CH14 5 .15 - Restrictions Along Streams

Amendments and Repeals

Sections of this ordinance have since been Amended By - 5-2015 
  1. The following buildings and structures are the only ones that may be erected within a floodway fringe: recreational apparatus and unenclosed shelters; parking spaces, detached unenclosed carports and the driveways serving them; water wells and fountains, and transmission lines for water, sewer, gas, oil, electric, telephone and cable television; fences; mailboxes; bridges and public and private streets.
  2. When required by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, the buildings and structures listed in subsection A. above may be erected within a regulatory floodway only if a permit to construct in a floodway has been issued.
  3. Water wells, water lines and sewage facilities located within a flood plain shall be constructed to eliminate contamination of or by floodwater.
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