CH28 28 .9 - Appropriations and Tax Rates

Be it ordained/resolved by the TOWN OF LAPEL that for the expenses of LAPEL CIVIL TOWN for the year ending December 31, 2020 the sums herein specified are hereby appropriated and ordered set apart out of the several funds herein named and for the purposes herein specified. subject to the laws governing the same. Such sums herein appropriated shall be held to include all expenditures authorized to be made during the year, unless otherwise expressly stipulated and provided for by law. In addition, for the purposes of raising revenue to meet the necessary expenses of LAPEL CIVIL TOWN, the property tax levies and property tax rates as herein specified are included herein. Budget Form 4-B for all funds must be completed and submitted in the manner prescribed by the Department of Local Government Finance.

This ordinance/resolution shall be in Full force and effect from and after its passage and approval by the TOWN OF LAPEL.

Date of Adoption: 9/19/2019

Adopting Entity: TOWN OF LAPEL


  • 0061, RAINY DAY FUND, Adopted Budget $0, Tax Levy $0, Tax Rate 0.0.
  • 0101 GENERAL, Adopted Budget $491,579, Tax Levy $277,583, Tax Rate 0.5099
  • 0706 LOCAL ROAD & STREET, Adopted Budget $30,000, Tax Levy $0, Tax Rate 0.0.
  • 0708 MOTOR VEHICLE HIGHWAY, Adopted Budget $214,765, Tax Levy $0, Tax Rate 0.0.
  • 1303 PARK, Adopted Budget $25,616, Tax Levy $40,000, Tax Rate 0.0735.
  • 2379 CUMULATIVE CAPITAL IMP (CIG TAX), Adopted Budget $19,000, Tax Levy $0, Tax Rate 0.0.


  • 9500, COMMUNITY CROSSING GRANT FUND, Adopted Budget $315,000.

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Date Passed: 9/19/2019
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