CH28 28 .3 - No Parking Zones Amendment

An Ordinance of the Town of Lapel Amending Chapter 4, Section 4-5, No Parking Zones, of the Town of Lapel Code of Ordinances

WHEREAS, Indiana Code (I.C.) authorizes a location authority to adopt traffic regulations by local ordinance with respect to highways under the local authority’s jurisdiction, and,

WHEREAS, I.C. authorizes 9-2-1-3(a)(1) authorizes a local authority to regulate the Standing or parking of vehicles; and,

WHEREAS, the Town Council of Lapel (“Lapel”) desires to regulate parking along Brookside Road, as more aptly set forth below.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED, by the Town of Lapel, Madison County, Indiana, that:

  1. The recitals are herein incorporated by reference.
  2. There shall be no parking on the pavement along Brookside Road from Pendleton Avenue (SR13) to Bulldog Boulevard (CR 300 S), except that parallel parking shall be allowed in front of the Owens-Illinois office and shall consist of six (6) total parking spaces with two (2) handicap parking spaces and four (4) non-handicap parking spaces.
  3. There shall be no parking within twenty (20) feet of the edge of the pavement along Brookside Road (CR950W) at the intersections of 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th streets; Provided however, parking in driveways of residence shall not violate this ordinance.
  4. The Town of Lapel Code of Ordinances, Chapter 4, Section 4-5, shall be amended to reflect these provisions.
  5. This Ordinance shall become effective upon the adoption and signature of the Lapel Town Council, publication as required by law, and the posting of signs.

Adopted this 4th day of April 2019.


Further Information

Date Passed: 4/4/2019
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