CH14 4 .2 - Accessory Uses

Accessory uses such as the following are authorized in all districts subject of the provisions of any and all recorded restrictive covenants running with the land:

  1. Bird baths and bird houses
  2. Accessory buildings
  3. Curbs
  4. Driveways
  5. Fences and Hedges*
  6. Lamp posts                         
  7. Mail boxes
  8. Name plates
  9. Parking spaces
  10. Private swimming pools enclosed by a 6-foot high fence  or, 6-foot vertical enclosure integral with an above ground pool Ord. No. 7-2000, passed 6/15/00
  11. Public utility installations for local service (such as poles, lines,  hydrants, and telephone booths)
  12. Retaining walls
  13. Trees, shrubs, plants and flowers
  14. Walks

*          Provided that, in any residence district, ornamental fences and hedges shall not exceed three  feet in height in the required front yard, except that open  chain link fences may be erected to four feet in height, or as provided in section 5.7.

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