CH29 29 .11 - Amending the Official Zone Map as to Certain Real Estate

WHEREAS, the Lapel Town Council has adopted, pursuant to I.C. 36-7-4-602, a Zoning Ordinance, contained in the Town of Lapel Code of Ordinances, and

WHEREAS, on or about August 28th 2020, Chad Lukens ("Petitioner") filed with the Town of Lapel Plan Commission, his Petition under Docket #6-2020, which is attached (contact Town Hall for a copy of this document), hereto as "Exhibit A";

WHEREAS, Petitioner seeks to have one parcel in the Town of Lapel reclassified from its present agricultural (Ag) zoning classification to residential (R2) classification; and

WHEREAS, the parcel originally sought to have reclassified may be particularly described as follows: Lot 2 in the Final Plat of William Woodward's 6th Addition.

Parcel No: 48-10-27-300-070.000-032

WHEREAS, the Town of Lapel Plan Commission, at a duly noticed Public Hearing on September 24th, 2020 heard evidence and made findings of fact and certified the proposed change to the Town of Lapel maps with a favorable recommendation attached hereto as "Exhibit B" (contact Town Hall for a copy of this document); 

WHEREAS, the Town Council hereby finds and adopts the findings of the Plan Commission that the change in the Town of Lapel zoning map is (a) consistent with the Town's comprehensive plan; (b) that the current conditions and the character of current structures and uses in the affected area are and have been consistent with residential R2 classification; (c) that a residential R2 classification is the Real Estate's most desirable classification to the Town and its citizens as a whole; (d) that the zoning change will not result in a diminution of property values in the area near the Real Estate; and the proposed zoning reclassification results in responsible development and growth of the Town.

NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY ORDAINED by the Lapel Town Council, under the authority of Indiana Code 36-7-4-608, and all acts amendatory thereto as follows:

Section 1: That the Zoning Ordinance of the Town of Lapel, Indiana, as shown by the records of Lapel, Indiana, shall be amended to change the Zone Map as incorporated therein and the following described real estate in Madison County, Indiana, to wit:

Commonly known as: Lot 2 in the Final Plat of William Woodward's 6th Addition

Parcel No: 48-10-27-300-070.000-032

And the same is hereby rezoned from the present Agricultural (Ag) zoning classification to residential (R2) zoning.

Section 2: This Ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage by the Town Council of Lapel, Indiana, and publications as provided by law.

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Date Passed: 10/15/2020
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