CH28 28 .7 - Regulating Payment Methods

Ordinance Regulating Payment Methods to Town of Lapel Clerk-Treasurer and Other Town Agencies

WHEREAS, as fiscal officer for the Town of Lapel (the “Town”), the Lapel Clerk-Treasurer is authorized to receive payments from parties for utility services and for other financial transactions; and,

WHEREAS, Indiana Code 36-1-8-11 authorizes the Town to determine which financial instruments will be accepted by the Clerk-Treasurer or other agents of the Town; and,

WHEREAS, the Town Council hereby determines that the receipt of large amounts of unrolled coinage unduly burdens the Town and creates excessive labor cast which must be borne by the citizens of Lapel; and,

WHEREAS, in order to increase efficiency of Town government operations, the Town Council deems it proper and desirable to prohibit payment of large amounts of unrolled coinage to the Clerk-Treasurer’s office or other Town agent.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT ORDAINED THAT payments made in the form of large amounts of unrolled coinage to the Town of Lapel’s Clerk-Treasurer or other Town agent shall not be accepted; and,

BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED THAT, for the purposes of this Ordinance, the Clerk-Treasurer or other Town Executive shall not accept an amount of unrolled coinage which exceeds the following number of the specified coin.

Coin – Maximum Acceptable Number of Unrolled Coins

Penny (1 cent) – Forty-Nine (49)

Nickle (5 cents) – Thirty-Nine (39)

Dime (10 cents) – Forty-Nine (49)

Quarter (25 cents) – Thirty-Nine (39)

Half-Dollar (50 cents) – Nineteen (19)

Dollar – Twenty-four (24); and,

BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED that any payment of coinage, either unrolled or rolled, shall not be considered complete and properly remitted until the coinage is counted and accepted by the Clerk-Treasurer or other agent of the Town of Lapel, which count can only be completed in the physical presence of the payor of the coinage.

So ordained 2nd day of May 2019.

Further Information

Date Passed: 5/2/2019
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