CH14 4 .5 - Automotive Repair

  1. Automobile Repair, Major -- Engine rebuilding or major reconditioning of worn or damaged motor vehicles or trailers, collision service, including body, frame or fender straightening or repair; and overall painting of vehicles.
  2. Automobile Repair, Minor -- Incidental repairs, replacement of parts, and motor service to automobile, but not including any operation specified under "Automobile Repair, Major".
  3. Gasoline Service Station: Buildings and premises where gasoline, oil, grease, batteries, tires, and motor vehicle accessories may be supplied and dispensed at retail.

Uses permissible at a filling station do not include major mechanical and body work, straightening of body parts, painting, welding, storage, of automobiles not in operational condition, or other work involving noise, glare, fumes, smoke or other characteristics to an extent greater than normally found in filling stations.  A filling station is not a repair garage nor a body shop.

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