CH14 9 .2 - Certificate of Occupancy

  1. No application for an improvement location permit under section 9.1 may be considered unless the applicant has also applied for a certificate of occupancy.
  2. No land or structure with respect to which a permit has been issued under section 9.1 may be used for the purpose contemplated by the permit unless the Administrator, after the change is completed, issues a certificate of occupancy stating that the change complies with this ordinance and with the permit.
  3. Within ten days after the completion of the change authorized by the improvement location permit, the Administrator or his designee shall inspect the premises and, if the change conforms to this ordinance and the improvement location permit, and a certificate of compliance, if required by section 9.4, has been obtained, he shall issue a certificate of occupancy.
  4. If an applicant fails to obtain an Improvement Location Permit, shall fail to receive the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy, as referred to in Paragraph 9.2 (C), the applicant shall be fined an amount of $50.00 per day for each day that the premises is occupied in violation of the requisite Certificate of Occupancy.” Ord. No. 10-1999, passed 11/18/1999
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