CH3 3 .3 - Restraint

  1. The owner shall exercise due care to prevent his or her animal from becoming a public nuisance.  All animals, except cats, shall be kept under restraint.  Each female animal in estrus shall be confined to prevent it from mating.  Nonetheless the owner may allow mating for planned breeding.
  2. The Police Department shall order the confinement of any animal determined by the Department to be vicious. Any vicious animal shall be confined within a building or secure enclosure by its owner and shall be caged or securely muzzled.
  3. Any animal constituting a public nuisance shall be taken by the Humane Officer or the appropriate law enforcement agency to the Lapel Animal Clinic. The Police Department shall notify the owner not later than two (2) days following the impounding of any animal or, if the owner of the animal is unknown, shall post written notice at the Town Hall.  The owner of any animal may reclaim it upon the payment of all costs and charges incurred by the Town for the impounding notice and keeping of the animal.  The charges for impounding and keeping the animal shall be in the amounts fixed by the Board.  Unclaimed animals after seven (7) days shall become the property of the Town of Lapel and will be placed for adoption or humanely euthanized.  Cats and dogs must be neutered before the Lapel Animal Clinic can release them.  
  4. Cat owners are required to purchase an annual license at the Lapel Town Hall.  
    1. $10/year for unneutered cats
    2. $5/year for neutered cats
  5. All cats will wear a current year collar tag identifying the animal.  The Town Hall will maintain records showing tag number, owner(s) name, address of owner, and phone number.  
  6. The Lapel Police Department is authorized to live trap cats within the Town of Lapel limits.  The Lapel Police Department will follow the guidelines of paragraph (c) when dealing with untagged cats.

Further Information

'82 Code, Ord. No. 9-1982
Indiana Code IC-15-5-9-13 
Date Passed: 12/22/1982
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