CH29 29 .14 - Modifying Ordinance Chapter 8 Section 1

WHEREAS, the Lapel Town Council has deemed it necessary to amend Chapter 8, Section 8-1, Removal of Weeds and Rank Vegetation, of the Town of Lapel's Ordinance Code.

NOW THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY ORDAINED, that Chapter 8, Section 8-1, paragraph "a" "3" shall be modified in its entirety so that the same will now read as follows.

"Weeds' subject to removal under this ordinance shall be those weeds or grasses which are eight (8) inches or longer in length and "other rank vegetation" subject to removal under this ordinance shall be vegetation growing in excessive luxuriance and vigor which is at least eight (8) inches in length or more. For the purpose of this ordinance, the term "length" and "height" shall be synonymous. A weed or piece of vegetation if standing in eight (8) inches or greater in height and the same bend or falls over, such that its length continues to be equal to eight (8) inches in length or more, is in violation of the terms of this ordinance."

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