CH14 5 .11 - Buffering: Screen planting Abutting Residential Use

Amendments and Repeals

Sections of this ordinance have since been Amended By - 5-2015 

Tight screen planting, effective at all times to block the view from abutting residential uses, shall be provided for the following uses in accordance with the following table, the dimensions of the screen to be the minimum five years after the use is established.

Screening of Uses
Use Screen

Artificial lake of three acres or more 6'0" high; 3'0" wide
Commercial facilities for raising and
breeding nonfarm fowl and animals 6'0" high; 3'0" wide
Mineral extraction, borrow pit, topsoil
removal, and their storage areas 8'0" high; 3'0" wide
Private recreational development 6'0" high; 3'0" wide
Private swimming pool enclosed by a 6‟ fence or
6‟ vertical enclosure integral with an above
ground pool. Ord. No. 8-2000, passed 6/15/00 6‟0” high; 3‟0” wide
Public or commercial sanitary fill,
refuse dump, garbage disposal,
plant or trash transfer station 8'0" high; 6'0" wide
Riding stable 6'0" high; 3'0" wide
Truck terminal 6'0" high; 6'0" wide
Wholesale produce terminal 6'0" high; 6'0" wide

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