall have all the powers listed in Indiana Code 36-10-3 et seq.

Section 6

The Board shall prepare and submit an annual budget in the same manner as other departments of town government as prescribed by the State Board of Accounts. The Board may accept gifts, donations, and subsidies for park and recreation purposes.

Section 7

All other ordinances, resolutions, or parts thereof in conflict with the provisions and intent of this ordinance are hereby repealed.

Section 8

This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage, and approval, according to the laws of the State of Indiana.

Passed by the Common Council of Lapel, Indiana this 21st day of February 2013.

Further Information

Date Passed: 2/21/2013
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