CH14 3 .0 - Districts


This section lists and describes two kinds of districts:  1) "as of right" districts in which a limited range of similar, compatible uses are permitted under the restrictions given for each district and in which a limited number of special uses may also be permitted on application to the Board of Zoning Appeals which may also set further restrictions and conditions, and, 2) "planned development districts" which conditionally allow various mixes of uses provided the development plan agreed by the owner and the plan commission and local legislative body to have been designed to eventuate in a compatible, mutually beneficial arrangements of uses on the land.

This section and its subsections importantly set the stage for the one that follows, Authorized Uses, describing in detail those uses permitted in each district and the standards which must be met by each of these uses in order for them to be compatible with other uses and, hence, allow them to be permitted.

The "planned development" technique is especially applicable where a variety of mixed, mutually-supportive uses can be made to be compatible through carefully organized design processes or for a site that is environmentally or topographically sensitive.  This is a tool for flexible control of complex use arrangements.

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