CH14 5 .9 - Buffering: Minimum Distances from Residential District

Amendments and Repeals

Sections of this ordinance have since been Amended By - 5-2015 
  1. A mineral extraction area, borrow pit, or topsoil removal area (including storage area), penal or correctional institution, public or commercial sewage disposal plant, sales barn for livestock sale, truck terminal, or wholesale produce terminal may not be located closer to an R1, R2, or R3, District than three hundred (300) feet. A junk yard may not be located closer to such a district than thirteen hundred twenty (1320) feet.
  2. A parking area or loading berth for any of the following uses may not be located closer to a residential district than the distance, in feet, listed opposite it in the following table:

  3. Minimum Distance in Feet From a Residential District
    Loading Parking
    Use Area Berth

    Airport 25' 100'
    Commercial facilities for raising &
    breeding nonfarm fowl & animals 25' 100'
    Commercial greenhouse -- 50'
    Junk yard 1320' 1320'
    Mineral extraction, borrow pit, or topsoil removal and their storage areas -- 300'
    Outdoor commercial recreational enterprise 25' 50'
    Penal or correctional institution 300' 300'
    Private recreational development 25' --
    Sales barn for livestock sale 50' 100'
    Truck terminal 100' 100'
    Wholesale produce terminal 100' 100'
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