CH29 29 .4 - Coronavirus Relief Fund

The Town of Lapel has experienced an emergency due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and a local state of emergency has been delcared by both the Town Council President and the Town Council of the Town of Lapel.

Residents, employees, relief workers, and local business have all experienced personal and economic distress due to the emergency, the Stay at Home orders, and the closure of local business.

The Town of Lapel may appropriate additional funds, receive donations, or apply for or receive local, state, or federal grants related to the Coronavirus pandemic and the detrimental impact to the community.

The Town of Lapel, pursuant to I.C. 36-1-4-10, may accept donations or receive money or property from the state or federal government or any other source; and acceptance of donations.

The Town Council of the Town of Lapel now finds that a separate fund for coronavirus relief is necessary and prudent for the care and relief of the community.


  1. The Town of Lapel Coronavirus Relief Fund is hereby established and may be used only as follows:
    1. To aid the Town of Lapel or adjoining units purchase supplies to manage or slow the spread of the virus;
    2. To pay relief workers or other employees during the time of emergency;
    3. To provide space for homeless who may be infected with the virus and who may need to be removed from regular homeless facilities;
    4. To pay for additional claims, expenses, fees, or other charges related to the coronavirus;
    5. To purchase emergency supplies;
    6. To purchase emergency supplies for local hospitals, emergency workers, public safety personnel, or public health workers;
    7. To fund or establish safe areas for emergency workers who may contract the Coronavirus to provide for their care instead of returning home;
    8. To aid or assist local businesses that are negatively impacted by the emergency;
    9. And for all other uses properly related to the Coronavirus and the emergency pandemic.
  2. It is further ordained that the Clerk-Treasurer shall maintain detailed records of emergency expenditures in case future reimbursement from the state or federal government becomes available.
  3. Any funds deposited and not used for Coronavirus relief shall, upon closing this fund, be deposited into the General Fund of the Town of Lapel or in such other fund as may be required by an local, state or federal grant received.

Further Information

Date Passed: 3/30/2020
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