CH25 25 .2 - Tobacco Free Policy

WHEREAS, the Town of Lapel believes that tobacco use in the proximity of children and adults engaging in or watching indoor and outdoor recreational activities at town owned and operated facilities, including all town parks, is detrimental to their health and can be offensive to those using such facilities; and

WHEREAS, the Town of Lapel desires to create and sustain an environment that supports a non-tobacco norm through a tobacco free policy, rule enforcement, and adult peer role modeling on town owned outdoor recreational and park facilities; and

WHEREAS, the Town of Lapel believes parents, leaders, and officials involved in recreation are role models for youth and can have a positive effect on the lifestyle choices they make; and

WHEREAS, the advertising of tobacco use and the tobacco industry's sponsorship of parks and recreation activities is inappropriate to the health and well being of youth and adults; and

WHEREAS, cigarettes, once consumed in public spaces are often discarded on the ground requiring additional maintenance expenses, diminish the beauty of the town parks recreational facilities, and poses a risk to all citizens; and

WHEREAS, that there are dangers of secondhand smoke that pose a health hazard to all; and

WHEREAS, the Town of Lapel determines that the prohibitition of tobacco use in the Town of Lapel's recreational facilities and parks serves to protect health, safety and welfare of the citizens of our town.

BE IT ORDAINED, by the Board of Trustees of the Town of Lapel, Madison County, Indiana:

That tobacco use is prohibited in all indoor and outdoor recreational facilities and outdoor parks. No person shall use any form of tobacco including e-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, tobacco products, at or on any operated indoor or outdoor recreational facility or park owned by the Town of Lapel, including but not limited to restrooms, athletic fields, aquatic areas, parks, walking and hiking trails, spectator areas, concessions, playground areas or any area owned by the Town of Lapel, Madison County, Indiana, said restrictions to be in place twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days per week.

BE IT ORDAINED, that the violation of the Ordinance prohibiting the use of any tobacco products shall consist of a fine up to One Hundred Twenty-Five Dollars ($125.00) for the first occurrence and Two Hundred Fifty Dollars ($250.00) per subsequent occurrences which are committed in a five (5) year period.

BE IT ORDAINED, that in addition to any fines imposed, law enforcement officers may be contacted to escort the person off the premises if the person refuses to abide by the prohibition against the use of tobacco within indoor or outdoor recreational facilities and parks as described above and owed by the Town of Lapel.

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